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  1. Hi there, I do not have any anime-friends so dm me i want someone i can talk to!
  2. Apart from those already named, Binbougami ga. Has a lot of References to other animes and its really funny! I absolutely LOVE that anime omg!!10/10 for me
  3. Havent seen Mononoke and Monster yet, but they are on my List! Samurai Champloo was really enjoyable, I liked the artstyle and the story but I would not say it is one of the best animes out there as it lacks depth.
  4. I feel like I am the only one that didnt really like Bleach. Is it because I read the Manga or ?? I would say the big three are Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball as it is known and loved by everyone. And HxH is my favourite anime after One Piece. Such a Masterpiece!!! It was captivating and i LOVE the characters, so definitely agreed ok that one.
  5. Ok y‘all im really down to dicuss this now.. What do think is like the best Anime ever? I personally feel like One piece bc it is just helllaa interesting like it doesnt get boring or repetitive although it has so many episodes. I also really like that Oda pays attention to SO many details like there are always references to old things.
  6. Yoooo HxH is absolutely amazing!! I really recommend watching it, bc i personally think that it is even better than Boku no Hero. What da y‘all say?
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