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  1. Well I don't like hugging strangers and don't know that character sooooo probably not.
  2. I am taken, but I would offer to set them up with this guy at work who is apparantly my long lost twin brother as we look and act almost the same. I just am a bit more silly, irreverent and sarcastic, and lack his Irish Santa beard.
  3. I would slap the person above me because they didn't give us the option to high five someone~
  4. I don't have a belly button anymore, so I can't even prove I'm a legit 100% home grown human if I have to. Would you want a kick boxing kangaroo as a pet?
  5. @SeshiYeah a lot of battle royale games play like that for me, unless I just play pure stealth which normally isn't fun hahah~
  6. Coffee house jazz is one of the most relaxing things to me, I love it~ On mornings off it's great to listen to while having some coffee and also great for winding down in the evening with some decaff or maybe something alcoholic~
  7. What the hell did I find, and why do I like it...
  8. @Beocat Yeah I have to agree on everything you said basically. Not to mention the very ecchi animes also make people look down on anime too. I don't have any issue with "normal" hentai and I'll admit I have watched a little, albeit a very long time ago. However I would say 95% of it is utterly revolting, at least by my standards. Sexual abuse and rape are truly disgusting and they seem to be by far the most prevalent theme in hentai. I don't like to kink shame, I think it's fine for people to have their own preferences and all, but getting off on sexual abuse legitimately concerns me. While you could argue it isn't real and nobody is being hurt, the concept of sexual abuse still is very real. Not to say someone who watches that stuff will always become a sexual predator of course, but still it can lead to unhealthy thinking habits. Now if a hentai does not involve sexual abuse or anything else particularly firetrucked I am entirely okay with it. Just don't get too absorbed and end up objectifying people and/or anime characters~
  9. Hard to pick, but I'll go with Minecraft. Relaxing music, and playing it is almost soothing somehow. Recettear is worth a mention too.
  10. Hmmmm... Maybe that I crack jokes pretty much anytime, anywhere. I do try to restrain myself at things like funerals to a degree at least but outside of that regardless of my mood I am always joking around.
  11. I very, very rarely have hot tea, but I love iced tea. I don't care for the extremely sweet flavored kinds though usually~
  12. @Seshi Thank you~ Feeling better now, trying to look on the bright side of things since it could have been vastly worse for me. Got to talk to a buddy I haven't spoken to in some time so that was a treat. Overall, I would say I'm content~
  13. Kinda tired, not feeling great physically, and disappointed over bad news, but more than anything I'm just happy to be home.
  14. Wearing nothing but a hospital gown hooked up to an IV, eager to be done with this procedure~
  15. SanguineTear


    What do ya know, I love red wine too. Merlot rangers unite~ A agree with limiting the drinking too; I like a couple drinks, but not getting completely hammered.
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