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  1. Help I'm in college and I can't get up!

    th (1).jfif

  2. Not giving a F*** is a delicate art. Try to hard and you give a F about not giving a F try to little and it seems like you care. You need perfect balance and self actualization. Think yin and yang, night and day, or.... democrat's and republicans? Or you can just do whatever, I guess that also works.

    th (2).jfif



      The best post I've seen in months! :D 



  4. I read/ watched Planetarian. The anime girl from one of our headers is from Planetarian. It's a visual novel and a anime. It's really sad but also very informative if you are interested in astronomy and mythology about the stars. 7/10


  5. Only active at certain parts of the year. Then it goes dead, then it's active again. What was your last pet?
  6. Lately I've been addicted to anime VNs regardless of genre or target audience. I "play" (since some people don't consider them actual games) mobile one's mostly and I got a few for the switch lite since I just got one for Christmas. Do you have any VN recommendations? Also do you consider them video games? My favorite is Clanned. th (7).jfif
  7. Remember me? I'm returning about a long time. Lot's of stuff has happened. I returned from my training and I've been deployed with my unit to do riot control already. I also finally got back to college as well. All my classes are boring and have nothing to do with my major but hey it's whatever. Also I got that mopped I wanted. How has everyone been? 


    1. XII360



      though, i dont know you, and or remember you, its nice meeting you !

      it seems you have had a huge character development in life (experience) though 



       I also finally got back to college as well. All my classes are boring and have nothing to do with my major but hey it's whatever.


      1st year college or 2nd year college, id assume it would be either one of those, since my first/2nd year didn't have anything related to my major course either

      ...atleast, until i reached 3rd year college, in which majority of it was major subjects for my job

    2. efaardvark


      Ah the GED days.  Been there, done that.  Spent two years at a "junior" college to get that crap out of the way on the cheap.  The Plan was to then transfer to a "real" (and much more expensive) uni when I had enough of the general-ed stuff out of the way to start on the actual major material.  Got that far then took what was supposed to be a semester-long break to get a job and make some tuition money.  Next thing I know it is 35 years later.  :D Considering how it turned out I can't say I made the wrong decision but I do wonder from time to time if it was the right one.

      And yes, this was definitely the "Lot's of stuff has happened" year.  I think Thor took a break and left Loki in charge.

      Anyway, welcome back!

  8. YOOO I just have 3 more classes left and then I pass. The pass 7 months have been the longest months of my life but if I don't screw it up it'll be over. It'll be 5 more weeks. I just hope I don't mess anything up. Mission escape fishbowl is a go!


  9. All this BS we have to do over the corona virus is driving me crazy and it's making it even harder to concentrate on this crazy study scheduled. They even through out my phase up paper work and told me to do it over again. HEll To ThE No.

    th (1).jfif

  10. This is a cute dress yo



  11. Everything around me is getting canceled because of the corona virus. Close contact military training goes on though! Just go to your happy place.......




      Good luck, this coronavirus thing is insane. A real modern day plague. I hope you will be alright, respect. :) 

  12. God damn, how is any human supposed to remember how to set up a server in 5 days!


  13. Pretty photo I wanted to share.


  14. First hands on test tomorrow, have to ping two computers with a router and a switch. Hope I don't mess it up. I don't work well when I'm being watched. 

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    2. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      same here, I always disliked being observed when working!

    3. LonelyPoet


      I passed barely..... 

    4. Zila


      B-But... you still passed?! 😱 🤗  Is the worst part over at least? 😶

  15. I might continue if anyone want's to read more. The story isn't really done.
  16. A Modest Girl’s Mother It all started when mother fell. We lived in a little town in the middle of no were. It seemed like from the moment I was born I wanted to leave. There was hardly any life here. All the stores were closing. All the factories were shutting down. Even the school was closing. More and more elderly people were moving into the area because of the nature. That was the only population that grew in that town. My home, the place where people go to die. I hadn’t visited in years and I had just come over for Thanksgiving. It seemed like my mom didn’t want to waste any time a
  17. LonelyPoet

    Weird Girl

    So, let’s get one thing straight I don’t believe they faked the goddamned moon landing. Sorry I cursed but it’s so frustrating. That is the main thing everyone thinks I think about is the fake moon landing conspiracy. That and lizard people. Well to their credit I can neither confirm the lizard people. Mostly because there’s to much fake evidence and joke evidence on the topic for just an average high school girl to make heads or tails out of the issue. The reason I don’t believe in the fake moon landing because of the scope of it. Too much money, to many moving parts, to many people for it to
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