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  1. Although I can't help but feel that Mastemon is the Rule 63 version of Lucemon. I mean, LadyDevimon is one level higher than Devimon.
  2. Jett Ryu

    Pokemon Series

    I recently got Omega Ruby and made me a Super Secret Base. Here's the QR Code.
  3. Anyone wanna swap ORAS Super Secret Base QR Codes?

  4. With Adventure Tri. right around the corner, we have a lot of new Digimon coming our way! Check back for updates! ^^ Mastemon
  5. For everyone looking for RPs, sorry folks. We didn't have enough interest. ^^;

  6. Got my girlfriend's Christmas presents! She knows me so well! ^_^

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0vEoNw-wkQ I love Weiss' little "Hey!" in there when she's mentioned.
  8. I've noticed a few things about this. [spoiler=Poem] The picture of "that day" is most likely this: Also, just based on Agumon's silhouette, he's changed. Notice the smaller feet and hands. It might just be my brain filling in the blanks, but Agumon could look more like a "real" dinosaur.
  9. "Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!"... random AF, but I might tune in for more episodes.

  10. I just finished watching the first episode of "Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!" after seeing Funimation uploading stuff of it on YouTube. Absolutely random concept, but I might just tune in for a few more episodes.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1S9HUNoI4k
  12. My brain is weird right now. It wants to write a My Bride is a Mermaid romcom fanfic.

  13. Actually, it's going to be called "Digimon Adventure tri.". It's an interesting twist. However, I have a feeling it may be called "Adventure 03" when the dub comes out.
  14. I wouldn't expect anything else from good old Jou/Joe.
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