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  1. SanguineTear

    What do you think about getting older?

    Not all retirement homes are bad of course, but there are a fair number that are negligent and even abusive. If someone were just sort of dropped off, and not checked on, the remainder of their life could be miserable. It could also just be a deception and retirement homes are the best thing ever, but old people want all the fun to themselves~
  2. SanguineTear

    What's up, ya'll?

    Welcome aboard~
  3. SanguineTear

    What is your favorite drink?

    Am I the only degenerate who likes alcohol~? I love red wine, a close second is Fireball whiskey~ Out of non-alcoholic things, coffee is my favorite and as for something to drink that actually hydrates me, just plain water~
  4. SanguineTear

    What do you think about getting older?

    Frankly it's terrifying for me. I have a lot of hereditary medical issues which only get worse with age. The idea of being unable to feed myself let alone use a phone or computer is nightmare fuel for me. At least I have a niece who I guess you could say looks up to me so she will probably not let me get thrown into a home straight away~
  5. SanguineTear

    Hey There!

    Welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay~
  6. SanguineTear

    New guy 😃

    Heya, welcome to the forums~ Everyone here is friendly, so hopefully you will feel right at home~ I would give some suggestions but my memory is hazy, my tastes are garbage, and my experience is limited~
  7. SanguineTear

    What game should have ended already?

    For me the biggest issue are game series that like clockwork have a new game made each year. In that timespan there is no way you are going to see amazing writing or new and exciting gameplay. It'll just be the same gameplay with a few shiny new toys and features, and a story that isn't anything special. Usually! Exceptions do happen and stuff~ If a series has several years between new games in it, generally I find they end up usually meeting or exceeding expectations with both a new world, and improved gameplay. I am fine with continuing series that do this as usually the new installments still feel fresh and interesting. Most Bethesda games did this for me. Keyword "did" because Fallout 76 is... just awful. I maybe am one of the few people on the planet that genuinely enjoyed 4 though. It's dialogue and story were definitely worse but the actual gameplay felt much better to me. I LOVED the prior Fallouts, much moreso than 4, but the gunplay wasn't stellar. But still all things considered, I still enjoyed 4 and appreciated that it made dramatic changes to gameplay. Now, if a game is mainly good from a narrative perspective and such, it definitely should not get too many followup games. A good story deserves a good ending, not to be dragged on until it's story goes from good to garbage. I would say the Uncharted series handled this well. Each game had its own separate story, with the 4th bringing it to its final, decisive conclusion that didnt just conclude that games story, but the main character's story as a whole. Not sure how I feel about a sequal to The Last of Us because it left off on a great note. To summarize my feelings in a few lines; yearly releases are awful, though multiple games in a series is fine when lots of love and care are put in, and it feels new, not recycled.
  8. SanguineTear

    what type of occupation do you have ?!

    @Illusion of Terra Yeah the reason I would like philosophy being taught more often is it may help people to think for themselves rather than being told what to think and how to feel about it by other people and institutions. I mean yeah not technically as vital as math and other absolutely necessary things but still, it's nice~ Hmmmm I am not sure if there are any topics I am interested in enough to debate, but if I can think of a good one I will let you know~
  9. SanguineTear

    what type of occupation do you have ?!

    That's great, philosophy is awesome~ It feels like it is a bit under appreciated to me. I wish it was taught at schools rather than only college/university. At least that's how it is where I live.
  10. SanguineTear

    New to the forum

    Hello there, welcome to AF, please enjoy your stay~
  11. SanguineTear

    Weather in your area?

    It was -20°F this morning, not including wind chill. Glad I got a nice coat recently~
  12. SanguineTear

    Hello, I'm Riah...

    Hey there, welcome aboard~! Hope you can enjoy yourself here~
  13. SanguineTear

    How are you feeling right now?

    Horrible~ I ate a chocolate out of a box I got for my birthday and it turned out to be coconut. Time to get some whiskey or something to wash it down~
  14. My dogs Bella and Gunner. Nothing like two loyal super doggos by your side~ I was gonna say my AR15 originally but it occurred to me it probably would dislocate my shoulder and leave me deaf upon firing. Well maybe not dislocate my shoulder assuming I was super saiyan but eh my dogs are more fun anyways~
  15. SanguineTear

    what type of occupation do you have ?!

    Update; I now am officially the webmaster for the company I work for~ Never thought I would end up doing this, then again I never thought I would investigate sexual harassment and assault either for a living either.
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