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  1. loki


    I've seen many girls on this forum, but anyway thanks
  2. this is my current wallpaper for my pc
  3. I am almost always playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I've also been playing Final Fantasy VII and I've been in love with it As for games im looking forward to, Fire Emblem Three Houses and Astral Chain both for the Switch look pretty good. Also kinda looking forward to the FF7 remake and im hoping they'll put it on the switch as well, but idk
  4. loki

    Cardcaptor Sakura anyone?

    Glad to see a lot of you guys feel the same about this classic show thanks for replying guys I'd definitely recommend watching it! It's certainly upbeat and happy most of the time. And while its aimed for younger audiences I'd say it's ok for older people to watch it. I'm a teenager and I love it.
  5. Has anyone else seen Cardcaptor Sakura and are a fan of it? When I was a little younger my main magical girl anime was Sailor Moon and I never watched many others, but recently me and my sibling have been watching Cardcaptor lately and I'm really loving it. I usually like darker animes with action and stuff but sometimes I like cuter and more wholesome stuff too, and this is definitely one of them. When I watch it I always become relaxed (except for the little battle segments in almost every episode) and I forget about all of the bs in my life and such. There is also a new show called Clear Card that I'm going to watch after I finish the original as well
  6. I love anime but I really dislike hentai. Not saying people have to agree with me but I find nearly all forms of pornography unnecessary and disturbing, and that includes hentai. Nudity by itself is alright as long as it's important to the story but that's it. Just my views tho
  7. loki


    ah that's understandable. I had some trouble getting used to the older graphics as well. I haven't played ff8 yet but I hope to someday And that's good, thanks for your input. ^^ I'll make sure to check the reviews though when it comes out, but hopefully they haven't changed much from the original
  8. loki


    No I don't believe I've heard of that game before. I'll maybe look into it tho and see if it's any good ^^ and I'd say that my favorite is FF7. I love Cloud a lot in it. Also do you know if FF10 is worth getting for the switch? I've never played that one before but it looks like it could be good
  9. I definitely like Marvel best, and I'm a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe too and I love all of the movies. I'm also very excited for Endgame ik it's all a matter of opinion though so I understand why some like DC best. I've heard Wonder Woman is pretty awesome but unfortunately I haven't seen it yet, hope to see it someday tho
  10. loki


    good, I'm glad that there's other Nintendo fans here ^^ love their stuff a ton
  11. loki


    Thank you everyone Ooh, I love the Fire Emblem with Lyn in it too (it's called Blazing Blade I believe in Japan and is also the seventh one), that one's possibly my favorite next to Path of Radiance for the GameCube. ^^ I've never played Echoes before but I think I do intend to get it someday. Anyway it's nice to see someone else who likes those things as well, thanks again
  12. loki


    Hey everyone, my name's Loki and I'm 17 and female. I signed up here because I was looking for a cool anime forum where i could talk about anime and other things with fellow fans without feeling judged or anything. My favorite animes are Tokyo Ghoul and Kill la Kill, and i also like Soul Eater and Seraph of the End too ^^ Along with anime, i also love video games, especially Nintendo. my favorite video game franchises are Super Smash Bros., Fire Emblem, The Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy. I also love drawing, reading, and writing. Anyway that's about it, I hope to have a good time here. Thanks for reading
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