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  1. Tired. I'm in class right now recovering from a 7 page paper I wrote for the pervious class. All I want to do is go home and sleep in my bed.
  2. Sierra Mist Orange. I had that in high school and I'll say the same thing now that I said then. Sierra Mist Orange taste like god bathed in it.
  3. I got one for my brother and I have to see, wish I got one for myself. I originally thought since the games for it were so low there wouldn't be any interest in it for me, but when I held it in my hand and saw how easy it was to play and how the games for my brother looked on it; I knew I needed to get one. Right now I'm saving up some cash to get me one and get a couple games to go with it.
  4. I wouldn't say I have trouble making friends, but I'm more comfortable with the friends I have now on XBOX than anything else. I met them a really long time ago and I play games with them all the time, so to make new friends is cool but whenever I do make new friends its not really the same. When I know I don't have that kind of connection with them, I just end up deleting from my friends list.
  5. nothing yet. I won't be on my console until late tonight, which sucks super hard. When I do get on, the first thing I'm playing is the Division 2 Beta. I have to see for myself just how much they learned their lesson from the last game.
  6. I'm glad you said that, because I was hoping that it wasn't just another button messing game like some I know. I want a fighting game that makes me think of what to do next rather than the usual get lucky moments.
  7. Yeah they would. Just sucks that they weren't, could have been a really good part of the anime.
  8. Never really thought about this. Well, I can't remember if they became a couple but I gotta say Light and Misa Amane from Death Note. I believe she was in love with him more than him with her. Still, if your girl is okay with you killing people that's all love right there.
  9. The gameplay I've seen for this looks amazing. it does give off a Naruto Ninja Storm feel which isn't a bad thing. I think it's one of those games I really have to play for myself to get a gauge of it.
  10. King_Sama

    Apex Legends

    This game is literally everywhere. My friends are talking about it, its popping up all over my phone, I'm even in study Hal and I see a guy playing it on his laptop. I just want to know from the geeks and nerds like myself, is this game worth it? I've played the game here and there only because my friends pressured me into it and its enjoyable. Though, what I'm hearing is that it's the Fornite killer.
  11. I can't completely hate on the Star Wars games. They aren't great don't get me wrong, everything about them just seems wrong and the worst thing about it is the potential that's just hanging there in front of their faces. The Force Unleashed was an amazing game, they have that to go on and they won't. It's nuts! Still, I think it has more to do the creators then anything. EA should have stayed in their lane and made their usual copy and paste of sports games. That's what they are good at.
  12. One Punch Man Season 2 Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Dr. Stone Ahiru No Sora I can't wait for all for all of these.
  13. I love video games more then the next person. Finishing it from start to finish and having that accomplishment of knowing I completed it. Though, there are some games that go along longer than they should. Games that start off well and get a sequel, because the first one wasn't enough but when you continue giving that good game a sequel or even a prequel, is it still a good game? For me it's Call of Duty. I enjoyed the game when it originally came out, it made a great way for me and my friends to connect while enjoying video games. Somewhere down the line the game became repetitive and just boring to play after the 6 or 7th game.
  14. SO very tired. I'm in school until 5:00 PM and the next four days will be 16-hour shifts, than more school. I won't have a day off until next Friday. If your reading this, put your hands in the air and give me your energy. LOL
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