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  1. Ohiotaku

    Preorder Fever!

    That’s the great thing about streaming series as they air, you know which ones you really enjoy before you buy. Though you still need to invest the time to check them out. Some people don’t feel the need to actually own a physical copy, but you never know when a company could lose the rights to a series or simply decide to take it down to make room for something else. Likewise, I don’t have a lot of time to rewatch series, but you don’t know what the future of the industry is. Plus it’s a way to support the type of series you enjoy.
  2. Ohiotaku

    Preorder Fever!

    I used to preorder all the time, but I’m much more selective about what I buy now and usually wait until I find a good price. There are exceptions though. I think the only 2 titles I currently have on preorder are the 2nd halves of My Hero Academia season 3 & Star Blazers 2202. There are actually a couple titles I would preorder in a heartbeat, but the licensor hasn’t scheduled a physical release (off the top of my head: Konosuba seasons 1 & 2, Yuru Camp and A Place Further than the Universe). For something older, a complete collection of Monster
  3. @TsuchiMaika While not one of my top series, I’m nevertheless enjoying Midnight Occult Civil Servants (Huehuecoyotl in particular is an entertaining character :lol: ) I suppose I should at least give Sarazanmai a look since I enjoyed Penguindrum, though I think it may prove a little too weird for me
  4. Ohiotaku

    Anime Chit Chat

    The general consensus is NO. It’s biggest shortcoming IMO was that where the original was a single coherent story divided into different chapters, but each season of Korra felt like it was telling it’s own story, albeit with a cast of recurring characters and some story overlap. There were some pretty cool depictions of characters from the previous series though, so as a fan of the original it might be worth checking out. The other thing is what they tried to make a big deal about in the finale felt more like a gimmick that was just tacked on at the end for attention.
    1. Wedgy


      I wonder what about it makes this a "miracle collaboration". I've seen some amazing collab/crossover works which had fans foaming at the mouth. I've never even heard of this Golden Kamuy nor does this look like any special effort, just some video editing and posters mimicking Spiderman's poses. 

    2. Ohiotaku


      I really enjoyed Golden Kamuy (needs some form of closure though), but it has absolutely nothing to do with Spiderman and isn’t even currently airing.

      My Hero Academia would make at least some sort of sense.

  5. You’re not a real badass until you’ve punched a bear in the face and lived to talk about it (amusement park mascots don’t count)
  6. Welcome 😁 I’ll be joining the half-century club myself next month, so there’s at least a couple of us around. Been a fan of anime since the late 70’s early 80’s and a fan of animation in general. Hope you find enough things to interest you here that you stick around
  7. This past weekend’s episode was a bit of a mixed bag for me Stuff I liked Stuff I didn’t Currently my #4 series for the season
  8. Happy to bring this one to more people’s attention. The only real complaint I have is it’s only a single cour leaving a lot of unresolved issues. It definitely tops my list of series I wish would get a continuation. There’s also some CGI sequences that didn’t look very good or seem to fit, but if memory serves it was less frequent in the later episodes. Glad you’re feeling welcome, hope to see you around.
  9. Ohiotaku


    Welcome 😁 Glad you found your way here. I grew up on a farm myself, though I live in town now. I saw where you mentioned canning in another post, I remember that being a summer family activity with my parents & sister, filling up the whole basement with green beans, tomatoes & homemade pickles to last the rest of the year. Definitely good memories of happier days. I don’t really buy merch either, though I have a pretty large collection of anime on disc I’ve collected over the years. But like you mentioned, there’s so much out there I don’t really have time to rewatch series (I’m currently watching 14 weekly series). As far as recommendations, I’ll start off with My Hero Academia. Anyway, hope you enjoy yourself here.
  10. We Never Learn is better than Quintessential Quintuplets. Fight me
  11. <sigh> I knew just from the OP/ED and his brief appearance during Final Selection that the blond haired kid was going to be the biggest obstacle to me staying with this series. Not just his cowardice, but good god man, Brock from Pokemon has more dignity around women. I have no doubt he will grow eventually, but I doubt it will be any time soon and he’s currently so annoying I just don’t know. I’m a bit interested in boar guy, though it seems like he’ll be pretty over the top. I do like the design for the new demon though.
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