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  1. My opinion on my favourite characters change all the time. At the time my favourite is Envy from FMA. He's really evil and ruthless, but weak and sad on the inside. Envy's final scene had me tearing up, which is strange since he is supposed to be a villain. Out of all the characters from FMA, Envy is by far my favourite. And since FMA is on my mind a lot recently, that makes him my favourite overall.
    If you liked Brotherhood, but like darker and grittier anime, this is for you. This version isn't as faithful to the manga, due to the fact that the manga wasn't finished when this was released. It changes large parts of the story, adds new characters and has a very different ending. In general, I like this anime adaptation more than FMAB. It focuses more on morality and the consequences of the actions that happen through the story. Also, the death of a certain character (you know who) impacted me a lot more in this version, so if you want to suffer that event again, watch this!
  2. Yeah, PG tips is one of the best, your friend has good taste. Yorkshire Tea and Twinings are also good.
  3. I love English breakfast tea
  4. Sig quote..... might watch jojo now, seems cool

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. FeelsGudManINC


      I recommend it to anyone, it's a truly great series

    3. Seshi


      The art is very different than what I’m used to 



      I am watching it right now, almost done with season 1 and tbh, it is one of the best anime I've ever seen. Also art imo is the best ever. Just goals, lol. 

  5. It's just the 'feels gud man' meme, plus Feel Good Inc (the song by Gorillaz) Memes + Gorillaz = Pretty cool username
  6. Great job on that Jojo quiz

    1. Musuko


      I accidentally got a 22% on it when I knew all the answers. Don't tab out of quizzes, lol.

    2. FeelsGudManINC


      Thanks! I'm thinking about doing more on the other parts. They're really fun to make

    • Graded Mode
    • 5 minutes
    • 9 Questions
    • 5 Players
    How much do you know about the part that started it all? SPOILER WARNING
  7. Kaneki and Touka Rin and Shiemi And finally, Jonathan and Erina
  8. I'd be very scared if someone like Madara Uchiha or Ainz Ooal Gown suddenly asked me to go out with them.

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