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  1. TL;DR: My sister likes Naruto, SAO, Shokudeni no Soma, Hotarubi no mori e, and also Pokémon GO and Zelda. What, possibly Christmas-themed anime would you reccommend to her as gift? Hello everyone! I'm not an anime watcher. Not like my sister, who is pretty much into them... so I decided that, for Christmas, I'll collect some really good (possibly Christmas-themed) episodes for her on a DVD. I know that she's into Naruto and SAO, and she also really liked Shokudeni no Soma and Hotarubi no mori e. She's a huge Pokemon GO and Zelda fan too. And she also likes those less serious, more cute-and-fun types of anime. There are others, but I don't know their name. Problem is, I have zero experience with this genre! The closest thing I did to watching anime was watching Avatar, but that's it. And I don't quite know what she'd like... I need your help. My original idea way to find some Christmas specials for these series, but as a complete layman I couldn't find them, if there are any. I'd also like to include some full-length films, but there I have problems too. I found some online lists about Christmas themed anime, and I did hear some good things about White Album 2, and 5 centimeters per second and some others, but I don't know these as well, so IDK... What do you think? What anime would my sister like? The best would be, from top to bottom: Christmas specials for the series I mentioned, Full-length films related to Christmas somehow, or just Any film you think she would like. I thank for your help in advance. Let's make her Christmas as happy as we can
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