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  1. i'm just taking it one step at a time! I have had awful depression for several days and i haven't done anything but stay in bed and watch bleach (I know) on netflix, haha. Today I finally left the house and went on a 1hr walk, so it's small progress... I feel a bit better after getting out of the house.
  2. Update - I've done great in the class unsure if I'm going to make a B or an A because I don't have my final exam grades back yet. All the daily studying paid off!
  3. Haha, ok, I'll play. I'm in a class that I'm very under-qualified for. I'm currently in a Microbiology class filled with students who are about to start working as EMTs, nurses, etc... Because most of the students are already working in healthcare, the teacher uses a lot of terms that most of us understand. After class introductions, I realized that I am the only one not coming from a science background or working in healthcare. Everyone has taken Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy+Physiology, etc.... and assumes everyone else has. Not me! I hadn't taken a single science class since h
  4. School is not currently killing me

  5. That is so weird to hear this from you now, I just spoke with the friend yesterday and he was like "If you're serious, we can make this work." Looks like you're right - I was definitely ignorant to that. I'm still gonna stick around here for a while since I really want to complete my BS/MS combined program, but by then I will have qualifications to work in a much needed healthcare role so I will do that here for a while. Man, I have a family friend who was hired to transfer to a station in Japan as a public affairs type of folk. She found a place for her dog to stay and packed up the apa
  6. Oh, god, trying to think of something that isn't like... pokemon or sailor moon. I just don't remember, but I DO remember I was terrified of cartoon network (channel 17!) because my mom accidentally flipped to that channel when I was like 8 and there were anime characters kissing. One summer later, I stayed at my grandparents' house. I went into the living room and put a blanket over both the television and myself and watched things like Trigun, FLCL... it felt so liberating!! If my grandma knew, she would have killed me. I wish it still felt like that. Now I just watch anime every week
  7. Thinking about it! My friend, native to Japan, has invited me to join him in Fukuoka to teach ... but by law, I have to finish my bachelor's first. I thought I was going to be done with that in 2 years but I'm signed up to do a 5 year bachelor's/master's program now .. Er... so not for a while, if at all haha. What are you gonna do there?

  9. I feel a little scared! I start at a new college next week to study to be an art teacher and I interview for a job tomorrow. I've never had a long time job because I have severe anxiety, but I hope it will be ok..
  10. Do you guys know if there is anyway to delete my account?
  11. "what?! you know how i feel about yugi moto"

  12. Welcome to 2016 everyone!! Not that I am from the future. not that i've been here for months already ... wait .. i've said too much. resolutions ... I don't usually make them haha, but some of my general hopes are to continue at college, continue making good grades.. I'm trying to switch to a better college in my state and finish my anthropology degree. more anime related , I'm hoping to tone up a little bit again for my Sailor Mars costume before katsucon!! i've been having too much yummy bread......
  13. Thank you for the birthday wish!! And congrats on promotion! :D You deserve it

  14. [SIZE=6][COLOR=#4dffa6][FONT=Tahoma]Happy Birthday![/FONT] :)[/COLOR][/SIZE]

  15. What do you study in college, trade, home-study, plan to study, etc... or what field are you in or interested in?
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