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  1. Agree with you. Hentai is sometimes "dirty". But sometimes he is sexy. For example, I like it when a girl is wearing elegant underwear and this is shown in the picture.
  2. Hello to you, friend. Welcome to the forum) * sends a kiss *
  3. NastiaTan


    Very nice to see another girl on the forum. Hello)
  4. Hi Sofi. My name is Nastia) How are you? Welcome)
  5. Every person can love something and hate something. That's why we are all unique and alive people on the planet Earth)
  6. I would be glad to see everyone in the club where we will discuss anime or hentai pictures and videos. Come, I'm waiting for you.
  7. So, if I take care of everything, in this topic we will just talk. If I need to show some kind of picture or video - this is done in clubs. I can create my own club or join an existing one. I should show the picture only in the "Spoiler" tag. All right, I understand? ) And can anyone tell me about the "Rule 18"? My Google does not find anything useful, or is it something with my head))
    Damn attractive picture. I really liked it. The combination of shape and background is just great. Looks easy and does not hurt the eyes.
  8. Then I have a question. Can I give links to, for example, a porn hub with videos and discuss their use? or are any links banned?
  9. How much do you like hentai and anime drawings. They make you feel something inside you !? Positive emotions or something else. Do you like hentai video, which is online? For me, the world of anime and hentai is something fabulous and magical. Definitely I am glad that there is such a direction in drawing. After all, girls, and guys too, look on hentai picture is just great. No one will mind if I post and discuss hentai pictures and videos in this topic? I would like to know your opinion. In addition, I am now learning a little to draw pictures. So if there are artists on the forum, I will be glad.
  10. Hello there) Welcome)
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