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  1. Yeah check it out! I'm curious if you'll feel the same way. The art style is SO FF8. Also, without giving spoilers, the outfits the blue's wear also feel like the classic garden uniforms. Whilst the story isn't very FF inspired it is an extremely unique and exciting story. Seriously I found the story and music all top notch as well! If you get around to it sooner rather than later let me know what you think. 😉
  2. Have you watched the anime K? Since you said FF8 is one of your favs check out this anime series. While the story isn't really similar to Final Fantasy the world gave me incredibly strong FF8 vibes! It feels like the world is a giant Balamb Garden the characters live in! It's very cool!
  3. No need to change your mind. It's ok to be wrong... edit: awww... I see your sad face....now I feelzzz sad back...
  4. Fireduck

    Post Your Anime List

    Thanks!! I'll give it a shot!
  5. My mom packed a peanut butter and mayo sandwich into my school lunch a couple of times as a kid and I threw them out and had to go hungry those days. It was just like two days cause she stopped, after I told her I couldn't stand them. She loves them...she's weird...
  6. First of all a BIG WELCOME to the forums dude! On another note the other day I was thinking about why I like anime so much and either surprising or unsurprising enough I think it has to do with my childhood of playing a bunch of JRPG's. I got into anime way late, like age 29. JRPG are, to this day, my favorite gaming genre. I grew up with Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9 and a bit of 10, Legend of Dragoon, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger & Cross, Mario RPG, etc. Also played Tales of Vesperia and Symphonia, No No Kuni, and others. What I think I've come to realize is that anime feels very much like watching JRPG's in movie and show form. Just a lot of the shows remind me of the worlds and characters I explored in games since I was a kid! Not to mention I like the drawing style of anime characters and the Japanese inspired worlds. (I have both Yakuza Kawami 1&2 on the PS4 and can't wait to play them just to explore the setting!
  7. Fireduck

    Post Your Anime List

    What are you listing? The shows you're currently watching?
  8. Is it Ancient Magus's bride? I own the anime but I haven't even seen it yet. But just by the name alone it sounds like it could be it haha!
  9. My haul just arrived! Seriously new anime always feels like Christmas! It looks like a got Sword Oratoria in the nick of time as it now appears to be out of print. 😳 I must say after seeing and opening up Made in Abyss I am utterly SHOCKED this thing hasn't sold out yet. I haven't seen the anime so maybe it's not that great and that's why, but the quality of the package is INCREDIBLE!!! No joke this is by far the greatest Premium box set I own in my collection so far! It looks like a little treasure chest and the way you open it up to reveal the art within is just fantastic!!! The extras are very nice as well and they come in the coolest, most beautiful little extras box I've ever seen! If you couldn't tell, I'm absolutely gushing over this little box set! So precious and uniquely beautiful!
  10. Fireduck

    Anime Chit Chat

    Just finished High School DxD Hero. I actually enjoy the story and characters despite the EXTREME ecchiness of it all. For my next anime I'm wanting to change tone quite a bit a go with something different. Decided on steins gate.
  11. I'm happy to report they came through!
  12. I know you said those two were your favorite. But did you see this one? It looks really nice! I'm tempted to get this one myself.
  13. I haven't played Berseria. The only tales games I've played are Vesperia and Symphonia. They were a lot of fun though. If I buy this I'll totally post pics! I'm sure it'll be beautiful in person.
  14. They're at a show or something. I'm only getting one if I get it at all. Not planning on paying $6000 for the set! Rem is already off preorder so Ram is the only one available to still get. They both look great imo.
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