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  1. @sechi Today I going to see the 17 episodes of Vinland Saga. There are a lot of people like this episode ( thorfinn vs thorkell... ). The animation in Vinland Saga is terrific.
  2. Thanks you for answer me. And didn't see hunterxhunter but now I would like to see it !!! My favorite anime charachters is Askeladd of Vinland Saga because despite all the people are killed by Askellad he always try to don't kill them... He always do it for his soldiers and every action he did is thoughtful. He did some mistake but he always finds a solution even in difficult times!!! Obviously he is very strong and intelligent.
  3. who is your favorite anime characters and why ?
  4. I would like to see "one piece stampede but I don't know if the film good anybody saw the film
  5. Noraa

    Hell's paradise

    Who think hell's paradise will adapt to animate ?
  6. I am watching Vinland saga and zankyou no terror

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