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  1. Okay, I watched all of it in just 2 days, and I LOVED it! The story is really good, but do you know what's better? The character development. I liked/loved almost every character, except Hawk and (obviously) Hendrickson. But that ending has to be the best! And in my opinion, it's a lot better than Akame ga kill. So what do you think about the anime? Leave it in the comments.
  2. When I was 7 I watched One Piece, and I loved it! When I was 9 I read the One Piece manga, and I hated it. Last year I read the manga again and I thought myself: "OMG, how stupid could I be?". Back then I was an ignorant kid who was like "Nonono, books are stupid, Tv is better!". Much later I realized that mangas are just as good as anime-if not better. Mangas are harder to make and if you make them good enough, they're art. Who else agrees with me? Write it in the comments.
  3. I m I might sound stupid, but what is a loli?
  4. Your reasoning isn't even stupid. Orochimaru's face creeped me out too. However, I will keep the part with Itachi in mind. You're right somehow.
  5. I still think he's evil but I respect your opinion. But still, what you said about Itachi doing what he had to do is true and you're right about Kabuto. he's really annoying. I suspected him from the beginning, but that's another story.
  6. Charmander. He's cute and I love both fire and dragons
  7. I've been rewatching anime shows of my childhood in the last few months, like Pokémon, Bakugan and Naruto. This is about Naruto now. Which of these villains are your most hated? 1. Orochimaru 2. Itachi Uchiha 3. Madara Uchiha 4. Obito Uchiha Let's start with me. I hate Orochimaru the most, because he is disgusting, a pedophile, sick and he killed so many people for his experiments. I think it's clear that those experiments were really cruel. Madara is my number two. The list of crimes he committed is longer than a million rolls of toilet paper combined. Then I have Itachi.
  8. You're right, I completely forgot the titans! And this while AoT is my favourite Anime...
  9. There is this one character that either looks creepy or behaves creepy. If you see them, you freak out a little, but who are they? I have 2 categories for them: The creepy looking and the creepy acting 1. Creepy looking Razenoid: Just look at his teeth, this monster is extremely creepy and ugly, I wouldn't want him to be real. 2. Creepy acting Light (Kira) lost my sympathy episode after episode. He went insane, but the creepiest thing about him was his laugh. I will certainly never forget that one! But who is in your opinion the creepiest character ever? Leave it in
  10. It just has to be Sakura from Naruto. She is just so sweet. And maybe Volt Luster from Bakugan if he counts, his hair is more peach/salmon. He is very honorable and actually good, that's why I like him.
  11. Some random online games, don't remember the names, because that was like 12 years ago. Early, don't you think?
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