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  1. So in Tokyo there's a fairly famous district called Akihabara, in which there are a ton of otaku related shops and stuff. It's cool at first, but gets old fast. You wouldn't want to live there. Also there's this weird air about the place that can only be described as 'testosterone driven'. Basically everything was sexualised in some manner or another, and there were buildings with adverts covering their entire walls for 18+ games. It's fun to visit, less fun to stick around.
  2. the_twig

    Do you have a "sad game"?

    Neither of us is really the type to get like that, but when she’s tired, Imo will sometimes play Thomas Was Alone, which is a story driven puzzle/platformer indie game. It’s all about A.I. rectangles working together to try and escape the confines of the levels, but they put a ton of effort into giving them all personalities and development. Clair the big blue square has an inferiority complex because she’s fat, until she realises that she has the super power to swim through water and actually has some worth to the team. John the long yellow rectangle is really egotistical because he can jump the highest, until he meets Sarah the small purple rectangle who has a double jump, at which point John realises he’s absolutely nothing special. It even has a decently developed romance. It’s an excellent game that we definitely recommend.
  3. the_twig

    Rate the Anime Soundtrack Above You!

    Great song with a fantastic baseline. They actually rerecorded for the album release, and it's even better. Still not as good as the ED though. - 9/10 Damn, we've already posted Nana Hitsuji... 3-gatsu no Lion - En Fermant les Yeux
  4. the_twig

    Coolert anime/manga character that smokes

    That's from a movie called REDLINE. It's about an intergalactic racing league, where the competitors drive laps of entire planets in nuclear powered supercars armed with missiles. It's pretty damn good.
  5. the_twig

    What features in game have you grown tired of?

    Oh god, forgot about this one. Can we have some kind of singleplayer resurgence please? They just tend to be better games. Multiplayer games normally skimp on quality because playing with another player makes up for it. We do single person things as two people all the time though, so we don't care. ~Puts a random piece of cloth we found in a bottle that is conveniently filled with oil, lights it with a lighter that we conveniently found, and throws it at you~
  6. the_twig

    What features in game have you grown tired of?

    Yeah, crafting has become somewhat old. Unless it's actually an RPG like Skyrim, then it's just unnecessary. Also kind of ridiculous sometimes. There's a lot more that goes into crafting an arrow than just gluing some feathers onto the end of a stick. Something that we're not fond of actually is open worlds. Either they feel kind of empty, and just a necessary part of getting from point A to point B, or they're unnecessarily cluttered, with a cave of bandits every 20m. We find that they end up subtracting from the enjoyment of the game by either just making it boring, or breaking the sense of realism.
  7. the_twig

    Good fight anime.

    We've not seen Tokyo Ghoul, but we can certainly give you some shows with cool fights. Houseki no Kuni is an anime about sentient, androgynous gemstones fighting moon people because they don't want to be turned into jewellery. It was done using CGI, but it looks really damn good, better than a lot of hand drawn anime. Here's an example fight. Baccano! is probably our favourite action anime, just because of the unlimited supply of cool that it has. It's set in the 1920s, and is about two mafia groups, a street gang, some thieves, a monster, and some immortals all trying to attack the same train at the same time. If you're one for sword fights, the absolute best fights you can get are in a movie called Sword of the Stranger, which is about a nameless samurai who is hired by a young boy. It looks unbelievably good. This was really realistic for fiction in general actually. Even live action stuff isn't that accurate. They used proper formations and barricading, and had appropriate armour, helmets, and arms. Even side arms. No one was using swords, and instead used polearms, before switching to a dagger and buckler in close quarters, or maybe a flanged mace. It was really well done.
  8. the_twig

    help me find an anime?

    That's not exactly uncommon, so you'd need to be a lot more specific if you want to find the exact show. If you just want some stuff with that trope, then we can have a look around, but we wouldn't exactly vouch for their quality. Anime with that as an opening scene tend to be little more than generic ecchifests.
  9. the_twig

    Rate the Anime Soundtrack Above You!

    Fantastic song, and this is probably the best version of it. Shame they didn't record all of the verses. - 9/10 Houseki no Kuni - Sunspot
  10. the_twig

    Looking for an anime.

    After a cursory search, the only thing we could find was Blue Exorcist. We've not watched it though, so we can't comment on the quality of it, or how much adventure and world saving there is. If more exist, we are not aware of them. While it's nice in theory, having identical twins makes it confusing to the viewer, and if they aren't identical, what's the point in making them twins when you can make an older, experienced sibling, and a younger, inexperienced sibling? The only other show we can think of where the protagonist(s) have a twin (actually sextuplets) is Osomatsu-san, which is a comedy. As for adventure series, you'll have to go down to just siblings, and even then there aren't many choices. You've basically got Fullmetal Alchemist, No Game No Life, and possibly Mob Psycho 100. Not much in terms of adventure or world saving in Mob though, and the older brother doesn't become important until later on in the series. We will however also mention Twin Star Exorcists. While the two mains aren't even siblings, they are both equally important, and have a really nice dynamic between them. It also has romance and a full conclusion with no major loose ends. It will probably be close enough for you.
  11. the_twig

    Anyone have a favourite zombie anime?

    That’s basically it for zombie anime unfortunately. There’s Is This a Zombie!?, but that’s really just a harem series. There’s also Le Chevalier D’Eon, but that stopped being about zombies after about 3 episodes and started being about a spy hunting magical poets using Bible passages to kill him. While that sounds cool, it wasn’t very good.
  12. the_twig

    Lostorage Wixoss dub??

    Yeah, that’s basically what we do too. Not entirely sure what happened for the quality to drop that much.
  13. the_twig

    More anime like Toradora ?

    The romance genre is great. Good choice. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou is our go to for initial romance recommendations. It's about a bunch of really skilled artists and programmers and stuff living together in a dorm. For a more recent one, Tsuki ga Kirei was good. The characters are both really introverted, and talk more by text than in person, since they get fairly awkward in front of each other. Lovely Complex is about a tall girl and a short boy. There's a good amount of comedy because of the role reversal. Ano Natsu de Matteru is about a club who decide to make a movie over the summer holidays, and it has a pretty well done sci-fi twist too.
  14. the_twig


    Ooh, drama recommendations. First off, we’re seconding Princess Tutu. Don’t be put off by the girly name and simplistic first few episodes, it’s one of the best fantasy series we’ve ever seen, and it gets somewhat dark at points too. It’s our absolute favourite anime. Next up, Planetes. This one is set in the near future, where there are civilians living full time in orbital space stations. What most people don’t realise about orbit though, is how much junk is up there just floating around. If it hits a space station at a high relative velocity, it doesn’t matter what it is, it’s doing some serious damage. The anime follows some trash collectors, who have to find and stop random junk from crashing into their station. They went absolutely to town on getting the physics and movements of zero G right, so if you like space, you’re in for a treat. Orange is about a girl who gets a letter from herself, 10 years in the future, telling her to save the boy she has a crush on, because he is about to die.
  15. No real questions, but we’ve got some other dumb things. A personal favourite of ours is a guy who was looking for anime recommendations. We gave him something, can’t remember what exactly, may have been something like Rokka no Yuusha, but he came back about 30 seconds later saying that we obviously didn’t know what he was looking for. After questioning him for a bit, we found out that he had checked it’s MAL page, and he turned it down because it wasn’t tagged with the ‘swords’ genre. We also had a guy once who refused to watch anything that wasn’t made in 2014. As for misconceptions, there was a guy who thought that anime was a gardening show. He also pronounced it Ah-Nee-Mee.
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