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  1. I need help with GFXing

    Photoshop for free? I've never heard those three words in the same sentence before. I use Gimp, its pretty much the same and it's free. Where can I find this free Photoshop?
  2. I need help with GFXing

    I've been making signatures of and on again and I recently got back on again. Been out of the game for about a year or so, so it wasn't a surprise when I couldn't find my favorite render sites. Almost all of them are gone and the ones that are still here aren't the best ones. I'm wondering if anyone here can help me find some good render sites. Making signatures are fun and I get a little bit of piece of mind when doing them. I want to start a little signature blog here and I can't do that with out the right sites.
  3. How do you feel about weak protagonists?

    I love a strong protagonist. Nothing is wrong with a weak one, but I just because the protagonist starts off as weak; doesn't mean he can't develop. If you take Hero Academy. The protagonist in my opinion is weak, he starts off very weak in strength not able to do much of anything. It wasn't until other characters made their appearance that he began to develop into one of the strongest in the anime. I'm not talking about gaining power, more on the lines of courage and bravery. The character had all this to began with, it wasn't until he met the other characters that he was able to bring it out. So, I love a strong character and a weak one isn't bad. Though, if they're weak there has to be some development in some way showing how strong they become. Character development is always awesome.
  4. [Game] Tell us 5 Facts about yourself

    I love to try new things. I'm a very curious person. If I was in a horror movie, I'd die first from every noise that came around a dark corner. I hate Yams. I hate them so much. I'm going to ask my girlfriend to marry me the minute I'm done with college. I want to see he world, but I'm a little scared of it. Not gonna stop me though.
  5. Rate the Anime above you!

    I never really watched Kokoro Connect. I fell off it the first few episodes, so I'll give it a 6. Case Closed. The best mystery anime ever.
  6. What Made You Buy A Manga?

    The print between my fingers. I love reading manga, more than I love watching anime. There's something about reading manga you just can't from anime.
  7. What Game are You Currently Playing?

    Elder Scrolls Online, nothing to exciting. I'm waiting for this years games to drop, because there really isn't anything to get excited for right now.
  8. How many animes have you watched already?

    A lot. lol In the beginning you keep count to a degree, but as time goes along you just start to lose count. That's how awesome your anime/manga list is.
  9. What phone do you use?

    I have an Iphone and Im planning on going to galaxy. The only real reason I have one is for the group chats but there's apps for that so Iphone is pretty much useless to me.
  10. Watching teletubbies is better than Death Note. Thanks though, good to hear that it didn't let the anime down. I'm really looking forward to this. That's what Hollywood does. They take an idea make it into their own image, which is basically a cheap knockoff the original, make it for the people that have no idea that it's an anime, and generate a vast amount of money. Not caring about what made the story so good just seeing the dollar signs at the end of the rainbow. That's more annoying then anything. That we have no say in how we want our favorite shows to be portrayed, we just have to deal with whatever we get. Which sucks beyond imagining.
  11. i haven't had the chance to watch it since my schedule is so hectic, but I really want to hear other anime fans opinion on it. After Death Note crashed and burned for me I'm a little skeptical on Netflix anime live action makes. FMA is one of the best animes to be created, so tell me. Did the live action do the anime justice at all?
  12. Are you learning a new language?

    I'm taking up Japanese in college right now and it's crazy difficult. Though, with all the anime I watch some words are easier than others. With animes help, I should be fine.
  13. What is the Avatar above you thinking?

    "I wonder if she's got some fires to go with that shake."
  14. King_Sama

    Not gonna lie, not one for introductions but this forum is pretty cool. So why not introduce myself. Name is King_Sama, you can call me King or really whatever you want. I've only been on the site for about 24 hours and I already cant stop checking my phone. I am a nerd and I freaking love that, been one for as long as I can remember and plan on being on until I die. I'm serious, gonna die with two lightsabers crossed in my arms. Anyway, i look forward to meeting you guys and hearing all the different anime we have in common.
  15. Which anime changed your opinion on its genre?

    Kuroko No Basket. Before that I just stuck with action anime, but once i started reading t hat bad boy it opened up a whole new genre for me. Sports was something I never thought I would read, strange how it became my favorite genre with just one anime.
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