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  1. I am Malicious Fox~ This pleases me~
  2. Hello, and welcome to Anime Forums~
  3. 7 Days to Die (PC) Played with a buddy. We decided we should start making our base and house actually look nice. Although very secure, they are not exactly pretty. After a few hours mining and scavenging in the desert to get materials for gas and paint, we actually got to work on the overhaul. It still looks more like a prison from the outside, but the house within the walls is beginning to look like an actual house rather than an unholy mess of concrete and wood~
  4. It is past midnight I probably should sleep now Yet I am still here
  5. Greetings, and welcome to Anime Forums. I hope you enjoy your stay~
  6. Hello, and welcome to AF~ I hope you enjoy your time here. Hopefully it will provide a little distraction during the quarantine~
  7. I guess technically that would be since around 1998 when Pokemon began airing, it was the first anime I consistently watched. What is your favorite crossover~?
  8. I tried not to tear up... but the very end got me. I don't generally watch sad things but every now and then it's nice to change it up. Particularly when it's good enough to actually make you feel strongly enough to cry or at least come close to it. Whenever I do watch something sad though, I always follow it up with something funny or silly to regain composure~ Then again I just watch silly things all of the time in the first place... Case in point: Easily one of my favorite crossovers~
  9. Completed Doki Doki Literature Club I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Although I normally prefer more light hearted VNs, it was a very enjoyable experience overall~
  10. Wow, that was really good, I was not expecting to feel so moved by a ~6 minute AMV. Very sad, but in a good way.
  11. Satania is one of my favorite Jojo characters~
  12. Definitely befriend my worst enemy. Would you rather have no hair, or hair that goes all the way down to your feet~?
  13. Heart attacks and cancer, by far. Would you rather have to always dance while you walk, or have to sing everything you say~?
  14. Speed Racer (original airing 1967)~ It was on Cartoon Network when I was a kid. I can't really comment on my thoughts on it or how I feel about it compared to modern series, outside of modern anime looking far nicer. At the time, my thought process was along the lines of "woooow, the Mach 5 is the coolest car ever, I want one!" Which hasn't changed, I still want one... The difference is now I realize it would never be street legal or affordable~
  15. Greetings, and welcome to AF! I hope you enjoy yourself here~

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