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  1. Thanks for the link Tv-Crimes. This was not a series anime with many episodes. It was a stand-a-lone feature length movie. Aired on YTV in early hours probably Sunday early morning or thereabouts.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback. I looked into the titles mentioned but none looks like what I recall seeing years ago. Apart from the fight sequences the adult nature of one scene with demon having his way with a woman is the only thing I can think of to help track it down. I was shocked that such a thing would be on tv early morning hours on YTV station. Other than that 1 scene the animation was superbly drawn. Superior to Inuyasha in my opinion. Very engaging.
  3. Hi, I hope someone can help track down an obscure Anime I saw well over 20 years ago when I was living in Toronto Canada. There was a station I believe called YTV where they played many anime series and sometime feature length movies. This is where I was introduced to Inuyasha and Dragon Ball Z, etc. The movie in question was set in feudal Japan. Art style similar to Inuyasha but with a very mature theme. I was frankly shocked at a young age that it appeared on cable tv without edit. Very brutal fight scenes with blood and from what I recall even a demon having his way with a girl. I can't remember the plot exactly but it was I think tracking down and killing demons etc. But the art style was superb and incredible action scenes. For the life of me I have been trying to track down this movie for many years and have now need to resort to asking for help...lol. I hope someone offer some suggestions. Thank you

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