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  1. Kuroko no Basket has an English dub now. So that's a thing....

  2. I named my bird Friday, he's a lot quieter than I expected I think he's shy.  

    1. Zila



      I named my bird Friday

      That's so neat, I love that name! :) What kind of bird is he? 💕

    2. LonelyPoet


      A parakeet yellow, black, blue.

  3. My date got me the entire run of Eastman and Lair's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Should I marry?

  4. First date (in life) no idea what to wear. 

    1. Tefutakato


      I hope it went well. And just dress casually, you’re not going to an job interview. lol



      Good for you! I hope you two get along well, as for what to wear: wear whatever makes you happy, don't worry about your date to much. 

  5. I got a pet bird for my birthday. 

    1. Q-Tip


      Aw are you able to share a pic?

  6. Anyone watch Sk8te the Infinity? Mood playlist

  7. Hey I like to write as well.
  8. Remember to take your vitamins. 

  9. I've been studying statistics to much, when I used to think of moe I thought of cute anime girls now when I think of moe I think of margin of error. Help...

  10. I wanna watch the the Gundam series but I don't know where to start. I don't wanna start from the very beginning because I feel like I wouldn't like an anime that old, but I also don't wanna start from a point that misses the best parts of the series. There are so many.
  11. Does Dr. Stone count? Also Robotics Notes, is pretty cool.
  12. I bought makeup for the first time today. Mom is very excited/ surprised guess she thought this day would never come lol. I'm going to go back on duty either looking like a mess or a different person. BTW anyone have any opinion on girls wearing colored fashion contacts? Is that cute or cringe? I'm very lost here. XD


    1. XII360


      same here, just bought some wierd pills, one for increasing metabolism, one for..."multivitamins" [will not specify why i bought it, but lets just say its for the multivitamins, couse its full of other vitamins >.>] and some activated charcoal for teeth whitening xD

      i will never financially recover from the amount of money i used on these


      as for contact lenses, if its for fashion, then its cool if  you're gonna cosplay,

      if its graded for your eyes, its even cooler to wear on a daily basis, just be sure to remove them before sleep, and keep the case clean with the solution cleaner

      dont want any parasites on your eye >.>

    2. LonelyPoet


      Yeah that charcoal tooth past thing seems to be getting really popular. I saw some people from my platoon buying it. I'm kind of doubtful of it working though. Tell me if it works for you. 

  13. Howdy welcome th.jfif
  14. I literally haven't left the house all week and only left my room to use the bathroom. I turn into an honest to god NEET when I'm off duty. It's pathetic :)


    1. XII360


      and here im the opposite, i've been forced to get outa house to guard my big bro's store, due to owner of land being a douche and harrassing my onii-san's store,

      thus i am forced to guard it from any illegal acts the landlord which he already has done allot plans on doing

      ...like say, illegally shutting down his store, when owner doesn't show us any court order to shut it down or demolish said place ~.~


      muh self-project time is being eaten though..!

      luckily, i got a new simcard, and that simcard has no expiry on data, so i always have data...aslong as i have simcard

      that i waste on playing games or looking around reddit/twittu >.<


      also wouldn't call it pathetic, seems like an average friday night for us cool kids 

    2. Kurosaki27


      Make the days count amigo. I had to drag myself out of bed today to get some sunlight, these days I'm becoming like a vampire but that's no good, this way I can't see the new bleach season -alive-

    3. Q-Tip


      When my kid's in bed or somebody else is watching her, all I want to do is drink wine, be lazy, and sleep lately.

      Being responsible is draining. When it's a near 24/7 obligation, you almost have to swing to the opposite extreme to unwind. Why even wear pants? Eating is overrated. Brush hair? Nah. If you aren't planning to see anyone soon may as well go full swamp troll. Take your break, you deserve it.

  15. They finally fixed my moped. Don't need your... 



    -ride share!!

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