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  1. just realized that my whole area where I live is absent of any anime fans. lol. kind of makes sense since the nearest anime con is like three hours away. 

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    2. Ohayotaku


      Back in the 90’s I used to hang out around Suncoast & Borders. Plus there used to be a couple comic book shops reasonably close. There’s still an FYE at the mall with some anime dvds & merch, but are usually frequented more by the Hot Topic crowd. A balding, middle aged man kinda stands out (no tats or piercings either so I look like a total weirdo) 😂 At least I’ve never had mall security called on me :P Do most of my anime/manga shopping online anymore.

    3. Argas


      Same here big stigma on it. At least in my area. I usually got a messenger bag handy as I need to lug a bit around. I may have little social skills but it doesn't help you get the "what's wrong with you" stares. We used to have the safe havens of borders and FYE but not anymore.

    4. OldAnimeFan


      Before anime was popular, my town had an anime club. We were the only people in town who liked it.  Today, I don’t think there are any fans in my town (besides teens, if any). I have some anime items that I carry around and I get stares.  I don’t care anymore what people think about my hobby. It’s just kind of funny since the townsfolk  (who are from a northern state) thinks it’s weird to have a naruto wallet, but having the confederate flag on everything is ok.  Lol 

  2. love rock lee. he's one of the best comic relief in naruto
  3. I love the series but since it’s not created by the original manga creator. To me, it’s non canon. I still hope it’s good
  4. Yeah, it still would be nice to have someone who like anime irl. The only people around here who like it are teens. It sucks
  5. No, need friends for that to happen lol. However, the people that I use to hangout with at an anime club kind of stopped watching it. It’s kind of sad. I know some are embarrassed about liking anime since newer anime fans put the whole fandom in a poor light. Even if they liked anime, they forced themselves to stop it because of that.
  6. thank you all for the friendly welcomes.
  7. Hi, I'm new to the site. I've been into anime since '98, and it has been my passion ever since I was a small kid. I'm looking forward to talking to you all about it.
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