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  1. I'm so dumb...I was trying to see if my computers brightness was making my avatar bright and instead was clicking my volume button and my dumb butt was agreeing that it was getting darker. That's enough internet for today...
  2. It's too hot, i'm lonely and my family hates me. But helloooo.

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      let's see. Become a researcher studying seals in Antarctica? Might solve all of those problems 😂
      Seriously though, hope things improve for you!

    2. LonelyPoet


      Saaaaaaammmmmeeee but it's not so hot here for now XD

    3. IIVIsouljam


      Hope you are doing well? 😱

  3. madeyalook

    coffee or tea

    I would die just if I smelled it. da power of a good stomach.
  4. Birds of Prey and it was meh but a good time with friends.
  5. Way too hot and I hate it because my ac is broken.
  6. Everyone out here with good stuff and I'm embarrassed to say Backstreet Boys.
  7. Nope! Not to visit either I think I would be too chicken because I don't know the language and I would be mad scared about getting lost. If I learned the language maybe it might be a different feeling?
  8. Does being a casual hardcore gamer count? Hee-hee! I used to spend hours chipping away at a boss' health bar when I wasn't even near the level required to actually beat them due to some sort of stubbornness. These days I don't spend much time on gaming anymore but I really miss the challenges.
  9. Probably look in on having knee surgery from an old track accident soon. Thinking about looking into another job. Right now I feel stuck and aimlessly looking around for inspiration. Maybe this year will lead to much needed soul searching?
  10. I wanna say Sailor Moon because it got me interested in anime and helped me through an awkward tomboy phase early on in school. I loved it! Paranoia Agent Curious what are anyone's thoughts on Neon Genesis Evangelion? Finally saw it after forever being proposed that I should and it was kind of confusing. I'm not sure if it's the greatest anime ever or nay.
  11. I'm between Cells at Work and Black Butler right now.

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