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  1. Best warrior for me? Beldia the Dullahan from Konosuba.
  2. To all the fathers out there, here's a fun fact. "A child's intelligence is inherited from the mother."
  3. Love requires a certain ... cruelty. She sat up on the bed, her body backed against the headboard. The room was dark and quiet, except for the dim light coming from the lamp on the bedside table and the sound of her own breathing. She didn't bother covering herself, really. Exhaustion was one of the things she accepted as an everyday occurrence. She lolled her head back, resting it on top of the board. The silk sheet was twisted around one of her legs, covering the apex of her thighs. She closed her eyes and inhaled the air. She was mentally exhausted, but couldn't seem to shut her brain
  4. Thank you for the reply. Guess I'll just use more "friendly" terminologies.
  5. As an avid Pokemon fan, I've played every Pokemon game released and watched all the episodes of the Anime starting from Kanto region up to the latest one, which is in the Alola region. That being said, one of the biggest factor in every Pokemon game is choosing your starter Pokemon who will be travelling with you from start to finish. So my fellow Pokefans, my question to you is this: from Gen1 (Kanto) to Gen7 (Alola), who is your favorite starter Pokemon and why? Mine's Snivy. I'm a huge fan of snakes (in real life) and I just adore grass types. Plus Serperior's overall design for
  6. The rule says nothing lemon. But can we use swear words like "f_ck" and "motherf_cker?" I apologize if my question is a bit brazen, but I do love my stories realistic - hence the swearing. It's alright though if we can't use them. I'll just submit a more SFW content.
  7. I'm also a writer myself - though I only write fanfictions and a couple of supernatural stories on Wattpad. That being said, I WILL try my best to give a real and unbiased review about your work. Expect it in a couple of hours or so. *salutes*
  8. Welcome to the community, Tennouji. Those are a lot of Anime and most are Action (which I totally love). I'm pretty sure you will meet lots of interesting people here so enjoy your stay here at AF!
  9. Welcome to the AF community! If you have questions, feel free to ask them. After all, I'm also a newbie myself. Lol See you around Scarlet!
  10. Welcome to AF! I'm also a newbie myself. Although I prefer watching from the shadows and not talking to anyone. Lol. Enjoy your stay here!
  11. Depends on the manga. I read hentai, yaoi and bara manga in just 10 to 20 minutes. If it's a manga composed of lots of chapters though, it usually takes me around 3 to 4 hours.
  12. I personally prefer subbed. I've watched a few dubbed Anime and I was like, "holy ravioli, they're ruining it!" If the Anime was made in Japan, then the language should be in Japanese IMO.
  13. Welcome to AF, Merieth! Hope you enjoy your stay here
  14. Currently playing "Final Fantasy: Type-0." I've only been playing it for around 50 hours or so but I'm already on my second run of the game.
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