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  1. i'm just taking it one step at a time! I have had awful depression for several days and i haven't done anything but stay in bed and watch bleach (I know) on netflix, haha. Today I finally left the house and went on a 1hr walk, so it's small progress... I feel a bit better after getting out of the house.
  2. Update - I've done great in the class unsure if I'm going to make a B or an A because I don't have my final exam grades back yet. All the daily studying paid off!
  3. Haha, ok, I'll play. I'm in a class that I'm very under-qualified for. I'm currently in a Microbiology class filled with students who are about to start working as EMTs, nurses, etc... Because most of the students are already working in healthcare, the teacher uses a lot of terms that most of us understand. After class introductions, I realized that I am the only one not coming from a science background or working in healthcare. Everyone has taken Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy+Physiology, etc.... and assumes everyone else has. Not me! I hadn't taken a single science class since h
  4. School is not currently killing me

  5. That is so weird to hear this from you now, I just spoke with the friend yesterday and he was like "If you're serious, we can make this work." Looks like you're right - I was definitely ignorant to that. I'm still gonna stick around here for a while since I really want to complete my BS/MS combined program, but by then I will have qualifications to work in a much needed healthcare role so I will do that here for a while. Man, I have a family friend who was hired to transfer to a station in Japan as a public affairs type of folk. She found a place for her dog to stay and packed up the apa
  6. Oh, god, trying to think of something that isn't like... pokemon or sailor moon. I just don't remember, but I DO remember I was terrified of cartoon network (channel 17!) because my mom accidentally flipped to that channel when I was like 8 and there were anime characters kissing. One summer later, I stayed at my grandparents' house. I went into the living room and put a blanket over both the television and myself and watched things like Trigun, FLCL... it felt so liberating!! If my grandma knew, she would have killed me. I wish it still felt like that. Now I just watch anime every week
  7. Thinking about it! My friend, native to Japan, has invited me to join him in Fukuoka to teach ... but by law, I have to finish my bachelor's first. I thought I was going to be done with that in 2 years but I'm signed up to do a 5 year bachelor's/master's program now .. Er... so not for a while, if at all haha. What are you gonna do there?

  9. I feel a little scared! I start at a new college next week to study to be an art teacher and I interview for a job tomorrow. I've never had a long time job because I have severe anxiety, but I hope it will be ok..
  10. Do you guys know if there is anyway to delete my account?
  11. "what?! you know how i feel about yugi moto"

  12. Welcome to 2016 everyone!! Not that I am from the future. not that i've been here for months already ... wait .. i've said too much. resolutions ... I don't usually make them haha, but some of my general hopes are to continue at college, continue making good grades.. I'm trying to switch to a better college in my state and finish my anthropology degree. more anime related , I'm hoping to tone up a little bit again for my Sailor Mars costume before katsucon!! i've been having too much yummy bread......
  13. Thank you for the birthday wish!! And congrats on promotion! :D You deserve it

  14. What do you study in college, trade, home-study, plan to study, etc... or what field are you in or interested in?
  15. Some content for people with allergies or dietary restrictions would be good. I know it can be dangerous for people with Celiacs disease
  16. i win because you've activated my trap card ...
  17. Hi all. I wanted to see if there was anyone else like me who was dealing with some mental illness things like depression, anxiety, etc.. Lately i have been feeling really alone because I have agoraphobia. ( it's hard for me to go to places I don't know well and there is a lot of pressure on me because i'm not able to work a traditional job.
  18. Archaeowolf

    Pet Peeves

    Haha, I do have one actually. People who think they are too good for pop music. It doesn't have to be your favorite, but maaaaan.. you must be boring. nothing is funnier to me than an MMD with some pop song. or like, people who dress up in cosplay and make videos of themselves dancing to taylor swift songs. it just cracks me up
  19. hey!! welcome Interesting, we have the same name haha. do you like georgia? I am from SC but live in MD now!
  20. Oh man, I just cannot find it on this page for the life of me! I even command-F'd it.
  21. AAAH they are all so beautiful!! Okay, I love them all. Damn. Sorry for the extra trouble, I think I will settle with the first font you chose but I just wanted to be sure -- but I see now it's what my heart really does want. thank you so much frayker, you are incredible and I am proud to have a piece of your work. *Gives you a huge hug* I will put it in my signature right away!
  22. Oh, hello again, I have one last new person question haha! I was wondering how one would be able to change the text under their avatar? For example , yours says "Evil Overlord"
  23. I see this is an old post, but a few have recently commented already so I hope it's ok. Mine is Archaeowolf, a combination of archaeology and wolf .. I study anthropology in college with a great interest in the relevant field of archaeology and I adore wolves. I think they are so beautiful!
  24. DUDE!! That's incredible!! You have such a talent for this, thank you for all the hard work. i really adore it. thank you for including everything i asked. Now that i see it made, i think there are a couple things i asked for that maybe it would look better without hehe. i definitely like the font colors in the second one the best. Because now I see it is too much for this beautiful signature, could you please remove the text "king of games" ? I think I asked for something too distracting. The second thing i am not so keen on is the font, but i'm not sure ... would you
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