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  1. Hey there, welcome to A-F! Have fun and enjoy your stay.
  2. I'll carefully throw Ergo proxy in here. I wasn't sure at first if i should or not but seeing as it is one of my favorite animes and it is sci-fi but just like Seshi said, you be the judge when it comes down to the science part. If i had to describe it it without giving away anything, i'd say it's like mixing philosophy with cyberpunk. Also, thumbs up for the Psycho Pass recommendetion. It's perhaps closer to what you're looking for than Ergo Proxy
  3. Hello there, welcome to A-F! Have fun and enjoy your stay.
  4. Hmm, i love dark souls and diablo but i never considered myself a hardcore gamer or something like that. I play whenever i got some time and when i feel like it, no more no less. So i guess it's casual. With that said i got a couple of friends who would definitely fit in the hardcore gamer category.
  5. Hey there, welcome to AF! Interesting to see YuYu Hakusho at number 1, it's one of my favorites too. Have you seen Hunter x Hunter by any chance? Enjoy your stay.
  6. Hello there, welcome to A-F! Have fun and enjoy your stay.
  7. Hey there guy from Italy, i'm a guy from Croatia. Welcome to A-F, enjoy your stay.
  8. Tv-Crimes

    coffee or tea

    Coffee all the way, especially in the morning, it's my fuel.
  9. Hey there, welcome to A-F! Enjoy your stay.
  10. Now i feel old. Hello there, welcome to A-F. I'm also 26 and i'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it here.
  11. Agreed but Hellsing Ultimate. Shiki is also really good.
  12. It's Dracula spelled backwards! Just kidding, welcome to A-F, have fun and enjoy your stay.
  13. Fire force, watched the first 3 episodes weeks ago but i kinda forgot about it... lol
  14. Make no mistake, the big 3 simply referes to the three most popular weekly series from shonen jump which were Naruto, Bleach and One piece with the later still runing. I did like the Bleach anime but the manga is superior no doubt.
  15. Hey there, welcome to A-F! Have fun and enjoy your stay. Some anime recommendations in no particular order: Black lagoon, Shiki, Code Geass, Monster, Death Note, Overlord

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