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  1. I'm just saying with this PC stuff, how can you not understand what I was saying from the beginning? It seems pretty obvious You dont "identify". You either ARE or ARE NOT one of the TWO genders that you are naturally born with. It is the same thing. If you want me to keep my outburst to myself, then keep your craziness to yourself.
  2. I'm not stirring the pot. I had to say what I had to say and that was it. I'm not gonna let someone say I am misinformed when they are wrong. Sure I dont want a debate. But I dont want crazy people infesting this thread either with their "THERES 59 GENDERS!!!" Bullcrap.
  3. You are wrong. They mean the same thing. What else do you think I couldve meant? You know what I mean
  4. Oh k. Didnt know that. Wow she does have alot. I think her voice matches well with her characters.
  5. A car. Cause sure it breaks down, but at least you can still ride in it. While it last anyway lol Would you rather live in a neighborhood with strict rules and restrictions such as what color to paint your house, OR live in a neighborhood surrounded by crime and drugs?
  6. Please lets not go into a political debate over this. Sex and Gender is the same thing.
  7. This is just for fun. What is one thing you could do if you would be the opposite gender for a day or two? For me, I would probably want to try on their clothing and see how it feels.
  8. I honestly have no idea who that is. Mine: Believe it! x D
  9. Mayonnaise taste good!~ On certain things of course. I dont just stick my hand into a jar of that white stuff for no reason lol
  10. We would have to ask JKR ourselves. Since ssjup disagrees with you. I still think Hermonie and Harry wouldve worked out fine though. I want them to be a couple! x3
  11. I wanted Hermione and Harry to be a couple.
  12. He didnt want to offend you, because he probably thought you would get mad at him if he admitted he was staring at you? Thats what it sounds like anyway. I wouldnt get offended over that. Or just use your own sense, and try to see what direction he was looking at. I mean it should be pretty obvious if he is staring at you. Or he was just obviously (didnt read down until later) into someone else like your story. But it's okay! I would just try to ignore those people. Who cares what they think. Awww it's okay. I wouldnt stress yourself out too much. Why ar
  13. : o wow you must live at the north pole lol
  14. You have to try to stop caring about looks so much. What matters is not what is on the outside of the person, but what's on the inside. I hate how society has had this idea put on us so heavily probably by stupid marketing companies selling their worthless shampoo bottles or makeup kits. This whole idea that "Looks is the most important thing in the world" is more a idea from businesses propaganda, and anybody trying to get you to care about stuff that really doesnt matter in the end.
  15. How explicit is the show? Her own problem sounds like she cares too much about looks. Thats why she probably tried to make herself look better, and thats why you think she's beautiful. Unless she's naturally beautiful. But she thinks she has to compare herself to fake anime characters. I hate the idea of people pushing that you have to be beautiful in order to be worth anything. Or that looks matter that much. They dont. It's shallowness. Her best bet would be to try to give up the idea that looks are the most important thing in the world. Unless the show is more X rate
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