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  1. You raise a very interesting point. That said (and this may be controversial BUT) I actually enjoyed some of the competitors' songs almost equal or more than Carole and Tuesday's--like crazy girl Cybelle
  2. Hey, i'm new to this site, jumping in because you guys seem to have fun (i'm also a creep, apparently)
  3. Ohh I'm jealous this looks awesome! Maybe something I'll give myself when I'm not hoarding my money for an anime convention... Glad you're enjoying the series
  4. Watching BEM, Dr. Stone, From the New World, and re-watching Naruto (specifically the original chunin arc)
  5. Ahh Higurashi is amazing! The type of show I re-watch in its entirety periodically. Assuming you haven't seen kai? (side note: I can't find kai anywhere online anymore, someone please help me?)
  6. Hey everyone! Just signed up--huge anime fan, but new to forums/etc. Can't wait to get started. My fave anime includes Death Parade, When They Cry, and Soul Eater, to name a few.

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