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  1. As long as you find good translations it is going to be interesting For Dostoevsky's books, I'd recommend 'Crime and Punishment' and 'The Idiot', they're one of his most famous works along with 'The Karamazob Brothers', and they're definitely my favourites Enjoy! :)))
  2. Dostoevsky is my favourite author and because Russian is my native language I actually read the originals. What I like a out Russian classics is that the make you think. And because they show people's different personalities and thoughts in a very interesting ways. I think Tolstoy is famous for his descriptions (there a joke about a description of the ball going on and on in the War and Peace ). Dostoevsky's works are personality and society focused I think, at least going by my favourite books of his like, for example, the Idiot.
  3. I'm so happy this thread exists! I've been a bookworm my whole life. Currently reading a collection of works by Dostoevsky, also a few books on hold because of work and generally not feeling like reading those lately
  4. I am slowly going through Assassin's Creed II again. Also occasional civilization V, might and magic: clash of heroes, and some other random games here and there. Oh and also sims from time to time
  5. I've just finished Samurai Champloo (loved it!) and started rewatching Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, wondering how my mental health didn't get damaged when I watched it the first time in my early teens I remember liking the second season though cause it explained all the madness
  6. Thanks to this thread I know this website exists, so it is nicer than my standard word document So thank you! https://myanimelist.net/animelist/AmaliCa I've seen how much hype it attracted so I am staying away from it
  7. Do you guys ever get affected by an anime so much that whenever you hear a soundtrack from that anime you feel a whole whirlpool of emotions? For me one of such anime is Steins Gate, gosh I always stop just to listen to it. Unless it is too sad for my current state of mind
  8. Those nicknames are really nice though! And my friends name is Elizabeth too and I call her Eli I recently realised I like some jazz music, but it really depends...I think I usually prefer smooth one (usually associated with cafe background music I guess). I think I discovered jazz through Cowboy Bebop soundtracks OMG this is such a coincidence (in a way) that it is crazy! I just watched 'Welcome to the Ballroom' last week. It was my first ever sport anime and I was surprised that I really liked it Wait, Crunchyroll is that old?O.O I assumed it was a very new thing! I don't have an account cause I am a student and I decided that for now it is not investing And thanks! I like retro things, so this is quite fitting :DDD
  9. I have never read manga, but black butler made me consider it Are most of the ones you mentioned 'new'? As in, later than 2015 I guess Oh I so recommend them, they are awesome! I hope you'll enjoy them. They are all quite serious ones, so be prepared Also they're different styles and all of them are very unique Haha sounds nice! It does seem that everyone is super nice here When did Fate Stay Night get released? To me it sounds like a new one, cause I went on my 'anime break' around 2010 Yeah, this situation is affecting every aspect of our life. I just hope those studios survive tbh. Thanks a lot for recommendations, I'll save them! Age is just a number, doesn't matter we are young at heart Also I think it depends on how you see it, being called 'mister' can also be hilarious I'm 25, which isn't old at all of course, but it seems that a lot of anime fans online are way under 20. and yep, definitely doesn't matter anyway Thanks a lot! Also, those drawings are awesome!
  10. Thanks a lot, really nice to meet you!
  11. Nice to meet you! I prefer anime that makes you think, but sometimes your brain also needs to relax so you go for something light. My favourites are Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Cowboy Bebop, Soul Eater, and (very surprisingly and not really fitting into this list) Black Butler What about you?
  12. Nice to meet you! Glad to know I am not the only one who took a break. I felt a bit odd because I am older than quite a few of anime fans an now no one wants to watch old anime cause there's lots of good new shows... So I felt like there is this gap I will not be able to bridge and I'll just be like an anime grandma reminiscing about Cowboy Bebop and Death Note and the rest of them old classics
  13. Hey! Haha, it is, but gosh it eats up lots of time if you get hooked on it :DDD
  14. I have a few of my absolute favourites and I have stories linked to them, it is a creative process to make a meaningful name after all :) It's really nice to meet you! So we are more or less in the same boat. I don't really know what made me watch anime again either but I guess I knew all this time that I would go back to it :D It is so cool to be on a forum again, the last time I was registered on one was probably over 10 years ago. Feels kind of retro :D
  15. Thank you, I am sure I will meet a lot of amazing people! :) I found it online, I thought it is really beautiful! <3
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