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  1. I'm thinking you did the introduction correctly. I didn't even do one Lmaooo I'm going to wait like a year until I have like a thousand posts then I'm going to do my introduction Lol
  2. Umm, well I'm loyal to a fault so just one.. 纏流子 (Matoi Ryuuko)
  3. I've actually already seen that one. Sorry, I forgot to mention it !! But thanks for the recommendation ^ ^ Do you know of any others?
  4. How about a thriller? I love anime thrillers, they're my favorite kind. I'm currently watching Hell Girl, and I've already seen Death Note twice, Mirai No Nikki, Terror in Resonance, Attack on Titan, and I do not plan on watching Tokyo Ghoul anytime soon. I want something mysterious, creepy, and suspenseful and not just bloodshed and gore. This is why Death Note has been watched twice.
  5. Make sure you don't buy cooking wine ^ ^ I haven't tried any red wine because I don't know anything about it and I'm scared I'm going to buy cooking wine. I don't know if it's labeled on the bottle or anything and I honestly haven't even checked for it at all because my sights are set on beer and sake.
  6. Ya ikr, we're all illegally watching anime.. Lmaooo But I don't think the government is really going to give any f*cks about it anytime soon and nice thread name btw, it's what caused me to click on the post because it sounded interesting and original Lol
  7. I listen to a lot of Japanese music and I have many good songs and I'm happy I know of them. I just want to let you know it's not "the Asian Kung-Fu Generation." It's just "Asian Kung-Fu Generation," or "AKG" (usually in lowercase letters). People often mistake it and say "AKFG," and it's not correct. It's really, really annoying when people say it like this. Even the band members use akg. The people of Japan often say アジカン (Ajikan) for short. Or you can say the full Japanese name for them which is アジアン・カンフー・ジェネレーション. The dots in that text are evidently optional as they only act as an English space for organization, or perhaps reading purposes. The first band I ever actually liked was this band and I've known and liked them my entire life so far. If you're looking for good Japanese music, start with this band, then expand. They are truly legendary.
  8. Me? I like wolves. I just have to get an exotic pets license first and then I'll be capable of legally owning a wolf. I love tigers as well! I've had cats all my life so ya, cats.
  9. Jigoku Shoujo Advice: Don't watch all at once. Watch 3-5 every night until you complete: you'll find out why soon enough
  10. The only positive is my place of living (which is like a Japanese museum) because of the historical artifacts I've collected over the years (however, it's all moving once I depart from this god-forsaken land.). Another positive is anything that's imported from Japan or derivative of Japan. In other words, the only good things about this place come from other places. The place here is of very little significance if not of no significance at all.
  11. A long time ago I bought the Japanese version of Skyrim in order to enhance my Japanese skills through immersion in this way. The first thing spoken after I got out of the cave was "The dragon is gone so we're free now," or something of the sort. Problem is, they used 無料 in lieu of フリー and so I was laughing so hard because I thought "Wow.. okay then, never realized the dragons used the Imperials as their own personal slaves. Thank you.. Ralof, for the valuable piece of information......." and that's when I stopped playing.
  12. The good: I've learned to hate where I live with the passion of a thousand suns and to never return or even set foot back in this hell hole once I leave. My future family may never see this wretched wasteland. The bad: Too many items to list.
  13. Ya, I'm a novice drinker and I pretty much did exactly what you said. Today is about living with what had occurred yesterday and swallowing whatever drunk pride I may have had. :c I see what you mean. You're not a smoker as you don't smoke, you do it from time to time. I'm not an alcoholic because I don't drink incessantly. It's a good point and is applicable in many cases. I've actually never smoked in my entire life. Lol It's just not my thing ya know? In addition, that outer space vodka looks sick! I would like to try it because it's green at looks really cool I'm also a space fanatic so it's inevitable I try it at least once in my life. I'll take your word for the flavor but I still want to try it so I can tell people that I have had the privilege of drinking vodka potentially filtered through meteorites xP
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