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  1. Thank you!! I will be sure to continue uploading here
  2. My first post of my artwork, yay! Please be aware I am still a noob and a beginner, still learning lots of different tips and tricks. I will keep updating this whenever I finish a new work
  3. Hello everyone. (o・ω・o) My name is Ayu (just a nickname). I came across this forum as I was searching for groups/communities for artworks. I don't call myself a professional artist or suck at it but I guess decent enough to keep learning and practicing new tips and tricks. I love meeting new people especially people that I can relate with, so I hope I can meet lots of people here and just have fun! I may be shy at first, but once I feel comfortable, I will be sure to open up towards lots of new and fun conversations. Don't hesitate to message if you want to talk. ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ Hope to see everyone around!

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