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  1. There’s really so many anime that I would recommend to someone that’s brand new to the world. When I think about it only one anime comes to mind and it’s so old but accurate, Shaman King. It’s one of the first anime I started watching before I even knew what anime was, with its feel good moments and action sequences I loved everything about it. If someone was to watch this anime, they’d fall in love with the entire world for sure.
  2. King_Sama

    Signature GFX

    I comp would be awesome. I really want to see what kind of skills people have here. @Sofi a showcase would be pretty cool too. Think that starting one up will be fun. I’m gonna get on it, after I make more Sigs. Lol
  3. When I got into Case Closed it was on a whim. I was in Barnes and Noble looking for a new manga to read and I picked up Case Closed, from then I could not put it back down. I always loved mystery, but this manga gave you the chance to solve the crime on your own. it was always t he same, Who, What, and Why. If you figured that out you would be able to solve the crimes and I did most of the time, but never as much as I wanted. God I Love Anime!
  4. King_Sama

    Signature GFX

    I was just wondering. Does anyone in the forum GFX? I've seen little signatures here and there, but haven't seen anyone throwing up a little art in the art section or having contest to see who's signatures are better. I use to do that in my last forum, it was so long ago its gone now. I'm looking to get back into it and I thought some healthy competition would be fun.
  5. Admit that I'm wrong. I hate that so much and what's worst, I have to do that today with my girl. That is the worst feeling in the world to me. but I have to be the bigger person and own up to it.
  6. If I found out I was directly related to James Baldwin. I'd try to figure out why in the world am I so bad at writing papers when my relative can write a book in a day. Lol What would be the first thing you do if the zombie apocalypse started right now?
  7. I'd give the avatar above me a 3 second hug and follow it with at two pat pat on the back. I'm feeling generous. lol
  8. IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! I've been waiting for this to start back up. It's such a good manga that people don't know about, so I can see why it's not given a lot of attention. Plus, it's pretty dam gory and not a lot of people are into to that. Lol
  9. The most iconic moments in anime to me was the day we saw what Zenpachi's shikai was and than learned what his Bankai was. That day for me will always be iconic because it was something Bleach fans have been waiting to see for for almost a decade and was just never allowed to see until the manga ended.
  10. i think this is the game we have been waiting for from the Star Wars franchise. Staring Cameron Monaghan as our protagonist, the game gives you the same feeling we once felt in The Force Unleashed. It starts off as a Jedi in hiding, I'm guessing after Order 66 our protagonist somehow got away and began working in plain sight to keep his cover as n everyday human. That is until one day an accident occurs and he has no choice but to use the force to save someones life. I'm excited for this mainly because it's a solo Star Wars game, we haven't had one in a very long time and it's about time.
  11. You have to. Great game, great story, great scenery, You'll love it.
  12. I didn't so much get a rant out of this, rather someone getting an annoying subject off their chest. I gotta say you are better than me, if someone is on their phone in front of me constantly I'd tell them to get off their or I'd just walk away. It's freakin rude.
  13. I'm going to be honest. I have not enjoyed a Star Wars game since The Force Unleashed, I don't know why maybe the Battlefront games aren't my liking but they never gave me that feeling I got from playing TFU. this new game coming out, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, seems to give that feeling again.
  14. i mostly just follow the things that interest me. Anime, manga, movies, food, places, etc. I only got on twitter to escape my life on facebook, I found myself getting addicted to it and had to pull away very quickly. My favorite page to follow is The Insider. they always have some good news to show you and their followers are people that give a valid opinion nothing dumb like a meme that you've seen more times than you've breathed. Plus, they have The Insider Food. you can guess what that one is good for. lol
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