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About this blog

I'll be sharing some of my thoughts & discoveries as I write my 1st novel. 

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What is The Ruthisian Codex About?

The story is about a woman who discovers that she has supernatural abilities after kids in her city begin to go missing and must locate a book called The Ruthisian Codex to gain mastery over her powers and find the people responsible for the kidnappings.  The lead character's name is Phia and the first chapter explores her seemingly normal life as a budding caterer. Throughout the book, I will describe certain dishes that she makes in detail and include the recipes at the back of the book.

So You Wanna Be An Author?

I've finally begun writing The Ruthisian Codex and am currently working on the first chapter. Now since it's been years since I've written any stories and I've never written, much less published, a full book in my life, I needed to do some research and make some considerations before I decided to seriously go for this. How much time would I be willing to dedicate to this per week? What is the best way to organize my thoughts and ideas for the story? What do I want the actual plot to be? How does
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