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  1. Ohiotaku

    Most Messed Up Anime You've Ever Watched?

    Regarding Kakegurui, yeah, Eyepatch Girl is pretty messed up in particular. As far as series with the most freaks & deviants, probably Speedgrapher, though Black Lagoon has quite a few as well (especially the twins). If we’re talking blood and gore, probably Blood C, though I hear Devilman Crybaby is pretty bad as well. As far as a story that takes a WTF?! turn, there’s Master of Martial Hearts. Finally, if you’re interested in a series dealing with psychologically & emotionally damaged characters that’s pretty surreal but also quite good, check out Penguindrum
  2. Ohiotaku

    New guy 😃

    Welcome. As for suggestions, maybe try Goblin Slayer, Ajin: Demi-human and The Promised Neverland
  3. Ohiotaku

    Weather in your area?

    Nuisance snow showers, temperatures holding steady around freezibg
  4. Ohiotaku

    Furuba is getting a reboot

    First 2 episodes of the new Fruits Basket series to premiere in US theaters sometime in March ahead of April broadcast. Details on dates & locations to be available on 02/22 when tickets go on sale. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-02-17/new-fruits-basket-anime-english-dub-brings-back-jerry-jewell-as-kyo/.143564
  5. Hay there how are you doing hows it been. I don't think we've talked to much directly so thought I'd strike up a chat if thats ok. :) 

    1. Ohiotaku


      Doing fine,  probably turning in for the night before long.  It’s funny, I just noticed that  I’ve been here almost six months, though I still feel fairly new. While I post some on forums with MAL and Crunchyroll, I prefer comparatively smaller ones since they don’t seem as toxic. Glad I found this place.

  6. Ohiotaku

    What anime are you watching now?

    Halfway through the season update FAVORITES (3 max): My Roommate is a Cat Kaguaya-sama: Love is War The Rising of the Shield Hero GOOD: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Mob Psycho 100 Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Magical Girl Spec Ops Asuka Gegege no Kitaro Hinomaru Sumo OK: The Quintessential Quintuplets Endro Meiji Tokyo Renka Girly Airforce Domestic Girlfriend Boogiepop & Others (currently on hold) DISAPPOINTING: The Promised Neverland The Price of Smiles The Magnificent Kotobuki DROPPED: Wattaten (An Angel Flew Down to Me) Grimms Notes Pastel Memories How Clumsy you are Ms. Ueno
  7. Ohiotaku

    What is everyone waiting for in 2019?

    Premieres April 28 https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/2019-02-17/attack-on-titan-season-3-part-2-anime-premieres-on-april-28/.143558
  8. Ohiotaku

    What anime is this?

    I'm not familiar with Overwatch so I had to look up what Genji looked like He seems to kinda resemble Silver Crow from Accel World and the story does involve bullying, though it doesn't match your description real well. Maybe it's what your looking for, or maybe someone else might see the picture and be able to figure it out for you.
  9. Ohiotaku

    Favorite Magical Girl Anime

    The original CCS is one of my favorites as well, though I personally find the Clear Card arc lacking. Another enjoyable CLAMP series is Kobato, though it's not a conventional magical girl series. While she's on a magical quest and has a familiar who masquerades as a plush animal similar to Kero, she doesn't have any magical powers (other than her clumsiness and her ability to melt even the most jaded heart). Some other memorable examples of the genre for me: Pretear which has reverse-harem elements Princess Tutu & Petite Princess Yucie both emphasize fantasy & fairy tale elements. Magical Girl Spec Ops Asuka definitely is a much darker take on things. A word of warning, the series features gratuitous violence, and not in a comedic way (episode 4 in particular had a lengthy torture sequence that was difficult to watch)
  10. Ohiotaku

    What anime are you watching now?

    Season 2 coming this summer https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/2019-02-15/is-it-wrong-to-try-to-pick-up-girls-in-a-dungeon-anime-2nd-season-premieres-this-summer/.143517
  11. Ohiotaku

    Favorite Magical Girl Anime

    Probably Hikaru for her sheer genkiness
  12. Ohiotaku

    A strong contendant for best Opening of 2019

    Gives a listen. Hmm, not sure but this might be to your liking (off topic though since it's from last year)
  13. Ohiotaku

    A strong contendant for best Opening of 2019

    It definitely gets your attention, but my own preference is for Mob Psycho 100 II's OP As far as the series itself (Domestic Girlfriend), I'm up to episode 3 and it's actually not as tawdry as I expected it to be, though I would still consider it the anime equivalent of a soap opera :lol:
  14. Ohiotaku

    Favorite Magical Girl Anime

    No complaints from me, as I wasn't around to respond when it was initially closed My favorite is one most people don't seem to think of when you mention the genre: Magic Knight Rayearth. It has all the prerequisites: young girls bestowed with magical abilities, transformation sequences, an adorable mascot/familiar creature, romance ... Of course it also incorporates elements of D&D fantasy and mecha (once they discover the "Rune Gods". And the second season adds scifi elements as well. As far as Madoka, I started watching it once but didn't get very far, though I did see one of the key moments I honestly don't remember why I stopped watching, guess it just wasn't what I was looking for at the time, but it's definitely on my bucket list
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