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  1. OH I WATCHED RECENTLY "science fell in love so i tried to prove" really enjoyed it , it was sooo funny its in my top comedy now :3 even if its ongoing
  2. Romance : i highly recommand "Scum's wish " the deepest anime ever knew ahah Horror : "Shiki" / "Ghost hound" / "Corpse party" Comedy : "cautious hero" / "hinamatsuri" Mystery : "rokka no yuusha" Rom comed show : tsurezure children Fantasy/harem : Sekirei
  3. I never watch in dub no worriez haha , always watching on vostfr (subtitles in french language)
  4. Yea but not too much I mostly liked the comedy in it but okayyy I'll check it ! thank u :)) Oh okayyy thanks for the suggestions didnt watch any of em yet :pp still have too many animes to end these days
  5. Didnt watch the last one that u wrote and never heard about but i'll try later (is it "My bride is a mermaid " ?)
  6. Sekirei , testament of sister new devil (the mc looks like issei and there's demons and gods/heros too , sure got inspired from it) , Val x love (it's new) Start with Sekirei then val x love :)) you'll love it for sure
  7. I need to rewatch it , but i remember that I loved it aha
  8. Forgot to put kaguya sama omg I- and cautious hero i alrd ended it :)) love yhe comedy in it asobe asobase too , Belzebub I will rewatch ittttt rlly missed it the other ones idk but i'll watch it , thx for the suggestions :3
  9. Ohayo guys I'd like that y'all put ur fav comedy animes (more then 1 if possible ^^'❤) -My top : Gintama Saiki Konosuba Sakamoto desuga Danshi koukousei no nichijou Handa kun Tsurezure children And much more but here it is my fav :3 i'd like that u guys suggest me some

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