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  1. I just caught up to the latest episode in Vinland Saga and am so glad I put it off for a while. I was able to binge watch from episode 5 and the fight scenes are beyond spectacular!! Don't even get me started on the storyline so far
  2. Liar Game is an awesome read..you won't regret it
  3. Honestly, I was very disappointed with the adaption of the Kengan Ashura manga. The fights were very bland with the CGI effects..I don't think there is an anime that looks good with CGI. I wish studio Madhouse did the adaption because the fights in One Punch Man Season 1 were awesome
  4. True..the second part was off after L died and was replaced by Near..but for me in my opinion, it left a huge impression as it was the first anime I watched
  5. This is definitely one of the best cat and mouse/strategy/ mind game manga that exist out there. It could even be better than Death Note if they include the chip scene haha.
  6. The plot...the plot..the plot. I really loved this anime because of that along with the twists, mind games and strategies that both L and Light Yagami used to get an advantage over the other. The only thing that has come close to that in my opinion is Liar Game which should definitely get an anime adaptation.
  7. I use Manga Master..it has the option of downloading the manga you want and it has a lot of manga.
  8. Even Gameriot, theRadBrad etc..I like their commentaries. It makes the walk-throughs interesting Its a great game so far. Sure, it needs some work but its an awesome they have done with the evolution concept Yeah, then you evolve them from one form upto human beings. So you learn hunting skills, survival skills etc..but the visuals are quite nice
  9. I know the feeling..I didn't start with One Piece when I was young let alone anime haha so I decided to watch One Piece after I have been properly inducted into anime(thank you Death Note) and I liked the first arc but I reached episode 72 then I got bored and watched other stuff. But before I finished Uni, I spent like 3 weeks binge watching from episode 70 to 850..all I was watching was One Piece. Marineford and Dressrosa are the best arcs in my opinion Very popular..especially where the manga is heading, Oda just keeps pumping out great ideas. That's talent to keep going for 20+ years when the OG anime like Bleach and Naruto have ended
  10. Shokugeki No Souma was one of my favorite manga/anime a while back. Now, I barely recognize it. I used to love the food fights at the beginning till Souma started winning Deus Ex Machina style..the minute expulsion is on the line I knew he was not going to lose. Then the top ten seats in the school lost so easily..the plot armour Soma and his crew was ridiculous. It should just end at this point
  11. Welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay
  12. It could happen in the final arc..Oda resolves all the pending issues
  13. I am currently reading a couple 1.)The sequel to Kengan Asura...Kengan Omeg, The art work and story are just amazing. 2.) Dr. Stone story line hooked me from the moment I started reading it 3.) One Piece of course 4.)One Punch Man without a shadow of a doubt 5.) Nanatsu No Taizai..though where its heading,,I have no high hopes for it 6.)Hinomaru Zumou..I never knew I could love sumo this much, Japanese mangika are just AWESOME 7.Bakuman..I want to start reading today..I have great reviews about it
  14. Disney are kings at using nostalgia when making movies..at this point, they will remake everything. But what they should do is remake Avatar the last airbender..I would actually pay to go to the cinema to watch that. The songs should definitely have stayed the same..especially the hakuna matata song They aren't that bad..there have been worse like the live action remake of Death Note for the Netflix one..bleugh! I can't remember what Maleficent was about
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