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  1. Enjoying the humor which keeps it from feeling as pretentious as SAO: Aliciation. For example the alert letting players know when they need to log out for a bathroom break & Nemesis whining about Ray using her to chop up zombies
  2. Hahaha I see someone is enjoying Infinite Dendrogram, Grizz! ;)

    1. Ohiotaku


      For now anyway 😄 On my phone’s screen it resembles efaardvark’s avatar a bit much. Don’t want to cause confusion (unintentionally anyway :P )

  3. Nice Hanako theme for your profile 😎

    1. Seshi


      Why thank you. Does this mean you've gotten a chance to check it out?

    2. Ohiotaku


      I have. It has a very distinctive art style (reminiscent of the labyrinths/witches from Madoka). And interesting twist that rumors spread by people affecting yokai behavior. Not wholly committed to it yet, but definitely intrigued.

    3. Seshi


      Those are the key elements that I love about it! It reminds me of Demon Slayer in that way.

  4. The continuation of the Fruits Basket remake is scheduled for the spring season, which starts in April https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-01-17/fruits-basket-anime-2nd-season-premieres-this-spring/.155474 There’s also a PV in the article summarizing season 1 and previewing season 2 (unfortunately not subtitled)
  5. A more categorized look back at 2019 from my POV: https://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-1055895/-crunchyroll-forum-2019-anime-awards-#58476024
  6. I’d hoped to see it at the movies either last night or tonight, but it didn’t work out. Guess I’ll have to wait for it to show up on a streaming service.
  7. Just watched episode 2. Maple participates in her first battle royale event and does quite well despite not trying very hard. Then her gaming buddy finally gets to log on & creates a character that matches her own style of gameplay (much more strategic than Maple’s). Very funny solution they come up with to compensate for the difference in their movement speed A bit unexpected that Sally has to take on the boss monster without assistance from Maple, but by shifting the spotlight to her it adds some variety that’s needed to keep the gimmick from getting old. Overall the series is looking even more promising. My only complaint is they really need to do something about the chat comments because they go by way too fast to read.
  8. I haven’t made up my mind about this one yet, but it certainly has a distinctive art style. And the MC showed a surprising level of maturity this early on realizing Will continue this one with it’s short run time, but has been somewhat disappointing so far with it’s lack of beautiful outdoor visuals which was one of the original’s distinguishing features. The lack of Rin doesn’t help either A problem I can relate to I’m currently in the midst of my cull, but will probably still be following 15 - 20 when it’s over. And just a reminder not to forget chibi Naofumi & crew
  9. @efaardvark The primary joke of this series is that even though the noob’s “strategy” goes against all gaming logic, it actually makes her so damm OP she’s practically unstoppable to the point she’s becoming something of an urban legend among other players And she’s freak’n adorable too
  10. Personally? NO I don’t read or speak the language. I don’t like Asian food. While I have some casual curiosity about the culture & philosophy, it really doesn’t line up with my personal beliefs. Even when it comes to otaku interests, a lot of it is too extreme and/or weird over there. About the only things outside of anime/manga/vgs that intrigue me would be folklore/mythology and that’s more about the past than the present. Also don’t like big crowded cities so the population density also be a problem. Rural areas might be nice to visit, but probably only a week max. All in all I’m happy with things as they are.
  11. I watched it over the holidays as well & really enjoyed it. Very distinctive art style and a different take on the Santa Claus origin story. During the same time period I watched the latest adaptation of the Grinch which might’ve been impressive visually, but was bland & unappealing as far as the story & characterizations. Ironic that they attach Dr. Seuss’ name in the title, when it had the least in common with the original book.
  12. I’d mentioned it in other topics, but I would like to see Battle Angel Alita get a full anime adaption as the old 2 ep OVA barely scratched the surface & it was one of the few manga series I was really into. While I wasn’t a fan of the live action movie, it did seem to get some positive attention, so maybe it could happen.
  13. Watched the 1st episode of Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita (aka Science Fell in Love, so They Tried to Prove it). While I can see some people being annoyed by it’s science nerd humor, I rather enjoyed it Looks like CR dropped 3 episodes at once, have to check out the others tomorrow.
  14. Beastars comes to Netflix 03/13 https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/2020-01-13/beastars-anime-premieres-on-netflix-outside-of-japan-on-march-13/.155311
  15. Watched the 1st episode of In/Spectre (Kyokou Suiri) over the weekend and enjoyed it alot

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