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    Soul Eater, Fruits Basket, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Inuyasha, Jujustu Kaisen, Given, Boku no Hero Academia, Castlevania, MIss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Sowa Genroku Rakugo Shinju, Love Stage, Dakaichi.... Basically most things I watch all the way through. I am not very picky with anime but usually just pick things based on my mood.
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    Slice of Life
    Reverse Harem
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    Toru Honda, Crona, Kakashi and Rock Lee, Violet Evergarden, Haruka Nanase, Gojo Sensei... Characters are either super sweet, super oblivious, or super OP... Sometimes they are all three.
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    Student and Coffee house Barista
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    Anime and Manga duh, Sewing, Embroidery, Writing, Tv and Movies, Video Games, Reading, Documentaries
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    Elder Scrolls (though I have only played Skyrim) although I really like ANimal Crossing, Sims, and Indi games as well.
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    I don't generally play story geared games... But if I had to pick probably Sora or Roxas from Kingdom Hearts
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    Play Station and Nintendo Switch mostly, but PC, DS, Gameboy, and Xbox all have their place as well

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  1. Haha that is much too crowed for me! But I would like to have just a few more weebs in the Midwest. Feels like the really concentrate or are super spread out. There isn't really a happy medium.
  2. Still trying to figure out how forums work haha, but I think this is how one would respond? That's the thing I am just suuuuper antisocial haha. Like I can think of only a hand full of places where one could meet up with fellow weebs, but none of them are really places I feel I could just walk up and talk to random people. And on another sad note, I haven't ever had the chance to go to a con actually. Yet another reason to be disappointed in last year and this one... I actually have the means to go (T.T). But I suppose I'll just have to wait it out. Us rural folks will have to be each other's ambassadors to keep the lonelies at bay!
  3. So I know that we are in a pandemic and all, so meet ups and con's are pretty much off the table for a while yet. But I wonder if there are any of you on here, like myself, who live in really rural areas and have limited access to the anime/manga community outside of online? Growing up I had no idea that anime or manga even existed. Growing up in a pretty conservative house I had only brief glimpses of such things through mediums like Pokémon and my friend's interests, but even these influences were limited by my parents. When I was in probably the 5th or 6th grade was my first real introduction to anime through some fellow classmates, mostly because they wanted me to understand why it was so cool. Soon after I began spotting Japanese styled books and shows everywhere and became pretty obsessed with the language and culture as well. I even started a club with my school mates (though honestly there were only like 4 of us and all we did was meet at my house to watch shows and eat snacks). But soon enough that small group disintegrated, either by moving away or the slow ebb of communication once I went off to high school. In high school I went to a coed academy in the middle of nowhere (very generous private sponsors my whole life), filled with lots of young people my age from my church denomination. Strangely enough there were quite a few like myself who enjoyed the medium! To the boys dorm I became the download queen (Our school rules prohibiting private movies and dvds for our laptops), they would come to me for absolutely any and all anime, because unlike the other girls in my dorm I liked ALL anime and manga, not limiting myself to genera. Several of us made far off distant plans to travel to cons and experience the American world of anime, others (including myself) wanted to travel to Japan someday (though by this time my interests were not solely weeb and I had actual interest in the country itself). But time went by and people moved on. I graduated and went to China for 2 years (again sponsors), and while there never really lost my love for Japan. After two years I returned to my small hometown in the middle of the US. and here I have remained for about 6 years now? But unlike the rest of my story I have been pretty alone in my interests up to this point. There are a few fellow weebs where I live, but I am not particularly close to them. My closest book/entertainment store is severely limited in both the anime and manga sections, with prices being jacked through the roof for conveniences sake. So now at 25, with two years of Uni down and another two to go, my single and alone ass is out here looking for other people like myself just to have a conversation with about our mutual interests. I am also wondering where all the guys from my church who liked anime and manga went... did yall fall off the face of the planet? Yall need to come back because ya girl never left. But seriously though, I'm not alone in this problem right? At least the rural living, with limited access and few if any friends who share this interest?
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