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  1. It's fiiiiine, fear builds character, maybe~ Anyways welcome to AF, I hope you enjoy your time here~!
  2. Yeeeaah the closest town I live to has pretty much no options there. It's small and not all too diverse, with a distinct lack of "fun". Online shopping is a savior~
  3. Finally finished the story of Red Dead Redemption 2. Just a few more things I want to do then I can actually play another game on my PS4. Extremely long, but one of my favorite games in some time~
  4. I don't bother with reviews for anime. If for some reason I want an opinion on if a show is worth my time, I ask a buddy who has seen it themselves. Generally, they are who recommend most of what I watch in the first place anyways, though.
  5. Combine the franchises so we can have wrestlers doing singalongs, and Mickey Mouse doing chokeslams.
  6. I don't watch it anymore, but I grew up with the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and it holds a special place in my heart~
  7. I used to play the piano and was pretty decent. Then at some point I ended up with a piano instructor who completely took all of the joy out of it for me. Ultimately I got burnt out and just stopped. I could also play clarinet, but never loved it like I did the piano.
  8. I haven't seen the latter, but Ghost Stories was exactly what I had in mind writing that~
  9. Either or these days. Hell, if I really like an anime, I will watch it in both. For some animes, the dub ends up being hilarious, regardless of how the original may have been.
  10. I had to settle on the vast majority of answers, but at any rate I got bow boy~
  11. Oh totally agree on Fallout. I get a similar feeling from The Elder Scrolls games too. I might have to replace Minecraft in my original answer with Red Dead Redemption 2. I really love just leisurely roaming the world, seeing what events come my way, and stopping here and there to hunt, fish, or commit genocide specifically on boars.
  12. My former job position was a nonstop continuation of awkward moments. I used to be a PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) Manager, at what basically was a correctional facility specifically for treating and counseling alcoholics and drug addicts. Simply put my job was preventing and reducing the instances of sexual harassment and abuse of the offenders. As one of my job duties I had to train every staff member on PREA policies, and how to deal with sexual harassment and abuse scenarios. Which means I also have to define what constitutes harassment and abuse, in graphic detail. This training is mandatory for all staff, including our religious director who is a 60-some year old Catholic sister. Yeah... talking to her about all the specific things that count as sexual abuse was an awkward time. Another part of my job was intererviewing them all one-on-one and asking very personal questions. One infamous question being along the lines of "Do you have any strange fetishes?" Usually, the answer was no. However, I did have one guy that straight up told me blood turns him on, and then he went into detail. Yeah that was an... interesting conversation. Far worse than that though, was asking people if they have ever been sexually abused, and then asking for details if they said yes and were willing to talk about it. Unfortunately, a lot of guys who end up at the program have been abused in the past, too. Super awkward and uncomfortable, and you can't laugh it off like some awkward situations.
  13. "I save your life every day I don't kill you." -Arthur Morgan, Red Dead Redemption 2
  14. You know what the best thing about online shopping is? I can buy my niece dolls and doll paraphernalia for her birthday without getting weird looks.

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      'your niece'            right      

    2. SanguineTear


      Dolls for myself? As if! I buy myself action figures~

  15. I frankly don't exercise a ton. Partly for medical reasons. A bad case of asthma on one hand, and on the other doctor's orders to only lift weenie-class weights due to medical complications. Possibly a bit over cautious but Murphy's law is in strong effect for my medical issues. Sooooo I generally try to sneak in all the extra walking I possibly can, especially making myself take extra trips up and down stairs to carry multiple things I could easily take all up or down together at once. At least, until the whole asthma thing becomes an issue, I give it a rest then~ Not the best regimen, but I am not a big blob of a person so it works decently I guess~

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