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  1. King_Sama

    E3 2018

    So many conferences, so many ways to disappoint. I use to love E3, still do actually, but after all the false promises with so many games coming out just took its toll on me. I just don't like that games are shown at E3 promising this and that only to leave us hanging and wondering why. Before you say anything I know it takes time to make a video game, years in fact, but what's the point in showing us a clip or trailer when you aren't going to play the game for years. I still love E3 and I'm going to watch it, just not expecting things to change from the usual let down.
  2. King_Sama

    Perfect Balanced Anime

    There aren't a lot of perfectly balanced animes. There's either to much of one thing or no enough of the other, like I put my girl on to Attack On Titan and she oves the story but hates the blood and gore. Didn't talk to me for a day Lol, keep watching that anime though. The perfect kind of balanced would be Hero Academy, One-Punch Man, Black Clover, SOA Season 1, I want to say Tokyo ghoul but i don't know about that one.
  3. King_Sama

    If You Hate Someone

    I don't think I hate someone. I can say that i dislike them but hate seems like a strong word for some reason. It's like I'm seeing the word "Loathe" which is 10x worst than hate, and I just feel like it's giving that person way to much power. There are people I dislike and when I don't associate with those people. It's either beacues they did something I can't forgive or they have a problem with me in some way. Regardless, the world is going to keep spinning whether they're in my world or not.
  4. King_Sama

    How are you feeling right now?

    Like I wasted a good chunk of chill time to get to school early. At the moment I'm just killing sometime before class, plans fell threw with a friend. on the plus i got to eat some dumplings. NY Chinatown dumplings are the best.
  5. King_Sama

    What Made You Buy A Manga?

    Strangely enough I didn't buy my first manga, I stole it. Lol It was Case Closed and at the time it was 14 bucks, I wasn't paying that. So me and my friends quietly put some books in our bags and walked out the store....... Don't judge me and my love for Manga. I buy them now.
  6. First. A zombie era would be freakin awesome, not for the people that die of course but still. I'd go to the past. Probably tell myself about some up coming drama coming into his life and just be ready for certain things that hit him.
  7. King_Sama

    What's your POGO?

    PoGo: Making fun of your friends about something annoying that they do, all behind their backs. Everyone has that one friend with that annoying thing that they do that you can't come out right and just tell them. Doesn't matter if it's big or small you may tell your friends everything about themselves but, you don't really tell them everything. So you and your circle of friends keep it between yourselves, though you know if they're doing this with your friend its a good chance they're doing it with you too. So, What's your PoGo? Mines is I cut people off when they're talking. I don't do it on purpose it just happens, been working on stopping though. not doing a good job of it. LOL
  8. King_Sama


    No problem bro. You're new so the new guys has to completely do a revamp of the site, while moderating all the topics and making sure there is a caramel latte on my bed stand when I wake up in the mourning. Good Luck!
  9. King_Sama

    Where are you from?

    New York guy here. To be precise Harlem, New York. Which is basically Manhattan, but the part nobody cared to much about back in the day. Now it's all gentrified.
  10. King_Sama

    Netflix Anime Wave

    I gotta agree. Netflix has done a couple of good things here and there with anime, but I don't get the same feeling I get when watching Japanese anime. There's no anime on Netflix that has me wanting more, waiting till the next week so I can sit like a five your old aching to see what happens next. If they do that, than they'll have me hooked, until that point I'll just watch what they put out and do a lot of trial and error.
  11. King_Sama

    Teen Titans Reaction

    What's not to like? This had to be one of the most adult shows to be on Cartoon Network back in the day. Death, betrayal, daddy issues; I can't remember how old I was watching this but I shouldn't have. LOL
  12. King_Sama

    Teen Titans Reaction

    The internet has been giving their input on the leaked photos of the live action Teen Titans, and a majority of it has been negative. The first shot is of actors Ryan Potter (Beast Boy) and Teagan Croft (Raven). Both heading towards the set, so you can excuse their attire. The second shot is something else though, with the actress Anna Diop (Starfire). I'm pretty heads or tails on this, on one side I love the new approach they're taking for the character; not just on her race. Her look isn't what I'm expecting but I don't hate it. I feel that they could have done a little something more especially with all that's happening with cosplay. Anyway, I wanted to get the opinion of the nerdiest people I know. All of you. Let me know what you guys think.
  13. King_Sama

    Live Action Cowboy Bebop Show

    I don't see them screwing anything up, as long as they stick to the anime. It's very easy for directors to skew of from the original especially if it's an american director, in my opinion. There's so much the an do and I look forward seeing this.
  14. King_Sama

    A Way Out

    The only thing I can describe "A Way Out". The Mafia franchise and Army of Two unborn baby. This game has action, suspense, betrayal, and whatever else you can guess. You and your partner will never want to put the game down and if you do, you'll just want to pick it up again. In short the game is awesome. The game starts off with you and your partner picking one of the two characters you'll be using; Vincent and Leo. Vincent, is a college graduate being sent to jail on a murder rap. Leo, is a gangster in for for whatever you can think off. Now I can tell you that it matters which character you'll be using, but the only thing that differs between them, is strength. Vincent is sightly stronger then Leo, making him useful in pick-ups from high ledges. Leo can't do that. That's all. The game plays like chapters, you're playing as Vincent and Leo in memory, while the real characters are on a plane heading out of the states reminiscing about everything until that point. Now I'm not going to give you guys to much information on the game, because I wouldn't want anyone to spoil this game for me at all. What I can tell you is that this game goes deeper then two criminals escaping from jail. It digs into their lives having you get emotional invested in your characters progression. You want your character to escape, you want them to get to their families, you want them to ride off into the sunset with smiles on their faces; but you;ll soon see that's not going to happen. In an instant, all of that will change in a way you never saw coming. Me and my partner could barely believe it and it had us on our toes even more than the game already had. Speaking of partner, YOU NEED ONE!!! Not just anyone, not the person that you find online, because that isn't going to work. Finding a random person maybe your only way to play, but I highly doubt anyone gets this game without a partner in mine. It's a lot easier to play with someone you know, the chemistry will already be there, you know what person should be doing what in certain circumstances, and when you want to grab an achievement you don't have to force that person to help. I'm making this game sound like it's awesome in every way, but like with everything it has it's flaws. The mechanics for the driving isn't the best, it's stiff and loose all at the same time making it a bit harder to escape the cops. Especially, since all the cops come after you like you're in GTA and have 5 stars. When you finally get to use a gun you're over the freaking moon, until you see the gun mechanics and how many you get to use. You have 5 in your arsenal. Shotgun, sniper, rifle, sub-machine, handgun. All of them fire differently, aim isn't great and it takes about a clip to take down someone. You can easily look pass all of this, because the game makes up for it. To sum it all up, get the game. You and your friend will have a great time.
  15. King_Sama

    Any good anime to watch.

    The manga is still going, I just fell off since it takes so long for the chapters to come out.
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