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    Slice of Life
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  1. I feel like a burden. Bad timing with everything going on and my moods are slowing my healing progress.
  2. Green or maybe purple? Can I cheat and say that they change on command?
  3. We got power back but for how long? My leg hurts and my tummys eek but whats new? xD My school is going online but i don't have a good computer i use my phone mostly. Why does it suck right now...and there's no more chocolate milk lacto free in my stores thats the real tragedy lel. Anyways watching old cartoons xD

  4. Maybe I'm a big baby when it comes to this and I don't know how bad it is for everyone else but I wish we stocked better. Like we got a warning in my area and now driving outside of an emergency can be illegal. My dad works for a school but its been shut down and now i'm crapping my pants that I wish we had more t-paper. .....we legit had to stuff a duffel bag of regular shopping because the roads are closed. My mom kept me away from my friends after my leg surgery bc the hospital kept me 3 days and it was full of people coughing. I'm a little scared bc my dad might be out of work and we're not sure what will happen? Then we lost power in my area and the city made a fuss about coming out. The only thing I been doing to keep in good spirits is joke about with my friends...like we might turn into toilet paper eating zombies lel. Am I the only one seeing it ironic that people say their stocking before everyone cleans out the stores? Like that's what they are doing no matter how you cut it. Its smart for if they close the roads in your area and limit what you buy and the trucks that bring stuff in our stores are quitting so maybe it will be awhile before we get certain things here again?....I'm scared that i need to go back to my dr. soon for my leg followup and if we get sick who will take care of my pupper.
  5. @IIVIsouljam OMG!!!! ok, I'm going to say it. No one treated me this nice in my life EVER. I didn't know what to comment bc of how new this kindness is to me. We didn't talk prices yet! Can I afford this? Meeeps I'm so so happy like I don't know what to put besides that I love your big heart. This means more to me then you could possibly ever know. <huggs>
  6. madeyalook

    my drawings

    So so so good. Everyone's art here is amazing sauce. I can't even doodle stick ppl.
  7. Watching Cagaster of an Insect Cage, Jing: King of Bandits and i'm so late but trying to binge Carole & Tuesday. Me thinks me has a crush on Ertegun (sp?) he's so dumb I love it,
  8. This morning I burned my hand making biscuits and it didn't even pay off because they all got burned at the bottom. lel
  9. Thank you for the follow!


    1. Xyro


      No preblemo! :D

  10. Hiiiii! what type of poetry is your fav? who is your inspiration? I wish I could write but I'm not very good with getting words out.



      Favorite type of poetry is lyrical poetry, like poetry that rhymes all the way through. My inspiration is mainly just nature, personal experience, that strange feeling of nostalgia you get even when its over something you've never experienced. I guess I just wait for inspiration to hit and that can happen in a variety of ways. 

      My Poem: The Language of The Universe (Like and Endless Flood) was inspired somewhat by La Dispute. They are a french band, my entire family says they suck and they only have like 37k subs on YT but I absolutely love them. 

    2. madeyalook


      The way you describe it is beautiful too. Me I get stuck too much and in ruts but what you commented made me see for myself that I try to push myself to write. I'm not broadening my horizons enough and I need to get out more heehee! nature is something I haven't tried yet maybe I will.

      I'll have to check them out! same, some of my family can't appreciate the good stuff. Their loss. 



      Glad to read you're reply, you seem so inspired. Inspiration is the best tool for any writer in my opinion, I hope you find it some way or another! Good luck and thank you for you're reply, I am so touched by sincerity and when you said you realized you were pushing yourself to write and want to improve on that, it made me so happy. Let the inspiration come to you. Good luck and have a great day ~♥  

  11. I had my first ever surgery on my knee and it was scary to be going under the surgical anesthesia. my streets are also mad dead because we had a coronavirus alert from the news and I was at the hospital worried someone there might be sick with it. My mom thinks i'm dumb because instead of being worried for myself I'm worried about my doggo. I was reading that when families get quarantined they can't go home and that some pets were dying at ppls homes. My doggie is my bestie and I don't have other family here to take her in....

  12. I'm so dumb...I was trying to see if my computers brightness was making my avatar bright and instead was clicking my volume button and my dumb butt was agreeing that it was getting darker. That's enough internet for today...
  13. It's too hot, i'm lonely and my family hates me. But helloooo.

  14. I would die just if I smelled it. da power of a good stomach.
  15. Birds of Prey and it was meh but a good time with friends.
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