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  1. Sword Art Online

    great anime Could suggest this anime to pretty well everyone. The story line is very in depth and despite its similarities to other story lines, it is oringinal in its own way. The animation itself is awesome and the characters really immerse you into the story. The time they were trapped in SAO felt like the better half of the season, I liked ALO but it didn't have the same feel for me. I enjoyed the premis of it but I didn't enjoy it the same as SAO. But overall it is an amazing anime The Good Characters are amazing and has a deep story line, great romance, and a fair amount of action The Bad ALO was kind of boring at times
  2. Does anybody here RP?

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    2. zoop


      Sorry, not very exciting responses ^^;

    3. zoop


      We both got scared off from it due to a looong slew of negative experiences. x.x

    4. scarlet reaper

      scarlet reaper

      No i can understand, I have had some bad RPs

  3. Bored :p

    1. Viper


      Same, I can't wait for the weekend

  4. I haven't been watching anime for a littlw while now and I wanna get back into the groove with a goor romance anime, any suggestions? Preferably ones that are finished please :3
  5. Rikka's Town

    Scarlet watches as the strange young man stirs, she backs away and melts into the shadows at the back of the room and silently observes. She flashes back to last night, she had fled the scene across the rooftops and stopped, waiting for the sounds of sirens in the distance. She waited...and waited. The sirens never came, they had been in an abandoned part of town and Scarlet had doubted the girl would mention anything of what happened. She had gone back to investigate the car, and if they were still there, kill the driver. She arrived back at the scene and looked down silently at the smoking car. She slipped down the side of the building and stalked over to the car. As she reached the back of the car, she double checked that her mask was secured and her hood was up. She snuck to the front of the car, she peeked a through the driver side window and saw a figure slumped over, she pulled out her daggers and opened the door. A young man with black hair was slumped over the steering wheel, he was bleeding from his forehead and from the angle his chest was facing the steering wheel, he must have had a few broken ribs. She saw a gun in his waistband, and some knives hidden in his sleeves, she grit her teeth, this was no ordinary man. She narrowed her eyes and held her dagger to his throat, and hesitated. She still isn't quite sure why she had done it, but she pulled him from the wreckage and carried him to her hideout on the outskirts of town. She patched him up and waited in silence for him to wake, he had had no ID on him so she had no idea who he was, but she had taken his weapons. As he began to sit up she pondered on leaving, but for some reason she found herself glued to the spot. She secured her mask and hood, drew her chakram and waited for him to leave.
  6. We have an awesome storyline going so far and killer characters (literally) I'm an impatient person myself and i want to continue the storyline tonight if possible :3 but I want to see new characters and see where the story goes. Make sure you know whats going on with the other characters before you contribute thanks guys! ^.^ Hope im not stepping on anyones toes by saying this, but i dont mean to if i do
  7. Rikka's Town

    Scarlet slipped the dagger closer to the girl's throat and gives a wicked smile beneath her bone mask as a small trickle of blood slips down the edge of her knife. The girl quivers and shakes, she seems too stunned to respond. Scarlet figures she scared the girl enough out of her wits to not mention this sighting, lest she wants to be a lifeless body. Scarlet considers maiming the girl somewhat to leave her mark and make sure the girl would never talk, she could cut out her tongue. Scarlet's face turned dark, she pulled the girl's hair so her head was tilted back, as she was just about to cut out the now wimpering girl's tongue, she freezes. She's being watched, scarlet scans her surroundings, she spots a vehicle through a window and it roars to life. She flies back, away from the girl and races toward the receding car, she throws a knife with deadly accuracy and it slams into the back tire. The car starts to swerve and crashes into a building, aware that this will bring on too much attention scarlet decides to flee the scene instead of finishing off her kill. She easily scales a building and runs offf across the rooftops, disappearing into the night.
  8. Rikka's Town

    Scarlet hadn't moved fast enough out of sight, the young girl had spotted her. The girl calls out asking who she is. Scarlet narrows her eyes to slits and debates on how to deal with this unwanted hinderance, she did not yet want anyone to know of her presence in Rikka's town. She considers her options, she can kill the girl as she is new and not many will notice, she could hide the body and continue on un-noticed. She could threaten the girl and make her keep her silence. She could let the girl leave and risk that she as not seen any identifying qualities. The first and third option were too risky she decided, so she secured a wolf bone mask across her face and ran across the length of the roof flipped into the air and landed direcly behind the frightened girl and held a dagger to her throat. Scarlet hissed in a venomous voice "You saw nothing, if you mention seeing me, know I am watching and those will be your final words in this life"
  9. Rikka's Town

    *A dark silhouette with cobalt blue eyes crouches far up on a rooftop and watches silently as Hakusen Hoshigami walks into rikka's town* Scarlet watches the entrance everynight in silent serveillance, so far two newcomers have walked through the front gate. Scarlet has not talked to anyone in town yet or even let them see her, but she ponders on this newcomer as she crouches lower. She slips silently forward to get a better view, a pebble slips from her movement and hits the ground below. Scarlet freezes then rushes to the back of the roof
  10. Whats your favorite anime monster?

    Ok so im pretty sure most people have watched an anime and loved some type of monster (ghouls count >0<) my favorite is kurama from naruto, what about you?
  11. Left 4 dead

    I can honestly agree with you on this subject, i find left 4 dead 2 is kinda laggy and i hate how the characters always die in the same position, kinda took the fun out of it. I play left 4 dead more often than l4d2 but i must say i like some of the campaigns in left 4 dead two
  12. Left 4 dead

    same tho
  13. Left 4 dead

    i have it on xbox unfortunately though i dont have xbox live so i cant play online. My gamer tag is dawningdevil28 though
  14. Left 4 dead

    i think zoey is my favorite and bill comes with a close second. Louis and Francis were only ever tank bait
  15. Left 4 dead

    I have only really once though because tank is a pain in the butt to deal with
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