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  1. Just thought I'd let you guys know that Sentai responded to my initial message. So I'm going to send them the pics and we'll go from there. Sounds like Sentai wants me to return them for replacements. Fingers crossed everything goes off without a hitch!
  2. Honestly I'd be okay with them sending just the discs in dvd cases. Seriously as long as the discs arrive to me in new shape I'd prefer that. My LE boxes themselves came in good shape and I don't want to chance getting different LE's in worse shape. And what else is weird is I've checked all the other discs in each set and they're all good. No scratches or fingerprints to speak of. So it was just basically one disc with each set....SO odd! So again I don't want to risk getting other sets with bad discs. And yeah I think they come from the same place as well. They have the same shipping
  3. I went ahead and contacted Sentai. The only thing I can conclude to is that the fingerprints happened from the factory when the workers put the discs into the cases.... Honestly I'm at a loss. I saw this years ago with my your name order from Rightstuf. I don't remember what I did at the time. If I recall it was on the bonus soundtrack CD and I think I completely forgot to set things straight. My loss. Not again. It's definitely bothering me. Especially when I literally got 5 sets with issues!
  4. Well they were purchased directly from Sentiafilmworks as brand new. And they were all plastic wrapped. Could Sentai be really selling used products as brand new? I haven't felt them as I'm afraid to touch them. I never touch the bottoms of discs. I'm going to contact them tonight cause I find this unacceptable. Hopefully they can help me out cause that seriously put a damper on my holiday purchase.
  5. Hey guys. So I just wanted to get advise and thoughts on options based on your past experiences. So I just received my anime haul from Sentai and unfortunately I noticed fingerprints and some scratches on some of my โ€œnewโ€ never opened anime. I got 6 sets and 5 of them have some sort of marks on one of their Blu-rayโ€™s. Elfen Lied: Love, Chunibyo: Amagi Brilliant Park: Girls Last Tour: And the worst one, Princess Principle: Of course Iโ€™m going to contact Sentai but just wanted to know if others have experienced this and wha
  6. What's the story on this? I know they had issues going into season 4 but I'm just wondering what the hold is on season 5. I know DXD must be selling well cause not only have they gone 4 seasons deep but that season 4 LE sold out SUPER fast after preorder and never came back into stock. Unless the previous seasons stopped selling well and that's why season 4 sold out so fast...cause they made an extremely small print run. I'm actually very curious. Why did season 4 sell out so incredibly fast? It seemed to sell out way less than a years time...
  7. Just received my first winter holiday Anime haul! I still have 5 more things coming but Iโ€™m already so happy! My Collection update: Some things are out of order as I think Iโ€™m going to update my stuff into genre. And I havenโ€™t started that yet. Iโ€™m going to organize and catalogue everything probably this week.
  8. Hell yeah let's do it! haha! I was thinking I could single handedly get this place jiving but if we had an active forum army maybe we could make it happen Huh! Wow, I might incorporate some of these ideas into my collection. I've been struggling with what I want to do in the future. I was going to ask the people who separate their regular blurays from their LE sets how they do that cause what if they have a series with multiple seasons where they have one season on LE and the other season as a regular release. (Maybe they missed the LE set for that particular season or whatever
  9. I love this forum but I wish it were more populated. Before anime my obsession was statues and I was a regular on statueforum. This would have had 20+ responses by now. I guess I have to get use to the slower forums here... Such is life! I guess Iโ€™ll just have to let my collection evolve in its own way. Though sometimes I can be OCD so weโ€™ll see how that fits into my collection haha!
  10. As my bluray collection grows I've pondered a dilemma that I'll have to face sooner than later....,adjusting the way I display my anime. As of right now my anime collection is small and easy to manipulate. So I have it all together in Alphabetical order. Now I realize things will eventually get more complicated. What will I do when I have multiple shelves of anime, and I get that new "A" release? Will I adjust and move my entire collection down one slot to put that "A" title with the rest? Eventually that will probably take me hours to do. So I'm wondering if I should be ready to change
  11. It's raining here in California. We're going to have a wet thanksgiving. But I love rain and cold weather so I'm happy!
  12. Currently on episode 6 of Golden Kamuy. Really like it so far. Need to go back to Made in Abyss and Freezing since I just stopped in the middle. Nothing wrong with them. Just got busy with life and then when I went back to watching anime I choose to start Golden Kamuy since I just received my LE from Rightstuf. Looking at my shelf I have SOOO much anime I need to watch...jeez....
  13. Yeah the whole gold searching story reminds me of westerns as well. Looking forward to getting deeper into the show.
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