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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiK2JlBpzvI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKon7VUIP4c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9IG0EKLg9M
  2. Pretty funny, I don't know if she's trying to impersonate an old Italian lady or just being bizarre. Also, was that goat porn at the beginning?
  3. Right, so, for anyone wondering where I've been, basically, I got a job at Rona 40 hrs a week doing random shit, strapping skids, picking things up, labeling etc. Felt guilty about not applying for other jobs and so never logged on. Between work and the gym and training (learning muay thai now), I've been pretty beat, not to excuse my failure to look for better work mind you, or how I virtually vanished from the site. But hey, that's life, people come and go. Anyhow, the world and this forum have both moved on so I guess that's all that needs to be said. It looks like I've got questions t
  4. 1.) Run and observe from a safe distance, maybe there's an afterlife or something and I can hit that. 2.) Grab a knife, try and peek outside to see if it's an actual person, or Satan come to collect his dues. 3.) Don't live with my mom, so if I heard my mom calling me down for dinner, I would be surprised as it is, If she said " I heard it too honey", I'd assume she's off her meds. If my dad called my down for dinner and then said, "I heard it too", I would grab a knife or anything I could use as a weapon and then wait. 4.) Shit, that got me
  5. "ha, ha, ha, ha, staying alive"

  6. cuz, cuz cuz is easier than because, in real life, I have a tendency to mirror the speech patterns of the person I'm talking to, to a degree
  7. What the fuck am I going to do that he would come to kill me? Run and die because he knows everything.
  8. I played some of number 3 and through one on the vita, fun, never really bothered to 3. Did finish a game named Ninja Gaiden though, which from my perspective was quite an achievement even on normal.
  9. "like a dog without a bone, an actor out on loan, Riders on the storm"

  10. What are your thoughts on Broccoli?
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