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  1. Hey there, we're the_twig. You may notice that we speak almost entirely in the plural, that's because this account is shared between two people. We are brother and sister, Aki and Imo. Our favourite anime is Princess Tutu, which is about a duck who is turned into a human by a dead author, and has to do ballet to restore the heart of a prince. It's a lot less girly than that sounds. If you ever need any anime recommendations, then feel free to ask.
  2. We can't not mention Mayoiga. That series is so bad that there is a conspiracy theory going around that it was deliberately awful, and then another spin-off conspiracy theory that it was deliberately awful to present a super in-depth message that no one understood because it was awful. We had a ton of fun with it trying to theorise about what the hell was happening, and managed to find all of these completely meaningless and incorrect links to things like The Divine Comedy. It's definitely one that you should watch with friends though. Watching it alone is probably really boring.
  3. Isn't that Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs?
  4. There's always Fate. There's a lot of seasons, so here's a 'watch order' for you, although the vast majority of them are either spin-offs or standalone series. There are only 3 'main' Fate series: Fate/Zero (2 seasons) https://myanimelist.net/anime/10087/Fate_Zero?q=fate%2Fzero https://myanimelist.net/anime/11741/Fate_Zero_2nd_Season?q=fate%2Fzero Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2 seasons) Please make sure to watch the TV version, not the movie. https://myanimelist.net/anime/22297/Fate_stay_night__Unlimited_Blade_Works?q=ubw https://myanimelist.net/anime/28701/Fate
  5. That sounds like Dorei-ku: The Animation, but honestly, we thought it was really bad, so we'll recommend that you watch either Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor, or Mahjong Legend Akagi instead. They are also darkish gambling anime, but they're way better.
  6. Of the options available, Mob Psycho 100 S2. There's absolutely no competition, the second season was just a massive improvement over an already very good series, and introduced a ton of character development, and a proper overarching plot. It was really good, and we'd strongly recommend it to basically anyone. What's missing from the poll though, is My Roommate is a Cat. We weren't expecting Cat to be a good show. We were actually expecting it to be a really crap pandering show that we would drop after three episodes, and we only picked it up in the first place because we have cats of ou
  7. That would be Flip Flappers. It was 2016 we think, but it was really good.
  8. Unfortunately there are incredibly few good action romance anime. There's nothing wrong with the genre combination, and it by all rights should be great, but it just isn't. As Beocat said, the lack of an ending is normally the issue. Having said that though, here are a few that are good. Twin Star Exorcists Two young exorcists are told that they are the "Twin Star Exorcists", and that they are destined to give birth to the most powerful exorcist ever. They absolutely hate each other though. Twin Star Exorcists is about them getting to know each other better, while protecting the wo
  9. We're in the UK, so our Prime and Netflix libraries are probably somewhat different from yours (we're assuming you're from the US), and we have no idea what's on Hulu, but here are some that we really like. Prime: Shinsekai Yori - people develop psychic powers, lots of bad thins happen, humanity almost goes extinct, and then society regresses to small villages. Some kids from a village get curious about the outside world. Great Teacher Onizuka - Ex-motorbike gang leader decides he wants to become a teacher because he thinks girls look cute in school uniforms. Feelgood comedy about
  10. It was put on Netflix on Christmas Eve, yes. They have it both dubbed and subbed, but their subs are sometimes late, so they appear a few seconds after the character has started speaking.
  11. So it didn't really catch us off guard, because we were fully expecting it to be good, but if there's one hidden gem this year, it's High Score Girl. High Score Girl is a romance series about kids growing up in the 90s playing arcade games like Street Fighter II, Final Fight, and Splatterhouse. The thing that really made the show though are the three main characters. It's rally hard to explain them (especially Ono, because she has a character trait that sounds entirely bad, but works ridiculously well), but they were just so real. They behaved like normal people, rather than caricatures,
  12. Best of the year probably goes to Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho. As much as we want to say that second place beats it, Sora Yori was just too good. It was exciting, emotional, had a great soundtrack and characters, and was just thoroughly enjoyable. Second place is probably our favourite of the year, and absolutely no one watched it. It's called High Score Girl, and it's a romance set in the 90s, where the protagonists are kids who play arcade games such as Street Fighter II, Final Fight, and Splatterhouse (the actual games, with real footage. This isn't a WcRonalds case). The characters were j
  13. In terms of Christmas anime, The movie Tokyo Godfathers is probably your best bet. It's about three homeless men who find an abandoned baby on Christmas eve and have to find its parents. It's actually based on the same story as Ice Age, the Pixar movie, and plays out similarly. White Album 2 is indeed a good call. Do note that you do not also need to get White Album 1. The only link between them is that they are set in the same school, other than that they may as well be completely different series. White album 1 is also no where near as good. Amagami SS is a decent Christmas anime i
  14. This guy is called Masaru Yokoyama. We believe him to be the best composer in anime. Better than Sawano, better than Kanno, and better than Penkin. https://myanimelist.net/people/7520/Masaru_Yokoyama?q=Masaru yoko Watch your way through his stuff. Do note though that while they may have good music, some of these series absolutely suck. In particular, we're going to mention Kuzu no Honkai and his absolute best soundtrack ever, Queen's Blade. Examples in the spoiler below. In terms of actual anime quality, Kuzu no Honkai is right up there. We consider it to be the best anim
  15. We're going to guess that it's this. If not, do you have any idea how old it is? https://myanimelist.net/anime/35712/Boku_no_Kanojo_ga_Majimesugiru_Sho-bitch_na_Ken?q=shobit
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