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  1. Awesome, I really like the premise. Let us know how it goes and when you finish your first chapter. It definitely sounds like something I would read.
  2. Just finished Kimi Wa Pet (my first Josei manga and I devoured it in 3 days) and I just discovered Blame! Think I might not be able to put this one down either. Very little dialogue but, I think it reminds me of the HeavyMetal magazine I used to read back I the day.
  3. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=aFolNQQP-Cg&feature=share Early work from an Austin artist. Hayden Karchmer (The Hill Country Devil)
  4. I'm waiting on Hitomi-chan is Shy with Strangers, Drifters, Watashi no Shounen, The Seven Deadly Sins (Highschool), Canaan, and many, many more. Thinking about learning Japanese just to be able to read raws. Yeah, waiting on translations is like waiting for a new episode of a show that only comes out every 2 weeks to a month...
  5. Your characters look awesome! I want to make my own as well (I'm not going to post my terrible looking characters). From what I've read in my research... Making the outline of the story is key (like writing a book), then story boards, then actual fleshing out of the manga itself. I'm doing mine by hand. (because I don't have any computer art skills) I don't plan on publishing mine so I didn't do any research on that aspect. There are some good YouTube channels that cover a lot on making a manga. Yuuike, My Mangaka LIFE, and Artfinitii, to name a few. I don't know if that was any help. Best of luck!
  6. I use Manga Reader and the Crunchyroll Manga app. Manga Reader is free (some ads) and allows you to download for offline reading. Not sure about crunchyroll. I just subscribed to it and it doesn't have a huge selection , but it has some popular stuff on there. Edit.. Just realized I was responding to a year old question.
  7. Hi, right now I'm reading one Room of Happiness (I can't remember the Japanese name), Wet Moon, and Kitsune Spirit. I like anything that has a compelling story. Nor, action, historical, drama, as long as it grabs me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks people.
  8. New to forums and such. Been a fan of anime since I saw Ghost in the Shell back in the day. I like varied anime and manga. Trying to find good ones to look for if anyone knows. I like amateur manga as well. I guess that's it. Thank you.
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