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  1. Thankyou! Much appreciated. Yeah kinda inspired by Slipknot in a way. Glad you enjoyed them, I generally write lyrics and poetry in spare time but dont really have a place to share it. Glad someone else likes it.
  2. I would have to say the original gundam series, Escaflown, Kiki's Delivery Service (ghibli movie) currently watching Bebop atm and am enjoying it. Evangelion of course
  3. Figured I'd introduce myself. I've never been one to engage with communities in general, let alone one such as anime as my opinions aren't typically fond off but I figured if I wanna meet new people and make some friends, I figured I'd give it a shot. My username is AussieBoy but people generally call me Lil'M, an Abbreviation of a nickname Minako Honda was given by Brian May. I'm actually supposed to be in Tokyo right now as I'm writing this but unfortunately COVID cancelled the trip as myself is high risk. I'm from Australia and I guess I've been watching anime on and off since 2015. Attack
  4. Initiation of Death I look around at the bodies around me, broken bones scattered in pieces behind me I am spiraling down I am falling down In my head I have fallen to death I’m no longer alive in my head The battlefield feeds my hunger to kill As I drown in my own blood as did my life skills Cause now in my head I am no longer alive In my head I have fallen to death In my head I’m no longer alive In my head I have fallen to death I am no longer in control of my actions Let alone my desires Neurological Science has taken over Nothing more w
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