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  1. Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to post our current anime collections that we cherish. Heres my small and humble collection: Still doesn’t even fill one shelving unit but I can’t wait to expand it! Please show us your current anime set-up!
  2. I have 1 recent Anime rating- Another-8/10 Loved the story very much. It was one of the most intriguing and mysterious story’s I have enjoyed in recent memory. The whole season pulled me along and griped me and kept me super curious along the way. I found the characters interesting and really enjoyed the ”usual beach episode” in this anime. The ending was...unexpected. That’s all I’ll say about that!
  3. Just started Made in Abyss. Very much looking forward to it.
  4. That does say something. I absolutely love the horror genre so I very much enjoyed it. 8/10 from me. I was drawn into the mystery from the the very beginning until the very end. Very good anime for me.
  5. I just got back into watching my anime and I’m literally on episode 11 of Another as we speak. I’m going to finish the series shortly. Maybe I’m wrong but I thought the general consensus was that it was just okay. But I’ve been in love with the series since the beginning! I have found it utterly fantastic and most importantly intriguing! I’ve also come to absolutely love the intro song. I’ve become hooked on it. Ill let you know here in a bit as soon as I’ve finished it my final verdict but I LOVE IT!
  6. Someone I know says yeet a lot and I literally thought he made up the word for months after I heard him say it I only found out recently that he somehow spread it to the entire gen z!
  7. Ok I'm happy to hear that. I haven't watched "how to summon.." But I have seen that one infamous scene in the show and it made me not want to watch the series. I'll give this one a chance then.
  8. So is this not related to "How to summon a demon Lord"? Is it it's own thing?
  9. Oh so it's like statue forum! That's not confusing at all as I'm a regular there and have used that same spoiler system since I started there in 2009. I don't know why I thought it would be different here. But good to know there's also a simpler way. Thanks guys!
  10. Oh the music is fantastic for sure! I love the intro theme especially! I'd say my problems are it's moving really fast and I still have so many questions on how the world works. 6 episodes in and I'm still a little confused. And since I don't have a grasp on some aspects it's hard for me to figure what I'm watching. btw, how do you create spoiler tags here? I'd go in depth with some things but I don't know how to make those and I don't want to spoil the series for anybody.
  11. Currently making my way through Angel Beats. Just finished episode 6. And honestly...I'm struggling with the show... I'm surprised to find I'm struggling to get into the world. I don't understand as this is a highly rated show, but I feel very meh about it. Im really hoping my view changes with the next 6 episodes. I only have 4 more episodes of Steins Gate left and I've loved that series from start to finish, Angel Beats just isn't on par...so far...
  12. Just created mine. I've got a TON of anime to watch!!! Although about 4 of them I have already seen, but it's been awhile so I want to rewatch them before I move them to my completed anime and I score them. Working on making progress though! https://myanimelist.net/animelist/Fireduck57&view=tile&status=6
  13. Just recieved my last of the Sentai Summer sale: Sad to see it over but I am grateful for the pickups I was able to get! I look forward to Christmas time as I hear they do another sale around the holidays. I'll be looking forward to it Sentai! I'll see you then!

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