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  1. jubacard


    Daaaaark start, I digg it. I need a bit more of this prologue, it feels like the setting is just being introduced. bakugan but for anime lol. Can't wait to see what gets this story's wheels turning.
  2. Thank you for making her sleep
  3. Correctomundo, ideally each new paragraph ends with the character making a choice thats why it ends with "Eliza..." You have your first choice ther tho, what are you gonna do? :V
  4. Alright lets get this party started! So for Ryu, lets do this, we'll keep his character but he'll have minimum interaction for now, once you feel you can join in you DM so we can surprise whomever joins the thread later lol. Now I probably should have clarified, our characters are common humans not aware of the magic world yet to start (once we get in some other characters we'll see where it goes), but I love the VIP cocktail idea, so I will it to fit. Seshi my friend, it might feel that at the end of this im giving you specific options, but if you wanna choose to call the cops, jump in front of a train, or whatever you want...do it, what would YOU do in that situation? lol. FYI, everything I write for the story is with about 15 min of pre thought lol I wanna see what Ideas come out of the bat. I'll update the first page of the threads with the chapters once the story gets going a bit more, I'm having fun tho.
  5. Super late to this thread but I WANT IN!!!! lol. some of the titles maybe could be: Assassination classroom. hunter x hunter, (the author wont finish it, let us XD) Im super pumped for this
  6. So, I have a challenge for myself and I don't know if anyone wants to help me out, but I think it would be pretty fun. I want new story Ideas but I also wanna see the free expression of characters, so I figured, why not let someone else choose what the characters do. And I don't mean choose your own adventure, a, b, c, or d. I mean, completely chose. I may write "a silouette crosses Mario" and if whomever handles mario decides to ignore it, there goes that, challenges to think of ways of driving the plot forward. Now I'll write the lore and be the overseeing narrator (although cool to add ideas together) secondary characters, and some stuff related to the plot idea (some 2ndary characters, and maybe a bad guy I wanna have in the lore), but based on the character choice the entire plot could change. Protagonist, lead 2ndary characters, and maybe even villians, I want for someone else to make the choices. It'll be an ensemble cast to get multiple ideas, but once we get a good plot going, then somebody would take the role of a selected new character, etc. The setting is modern day, and general plot would be the world of magic! like illusionist and magicians, (think the sorcerers apprentice movie with nic cage, or the now you see me movies)and the first set of characters would be a regular human, and their lives will change. For now tho, If you wanna play along, leave: Name. Age. Occupation (student, worker). Nationality (maybe we make it an across the globe thing?) Any specific quirk or detail you want your character to have? (very shy, hates bugs) To get started I'll leave you with an opening from the character I'll play, a deity type character to introduce us to this world. (I like to write in a screenplay style cause it helps differentiate the dialog) Lets see where this goes! Eliza Chapters:
  7. That's the type of feedback I need! Thank you!
  8. I really hope it becomes something even If we don't win the contest. Any specific thoughts or comments?
  9. Here we go: Sun shines through the door To my side the one I love. Hope this never ends.
  10. Ladies and Gents I present to you CHAPTER 1 of the one shot. This is the last sketch update, the rest of the one shot will be available at the end of the month for the contest!
  11. Ladies and Gents I present to you CHAPTER 1 of the one shot. This is the last sketch update, the rest of the one shot will be available at the end of the month for the contest!
  12. Ladies and Gentlemen! I give you CHAPTER 1! Still to be polished. But I want feedback so! let it rip! This is the last sketch update until the one shot is done. I'll update the cover page once its done and someo ther stuff, but for actual manga pages, it'll head to medibang.
  13. yup! entering a contest at the end of the month. the one shot will be up on medibang for free and I'll make the first two chapters available here!
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