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  1. hey does anyone remember me i joined a while back in 2016 its now 2020 and the world has changed to lockdowns and having too much time on our hands anyway my name use to be Ella , i am married to the same person but things have changed , i have Changed a lot , am now Transgender non binary Demiboy my new name is Alex and i like they them there i have one cat called ninja i think we still had tigger but he passed away id like to change my name but unsure how Alex
  2. I rather like the avatar that you're using, is it related to some sort of movie or show?

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. just finished watching Death Note Amazing Anime one of the anime that i started with am unsure what else am going to watch i now have a big poster in my living room with Death Note on it i have watched angels beats as well ...i need to find something to watch
  5. oh forgot to add ginger and lemon tea or chocolate tea
  6. I Have mental health problems , OCD i hear and see things depression i find things hard a lot of the time but anime helps me get my mind of that not been watching that much of it lately as av been busy with church ( am christian ) and groups but am going to start watching more of it
  7. yes some times Am in Edinburgh so we dont get much but if you where in inverness ( its kinda at the top of Scotland ) its snows a lot there Edinburgh is near the borders of Scotland all we ever get is rain or ice
  8. Angeluk

    Windows 10

    i got window 10 on both my laptop and desk top big mistake was having problems with in a month of changing had to role back the laptop to windows 8.1 and my desk top to windows 7. luckly i could roll back but if it was a day later i wouldnt be able to roll back
  9. i dont play anything i sing ...mostly at church or doing karaoke but i have not sang karaoke for a while
  10. Its freezing here i need to wear my fingerless gloves while am on forums i have a scarf on and hoodie on there is ice but no snow
  11. Am from Edinburgh , Scotland Scotland is cold most of the time its always raining
  12. i like scifi things like buffy the vampire slayer, heros i dont watch tv very much i mean i do have a tv at home but its rarely on my husband watches netflix i only started getting intrested in Anime , i dont understand Japanese so i need it to be subbed and dubbed for me i only can speak and write in english and at that am not so good at i need to use a spell checker and my grammar is very bad i have a learning/ mental health disability I cant watch anything too gorey or too violent as i get triggered very easily i love things like superheros like x men and marvel e
  13. thank you for the welcomes and the suggestions i looked on netflix and found death note watched 3 so far and i love it going to watch the rest of them for the few weeks
  14. Its depends on how well i am if am unwell i go to bed at 11pm wake up at 5 am if am ok i stay up until 2 am and get up at 8am if i have appointments like with my dr i go to bed at 11pm and get up in time for the appointment
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