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  1. the_twig

    Need help finding anime? Ask here!

    We feel as though we know the anime that you're talking about, but cannot place it at all. Google isn't being too helpful either since it just keeps on brining up Mayo Chiki!, which we highly doubt is what you're looking for. For the moment we'll just mention Ouran High School Host Club, which fits most of the points, except the motivation for becoming a butler (actually a host, but close enough). If we remember, we'll reply again.
  2. the_twig

    Anime that must be continued

    If we could get infinite amounts of 3-gatsu no Lion, we would be happy. That show is absolutely fantastic, and we genuinely have no idea how you could end it. There is no end goal. There’s no ‘I want to be the pirate king’ or even ‘I’m in love with this girl’, it’s just about a guy living his life, and dealing with the issues that it throws at him. It’s fairly recent, but Houseki no Kuni was really great. It got us genuinely invested in the world, and had several really interesting characters. Also the animation and soundtrack were lovely. A continuation of that would be perfect. While The World God Only Knows doesn’t need a sequel (although there is content for one, and we thoroughly enjoyed it in the manga), what it does need is the middle bit. The anime skipped a bunch of arcs, three of which were vital to the story, and one of which was gender-bender done right, which you don’t see too often. They did do an OVA for probably the most important of the three, but the other two just get a 10 second summary at the beginning of S3. Unfortunately, Manglobe went under. We don’t actually know who picked up TWGOK, but they’re unlikely to do anything with it. Finally, Akatsuki no Yona. Yona was an interesting series because it felt like a massive buildup. Yona was learning to shoot, they were finding dragons to make their group stronger, and Hak was just being cool. Unfortunately it ended right before what we assume was going to be their first real rebellion. Why end it there?
  3. the_twig

    Alt's -- do you use one ?

    We don’t use alts on here, but we do technically have them elsewhere. Alongside our dual the_twig accounts, we have solo accounts on certain social media sites, but they are all set to private, and are used exclusively for talking to people we know in real life. We did also have an alt on our last forum, which we clearly labled as such so as not to confuse people, because we were mods with decent powers over the running of the site, and needed a way to test things on the user side or a target to test mod powers whenever we changed something to make sure it worked properly.
  4. the_twig

    List of anime items?

    In what way shape or form were we nasty? We answered you question and then reassured you. Now can you stop with this slander please, especially in threads we haven't even commented in. It literally breaks rule number 1 of these forums. We will not respond to any further provocations.
  5. the_twig

    List of anime items?

    Whatever collection you looked at, it wasn't ours. We own barely anything, and don't have an account on that site. MyFigueCollection is kind of like MyAnimeList for figures. You can make an account and then list your collection from their database. As for sites to buy figures, MyFigureCollection should link to some. We don't really know though since we've never bought any online.
  6. the_twig

    List of anime items?

    MyFigureCollection seems decent. It's mainly just for figures, but lists some other things as well. It also has links to sites where you can buy the items. https://myfigurecollection.net/
  7. the_twig

    Looking for some insightful recommendations!

    Planetes is a near-future sci-fi series in which a significant proportion of the human race lives in orbit. That causes a few problems though, because there is a lot of debris up there, and some of it moves incredibly fast and is really dangerous. Because of this, there are a group of people who’s jobs are to collect and dispose of this debris. The anime really goes deep into the physics of moving around in space, with the astronauts using tiny amounts of propellant, and lining it up with their centre of mass so they don’t just spin in circles, and not drawing stars when there is something bright or reflective near to the camera (which is why you can’t see stars in the lunar landing photos). 3-gatsu no Lion is about a guy who plays shogi (Japanese chess, you don’t need to know anything about it to enjoy the show), and has a serious case of depression due to unintentionally emotionally destroying his foster siblings. The anime follows him learning to rely on others, and in the second season, having others rely on him. The second season has the single best arc from anything we’ve ever seen. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is based on a real simulation of an 8.0 earthquake with its epicentre in central Tokyo, and follows two children and a woman they meet walking through the destroyed city with hundreds of other survivors trying to get home. It covers everything from the rescue squads and their robots clearing rubble, to dealing with food and water shortages, to the difficulties of disease and sunstroke.
  8. the_twig

    one magical wish -- what would you wish ?!

