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  1. Had a lie in because it was my day off and it was noon by the time I got ready I had pepperoni pizza ^^
  2. Drinker here! I rarely drink for the sake of getting drunk but I have no trouble just enjoying them. I like fruity cocktails best. They are super refreshing but they are super pricey so I try not to have too many. My favourites tend to be passionfuit based like Pornstar Martinis, and I also love Mojitos, Strawberry Daiquiris, Blue Lagoons and Long Island ice Tea, I also like vodka, whisky, limoncello, spiced rum and schnapps. Fruit ciders and Sake are nice. Some beers are ok but and I only really drink them as much as I do because they more price efficient, I really like Sapphoro and Asashi Absolutely cant stand Gin x.x I dont consider myself to be a wine person but I can tolerate the sparkling stuff.
  3. Here in the UK chances are you need to take a train journey to another city as the better events can be quite limited and many of the bigger ones tend to be near London. My city had 2 small cons since 2013 and the one venue thay used kept needing emergency repairs and literally kept falling apart when we were there. Personally I am fond of Kitacon and Amecon, which always have been a few hours away ^^
  4. I am going for a dream based on challenge and favourite designs as I have been making costumes for years. Mine is perhaps Purple Heart from Hyperdimension Neptunia. Guess in a way she is on the straddle as I have a lot more free time these days and would love to work with LEDs. As for love of the series I would love to be a part of a Seven Deadly Sins group, or maybe Phantom thieves from Persona 5. Thinking of Gowther or Diane, and Oracle or Panther.
  5. After being told things about it for so long and being on sale in the Nintendo store I just had to give Celeste a go. If you like challenging puzzles I think you should give this one a shot.
  6. I work in leisure/entertainment and currently experiencing a heavy drop in hours due to the virus so either way I have extra free time. Im in a mood for something lighthearted and Himouto! Umaru-chan has been on the list for a while. I heard things about Your lie in April and Nichijou. I also need to see the latest season of My Hero Academia. Understandingly my anime society has closed its doors for a while and I have been really into Seven Deadly Sins so I can enjoy the rest at my own pace rather than waiting every week.
  7. Cosplay has been a part of many peoples lives for some time now. What was once a daft little past-time where high-schoolers would wear a cheap costume-shop wig and a garment hastily put together with hot glue, to these amazing full armour builds and becoming internet famous and even making careers out of it, cosplay surely has gone a long way, hasn't it? We all seen these amazing fictional characters on our TV screens. Whether it be 2D animation or a character model in a game it is as if we are constantly 'feeling' all kinds of textures with our own eyes. It is amazing how animation works to use clothing and hair to create a sense a realism that blends beautifully within the game's/show's environment. 'Wow, his scarf is floating in the wind.' Cosplayers can look at a character and compare a character's costume to real life physics. Sometimes the materials are hard and shiny, which is what is typical in armour. Other times there might be stripes or patterns. Maybe its pleated or wavy. You cant physically touch it for yourself but just by looking you can absolutely tell! Its amazing how one can translate something from fiction to real life. These people can take days, weeks, months, even years, to create a costume. They can also be brought too. Some newcomers might just see costume making as sewing but in reality that is only part of the hobby. Cosplayers make props, they learn makeup, style wigs, create armour, jewellery, accessories and surprisingly many of these people are self-taught. 'But I cant sew...' That is ok! We all have to start somewhere! No one becomes an expert over night. I have been cosplaying for 12 years and I am still learning. I still make mistakes all the time and there is a lot of sewing jargon I dont understand the definition of. I have been learning as I go along. There are plenty of tutorials online, and maybe you have friends or family that can help. Maybe just buy some clothes from a thrift ship and alter them, like dye or paint them. Not only there is the joy of the creation process, but also the sense of achievement of completing the costume! It doesnt end here! Consider showing your work off at a convention! The best feeling ever is making people happy because they got to meet their favourite character! Share the happiness! Its a hobby that makes many people happy!
  8. I wouldn't worry too much about the language barrier as I know people who been to Japan and hardly knew the language and managed to navigate just fine English is up there as among one of the most spoken languages in the world and for many others is a second. If many tourists go to particular spots there is a good chance for there to be someone who can help you.
  9. Just a couple of photos I like. Both costumes handmade and worn by myself.
  10. Made in Abyss absolutely takes the cake with this. At the beginning, even with the odd dark hints, I felt this childlike nostalgia like what I had as a kid with all those adventure stories/games, but even when I got hit by a big spoiler nothing prepared me for the final arc of the anime. The 'freedom' a certain character has gotten, that scene, will stay with me for a long, long time. Despite this, I cant wait to see more. There were scenes in Yuri on Ice that were painfully relatable, especially in the first few eps. I lost a dog due to old age last Summer so the restroom scene always destroy me. Other than that the series is a work of art.
  11. Its certainly worth having a word with the people you are hosting it for. Are these people in their early teens, older, or is it a mixed group? I used to go to a lot of those and if its outdoorsy games you are talking bubbles and frizbees were a hit. Depending on what part of the world you are from a game called 'Rounders' is popular in my country. Might be worth looking into card and board games too.
  12. I'm really shy so cosplay helps me open up a little.
  13. Thanks guys ^^ Everyone is so nice! Heres Dexter!
  14. At the moment I am watching Seven Deadly Sins, The disastrous life of Saiki K, Grenadier, and seen an episode of Dorohedoro the other night. Watching the first 3 at my local anime soc and missed a few meets until today so I gotta fill the gaps soon. I have seen some of SDS years back but got distracted mid way into season 1 at one point but been meaning to rewatch for some time.
  15. TigerLily

    coffee or tea

    I prefer the taste of tea, especially when the teabags has sat for some time so it's nice and strong, but I find coffee is better at keeping my mind sharp. I used to hate coffee, but i guess it's true the older you are the more you appreciate bitter tastes. Herbal teas are best before bed as they are so calming I grew a liking to Rose tea in particular.
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