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  1. Ohayotaku's post in Anime request was marked as the answer   
    Hopefully you haven’t already seen some of these & you find something enjoyable
    Shiki • Paranoia Agent • ID Invaded • Mushishi • Moriarty the Patriot • Kino’s Journey •  Haibane Renmei • Boogiepop Phantom• Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina • Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo • Oshi no Ko • Migi & Dali • Odd Taxi
  2. Ohayotaku's post in looking for an anime was marked as the answer   
    Heavenly Delusion
  3. Ohayotaku's post in Short show recommendations? Tiny attention span lol was marked as the answer   
    Some of my favorite short run time anime:
    Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses (familiarity with Oh/Ah My Goddess really not necessary)
    Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time
    Ramen Fighter Miki (each ep is full length, but divided into 2 skits)
    There’s also Attack on Titan Junior High & Isekai Quartet, though they’re funnier if you have at least some familiarity of the series they are parodies of.
    There’s also RWBY, though technically not anime except for Ice Queendom which is full length.
  4. Ohayotaku's post in Looking for Comedic/Action based Animes was marked as the answer   
    Have you seen Fire Force (same mangaka as Soul Eater)?
    Also, Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple, maybe?
    Durarara might work too. In particular, Shizuo’s fighting style is cartoonishly violent 
  5. Ohayotaku's post in Any good Space Opera Anime? was marked as the answer   
    A lot people consider the term “space opera”  to be on a grander scale. Examples: Starblazers/Space Battleship Yamato; Captain Harlock; Arcadia of My Youth; Legend of the Galactic Heroes; Banner/Crest of the Stars. Most of Leiji Matsumoto’s work.
    For series more like Cowboy Bebop or Outlaw Star: Coyote Ragtime Show; Trigun; Gun x Sword; Space Dandy; Edens Zero. Angel Links takes place in the same universe/reality as Outlaw Star but not fondly remembered. You might also like Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song or Astra Lost in Space.
  6. Ohayotaku's post in Who is this character and what anime does it come from? was marked as the answer   
    The top is Aqua from Konosuba 
    Not sure about the bottom but art style looks similar to Jojo.
  7. Ohayotaku's post in I need help identifying two anime. was marked as the answer   
    Afraid I don’t click links from people I’m not familiar with. You should be be able to post the image directly using the Insert other media drop down box
  8. Ohayotaku's post in Name this Anime!!!! was marked as the answer   
    I think you might be talking about S.A.M. from Cannon Busters 
    It’s on Netflix
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