    So we were going to say infinite luck, but that would get boring fast. If you never had to put effort in to anything, what would be the point. We’d probably go for something like ‘the skills, abilities,and connections required to be bestselling professional authors, but not the actual books’. That lets us guarantee success, but still have to put some work in. We couldn’t just sit there and rot away.
  9. the_twig

    Stereotypes and opinions about us and anime

    We weren't saying you did, we were saying that whoever said that was insulting people for doing good or harmless things.
  10. the_twig

    Stereotypes and opinions about us and anime

    So first off, LGBT supporter is basically 100% a good thing as long as you don't take it so far that you're effectively discriminating against people who aren't LGBT, atheism is just an opinion so why is that a bad thing, and veganism is a diet so why is that a bad thing? Anyway, the most common ones that people talk about are the fat neck beard shut in, and the guy with weird fetishes and a libido the size of Jupiter. As far as we're aware, both are fairly uncommon in real life. Inside the anime community you've got other stereotypes (actually more like types of watchers) like the shounentard who only watches action adventure and refuses to step outside those bounds, sub/dub elitists, and a personal hatred of ours, guys who refuse to watch anything that doesn't have a cool male MC. These ones we wish would just open up and give some other stuff a chance, because one of the charms of anime is that there is so much variation that everything can potentially be done well, and there are very few things that we are yet to see done well.
  11. the_twig

    Favourite form of source material?

    That was based off of a LN, not an original, and there were some serious legal problems with it to do with tracing art. This is completely not what the thread was asking. It's asking whether you like anime based on manga, LNs, VNs, games, etc. Anyway, we agree that anime originals are good, but most of our all time favourites are based on manga. Princess Tutu, our absolute favourite isn't, but Kuzu no Honkai, Bartender, 3-gatsu no Lion, and Barakamon all were. Our least favourite has to be LNs. From what we've seen, it's uncommon for a LN anime to have a satisfying conclusion. Either it just ends leaving you hanging, or it leaves it open in case they want to continue it. Also LNs and WNs are mostly to blame for the massive surge of low budget harems and isekais. Obviously there are exceptions to both of those. Baccano! and SAO Alternative: GGO were really good despite being LNs, and To LOVE-Ru was a crappy low budget harem based on a manga (at least, pre-Darkness), but the LN curse is far too common.
  12. the_twig

    Lostorage Wixoss dub??

    While there is no news about it, honestly we really wouldn’t bother with it. Lostorage is a completely different story about different characters (although there are some cameos), and it was absolutely awful. It made the events in Selector kind of meaningless, broke several rules of the game, introduced some really awful mechanics that just ended up with massive asspulls, had less meaningful stakes, and had severely less interesting characters. We loved Selector, and actually consider it better than Madoka, but Lostorage was absolute garbage.
  13. the_twig

    What do you have in your home Anime related?

    Anime related? Not much. Pokemon related on the other had... Basically half of our collective wardrobes are Pokemon related in some way or another, we've got posters, board games, books on the making of the games, a few fairly rare old figures (including some Dewgong and Buneary of course), and some great plushies (they never made a Dewgong plushie...). The best one is probably a Pikachu dressed up as geisha.
  14. the_twig

    What’s is yours Favourite anime weapon or object

    That's got to be Bota's modified sniper rifle from Cat Shit One. That thing saves lives. We aren't that knowledgable about guns, so we can't tell you exactly what model it was, but it was cool. It was a really good OVA actually, definitely worth watching. It's about a couple of soldiers saving some hostages from terrorists. Other than that, we really enjoyed watching LLENN wielding her P90, "P-chan" in Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, which was just entirely better than the main series.
  15. Just want to point this out: there are women who just want sex too. Some women are just as horny as some men. Same thing for men and material possessions. In fact getting off topic slightly, you know those beggars that you see on street corners? A massive chunk of them are not homeless, they've just realise that it's a pretty easy way to make money (probably for drugs) and get free food, while not getting in the way of their job seeker's benefits. In the UK at least. If you want to give to the homeless, give it to an actual charity. Anyway, kind of the same answer for both really, these people are dicks. It really doesn't matter what sex they are, they are not good people.
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