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  1. I had Lucky Charms and then a chocolate milk...you guys are srsly making me want to be healthier XD
  2. Victorique de Blois, Sakurako Kujou and L but Sakurako Kujou got some mad skills
  3. I have no friends at least not real ones only ppl I met online and occasionally talk to. My uncle likes anime....
  4. my dad is teaching me how to drive i think this is the most bonding we've done in years

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Zila


      I think it's a NASCAR thing about driving with fear in the backseat. 🤣 

      Ha! That's how my mom was. "I don't repeat myself." Sometimes I said "huh??" in order for her to repeat herself and she would (playfully) whack me behind the head. 😆  


      was blessed to have both in my life until fairly recently. Appreciate them while you can.

      Won't probe but I just want to say that that is significantly true and wish you all the best when it comes to family. 💕

    3. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷNeoNƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ


      Zila I don't think it's tmi one of the reasons I started opening up on the self improvement topic is because you shared about yourself.

    4. Zila


      Phew! 😅 I was feeling pretty embarrassed there for a second. 😆 As you can see, there is no immunity in being nervous to share how you feel at the moment! 🤣 Thanks but you were the one who chose to respond and if you're not used to that kind of thing than that was a HUGE deal! I'm just glad that the community here at AF can inspire good things. 🥰 

  5. Could be better back to being ignored by everyone I love lel
  6. How did you pick your career? Was it something you wanted to do or something you got into later? I don't know what I want to do in life.

  7. I was way more excited playing the FF7 demo then I should have been. Still not seeing my beautiful Vincent but time will tell.
  8. Pandora Hearts is one of my favs I would also recommend it. I've taken a recommendation for Uzumaki unsure if I'd like it because I don't like horror stuff like this. I'm not that far in so lots of wtf's it's weird. lolol
  9. Nice but try putting your insta in your profile website area. I'm interested in following.
  10. I think about this time I went on a halloween maze trip with friends and family. It was during the day and misting and we took forever to make the end because it was pretty and magical looking. I think we took a wrong turn and came out some place magical.
  11. Please do more shorts I liked this one.
  12. @IIVIsouljamsorry I went on a rant but didn't think anyone would care enough to give me advices like this. Before answering I did take the advice on talking to my friends about wanting to change. I didn't want to stroll in here and complain about how I couldn't follow said advice for reasons unknown. It probably has to do with my fear of facing others? Besides I got myself into this mess by venting my big mouth and not trying out the advice would be a waste of your time. My family suggested something along the lines anyway so I went for it. We had a tiny disagreement on discord but that was to be expected. Tired of what the Otaku life means to them. I get the sense that they're running circles around what it means to them too. Don't mistake me for being insensitive about it. Many good things came out of that lifestyle. Like meetups in new places and finding passions and meeting new people. Something good did come from the confession. My closest bestie jumped right in with me, don't know what I was expecting. They're my bestie for a reason we think alike. I'm working on other things, thank you for your direct attention. I'll see what other points I can apply. Lots of love.

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