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    Hoshi no Kaabi, Shounen Ashibe: Go! Go! Goma-chan!
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    Hirao (Shounen Ashibe), Mars (Sekkou Boys)
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    Kuudere - Set 3


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    My Meta Knight Shrine
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    Professional Meta Knight Fangirl
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    Kirby, Furries, osu!, Vocaloid, vandalizing catalogs and empty toilet paper rolls on the toilet, browser games about dragons, reading and writing Kirby fanfics, drawing Kirby fanart and furries, cursed images

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    Muse Dash. I may like Kirby, but I haven't touched the games
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    Gryll, Meta Knight, Shadow Kirby, Marx and Galacta Knight from the Kirby games and Joker Buro from Muse Dash
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    NONE. Hardcore PC gamer right here.
  1. I'm a friendly Meta Knight fangirl who wants to make online friends! If you want to hear more about me, visit my profile. I've been struggling to find a platform where I can finally be a part of a community or two that isn't toxic. Forums are my favorite way to be a part of a fandom, so I looked up ''anime forums'' today and here I am! Here's a quick history of my time as an anime fan: 2013 or 2014 (don't remember) - My sister made me watch my first anime - Chi's Sweet Home. I liked it. 2015 - 2017 - No anime except for Penguin Musume, but I don't remember what year I watched it. It wasn't kid-friendly, but I still enjoyed it. 2018 - I watched the Hoshi no Kaabi dub. I loved it! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Meta Knight's sexy Hispanic accent cured my cancer, depression, ligma AND coronavirus. Then I started watching Pokemon and watched a bit of K-ON!. I liked both. 2019 - Watched Shounen Ashibe: Go! Go! Goma-chan!. It became my second favorite anime. Also watched the first episodes of Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, Tokyo Ghoul and Lucky Star. Didn't like any of them. Finally, I watched Sekkou Boys. I really liked it! I love weird anime, as long as it's weird in a SFW way. 2020 (so far) - Watched Layton Mystery Tanteisha: Karti no Nazotoki File while grinding in a game on my phone. I liked it a lot! What are my next moves as a weeb? Finishing Layton Mystery Tanteisha and catching up with Shounen Ashibe episodes. After that, I have no clue what to do. Any anime recommendations? I like kid-friendly anime that have a weird episode or two, at least a bit of fantasy and a cute or weird character in the main cast. It also helps a lot if It reminds me of Hoshi no Kaabi in a way and/or I've never heard of it.

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