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  1. SanguineTear

    thought's on Pirates/piracy ?

    Yeah piracy is pretty much one of those "it depends" topics for me. The overall idea of just getting something without paying for it is kinda dirty and hurts the creators, but as has already been said it can also work as a form of advertising and in the end that usually offsets the lost sales. But one thing of particular note I think is when something is pirated because it is not available by practical means, such as not being released and made available outside of the country it was made in. If that is the case, I say pirate away. It is the creators' fault (and maybe the government's if there is some sort of restriction in place) for not giving it a global release and denying a potentially large number of consumers access.
  2. SanguineTear

    What’s your favorite video game?

    It is hard to give one true favorite, but I can go with a list of favorites Red Dead Redemption, GTA: San Andreas, Resident Evil 4, Diablo II: LOD, Skyrim, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, Disgaea 2 (I like the whole series but 2 was the first I played), Valkyria Chronicles, Recettear, Borderlands, Undertale, ICEY, and the Half Life series. There definitely are others but I can't think of them right now. Grand Theft Auto 5/Online probably should also get a mention since I love it overall and I still currently play it a ton, though I dont like the overall direction they took it in the end. You could also say the same for War Thunder.
  3. SanguineTear

    New Registrations Suspended

    Take care Optic, I hope things get better soon.
  4. SanguineTear

    Unpopular opinions.

    My favourite Resident Evil game is 4. I liked Resident Evil 5. I loved Resident Evil 6.
  5. SanguineTear

    What was the last thing you bought?

    I don't suppose you could share~?
  6. SanguineTear

    What was the last thing you bought?

    @Optic Nice, I approve~ I ordered two 25 round .45acp magazines yesterday~
  7. I hate getting told "Well there's good news, and bad news...", especially by a doctor; 9/10 times the bad outweighs the good - _-

  8. Eggs of course~ That's why eggs are usually eaten for breakfast and chicken normally is eaten at lunch/dinner~ If you had to choose between never eating salt, or never eating pepper, which would you choose?
  9. Hmm interesting. I would personally think it applies to both but I'm no expert on Japanese law lol so you may be right. @MisariWell breasts aren't genitalia so they aren't considered as vulgar I guess. Either way, Japan as a whole is far more concerned about upholding what it considers standards for decency, they aren't concerned about hurting anime and manga sales. I agee though, I think it's stupid too. I personally hate all forms of censorship in media.
  10. If I remember, Japanese law prohibits public distribution of "obscene" material. This is normally interpreted as meaning you cannot directly show genitalia; it has to be obscured or censored. In other words, showing the lower part in something publicly sold, like anime, is basically illegal.
  11. SanguineTear

    How much time of ur day or week or month u spend watching anime?

    Once upon a time I worked as a night shift security guard, where my main job was to stay awake, and was specifically told I can bring in a Kindle or something and watch whatever so long as it wasn't during certain tasks. I usually got 3 or 4 hours in per night. Then I got promoted to a management job which is great, except now I'm lucky to watch 3 to 4 hours a month. If I happen to get hooked on something really good or end up watching with friends though, then I can easily end up spending most of the weekend on anime though.
  12. SanguineTear

    Favorite Magical Girl Anime

    That's part of why Homura is one of my favorite anime characters, along with how much she changes because of what happens. That, and she doesn't reallt fight for the good of mankind or anything like that; once upon a time she did maybe, but ultimately it came down to her working toward her own personal goal. Albeit it required saving the world anyways, but she wasn't doing it for the sake of mankind. Oh and if by chance you haven't watched the Rebellion movie I'd highly recommend it. Keep in mind a good number of people didn't care for it I think, so there's that to think about, but it was for me what cemented Homura as maybe my favorite character of all time and an enjoyable experience overall.
  13. SanguineTear

    Favorite Magical Girl Anime

    Interesting, I may have to check it out, thank you~ Albeit it may end up in limbo on my planned to watch list for a year or two as generally happens for me... Oh come to think of it, Lyical Nanoha and it's sequels/spinoffs have been there for a bit over two years as well. I did get one of them watched during that time and found it to be alright. Although it wasn't a standard magical girl show so to speak; they had transformation scenes and there was a tiny bit of magic, but it mostly was martial arts. Can't remember the name of it to save my life though...
  14. SanguineTear

    Favorite Magical Girl Anime

    I'm not too big on Magical Girl shows really, only seen a couple, but Madoka Magicka ended up being one of my favorite things ever so I may have to poke around and see if any others surprise me.
  15. Not gonna lie; I'd try to find out how much money he earns, and if it's its at least 7 figures I'd consider trying to swing the other way. Then I'd remember my family is super conservative, against such things, and would feed me a 12 gauge buckshot sandwich on sight. Upon further reflection of my personal tastes, I'd say "Sorry, you're not a kawaii girl with fox ears and a tail, so I have to say no... But hey, I appreciate the fact you like Black Bullet so we could just awkwardly chat some time~"
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