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  1. I am so sick of hearing how ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ is supposed to be everyone’s favorite Christmas Song 

    1. XII360


      funny thing is, jingle bell rock is our dance tomorrow, and its gonna be fuuuun (not really, gonna camo myself with wig and contact lenses tho"


      ...and on the 3rd song (its a remix dance), we have the best christmas song, which is

      all i want for christmassss


      money <.>

  2. Ohiotaku

    List of favourite anime

    Copied from my profile: Cowboy Bebop; My Hero Academia; Azumanga Daioh; Magic Knight Rayearth; Louie the Rune Soldier; Shiki; Mushishi; Ushio & Tora; Yuru Camp; Beautiful Bones; Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood; Konosuba; Scrapped Princess; A Place Further than the Universe Most people just mention series, but I'll also list some of my favorite anime movies: Project A-ko (original); Little Witch Academia (original & Enchanted Parade); Princess Mononoke; Castle in the Sky; Ranma 1/2: Nihao my Concubine; Dirty Pair: Project Eden; Perfect Blue; Patema Inverted; Children Who Chase Lost Voices; Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro
  3. Ohiotaku

    I would like an anime recommendation!

    So is the list of series you HAVE watched? Or the ones you're trying to choose between? One series I would highly recommend to anyone is A Place Further Than the Universe. It’s about a group of highschool girls who accompany a research expedition to the Antarctic. While the initial expectation might be for a CGDCT series, there is more depth to it including some pretty raw emotions. Nevertheless, it is a positive series with the emphasis on friendship and not letting adversity discourage you from pursuing your dreams. It’s short too, just 12 or 13 eps.
  4. Ohiotaku

    Action romance anime

    Of the various recommendations, Kaga Koko's are probably the ones where "romance" is the most prevalent. In a number of the anime I mentioned "romance" really isn't the central focus. I guess your request was kind of confusing since you said you wanted the characters to be "just friends" and listed Rukia & Icihigo as your example. I'll try to clarify some of my recommendations somewhat: Soul Eater, Slayers & Beautiful Bones all feature a male & female character who are teammates/partners. If romance comes up at all it's generally dismissed pretty quickly Ushio & Tora: the MC has a childhood friend that he frequently bickers with but it's pretty clear they have feelings for each other. While it's a recurring theme, it's not really the focus. Buso Renkin's relationship is the one that reminds me the most of Ichigo/Rukia. Shakugan no Shana kinda falls into that category as well. Magic Knight Rayearth: while there's some romance in the first season, it's more prevalent in the second season. Cardcaptor Sakura: they start out as rivals, become teammates & eventually do become a "couple", but at their age it's more cute than anythimg Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon: more of a harem series than anything, with most of the romance being one sided crushes (with the one side like the other, but not really seeing them in that way) Scrapped Princess: the main male character is actually more of a surrogate big brother & his focus is on protecting Pacifica. Although there is another character who has an interest in her, she doesn't really feel the same way & it's played more for laughs
  5. Ohiotaku

    Action romance anime

    2nding Soul Eater Buso Renkin Shakugan no Shana Scrapped Princess Is it Wrong to try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon? Slayers Ushio & Tora Magic Knight Rayearth Beautiul Bones (more mystery than action) Cardcaptor Sakura (they do wind up a couple, but not until well into the series and they’re kids so it’s cute & innocent)
  6. Ohiotaku

    What's you favorite game?

  7. Ohiotaku

    Anime that has many episodes

    Hunter x Hunter, Monster, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Ushio & Tora, Gegege no Kitaro, Detective Conan (Case Closed), Lupin III, Gintama, Fairy Tail, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Slayers Series with 3 seasons & more to come: Attack on Titan, Overlord. I believe I saw where A Certain Scientific Railgun was getting a 3rd season. If you’re willing to give shoujo a try: Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth
  8. Ohiotaku

    What's you favorite game?

    ^ Me have no idea what youse talking about 😜
  9. Just saw that there will be an Aggretsuko Christmas special on Netflix 12/20. 20. headbang.gif

  10. Ohiotaku

    Fantasy and adventure anime that is also funny?

    For something similar to Seven Deadly Sins, I would recommend Akame ga Kill. A word of warning, even though it has some humorous elements, it can also be extremely violent & dark, but since you said you were looking for adult themes as well I think you might like it. For something lighter but still with some serious story elements, try Soul Eater (not Soul Eater NOT) Finally, one of the "classic" series that fit the humorous fantasy genre is The Slayers. Although there is a greater emphasis on comedy which is frequently goofy or slap stick, each season does have a serious big story/villain that becomes the focus as it goes on. One more I’ll mention in case you haven’t seen it is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Although it is mostly serious, it also has some funny moments and characterizations (I have to believe that 7 Deadly Sins’ Escanor is related to FMAB’s Armstrong lol)
  11. Purple is definitely the sexiest hair color courtesy of of Majo (Witch) from Goblin Slayer & Shion from Reincarnated as a Slime 😍

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