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  1. Does anybody here RP?

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    2. zoop


      Sorry, not very exciting responses ^^;

    3. zoop


      We both got scared off from it due to a looong slew of negative experiences. x.x

    4. scarlet reaper

      scarlet reaper

      No i can understand, I have had some bad RPs

  2. Bored :p

    1. Viper


      Same, I can't wait for the weekend

  3. I haven't been watching anime for a littlw while now and I wanna get back into the groove with a goor romance anime, any suggestions? Preferably ones that are finished please :3
  4. We have an awesome storyline going so far and killer characters (literally) I'm an impatient person myself and i want to continue the storyline tonight if possible :3 but I want to see new characters and see where the story goes. Make sure you know whats going on with the other characters before you contribute thanks guys! ^.^ Hope im not stepping on anyones toes by saying this, but i dont mean to if i do
  5. Ok so im pretty sure most people have watched an anime and loved some type of monster (ghouls count >0<) my favorite is kurama from naruto, what about you?
  6. I can honestly agree with you on this subject, i find left 4 dead 2 is kinda laggy and i hate how the characters always die in the same position, kinda took the fun out of it. I play left 4 dead more often than l4d2 but i must say i like some of the campaigns in left 4 dead two
  7. i have it on xbox unfortunately though i dont have xbox live so i cant play online. My gamer tag is dawningdevil28 though
  8. i think zoey is my favorite and bill comes with a close second. Louis and Francis were only ever tank bait
  9. I have only really once though because tank is a pain in the butt to deal with
  10. ok this is an older game, but its honestly one of my favorite its great. Does anyone play this game? Whose your favorite character? What funny things have you come across/done in this game?
  11. I don't want to step on anyone's toes so if you see an anime on here that you liked, don't get offended everyone has their own personal interests in anime. Ok so I have not seen many bad anime personally however I didn't like sankarea because of the uninteresting storyline and the crappy ending. I'm also not too big on aldnoah zero, the storyline itself and the characters are pretty good however it has had the shittiest ending i have ever come across. TWICE! what about you? what anime did you hate?
  12. i don't typically watch sports anime but i really enjoyed free! iwatobi swim club
  13. I've found that while watching good animes I sometimes start to pick up things from how the character acts. I did this one time after watching fullmetal alchemist, I started acting like Edward it was actually pretty funny. Have you ever done this? What anime was it from? What character?
  14. right now im in love with the song mad hatter, whats yours?
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