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  1. Oh yeah, has to be in 4D for the viewers to get the feeling of using a 3D maneuver gear and the thrill of being eaten. Whoa, now that's another reason to visit USJ!
  2. Yep, seen these except for Naruto (I know, it's very famous but I still haven't watched it). One Piece seems to be never-ending though. I'll probably check out Stars Align too.
  3. Came in late to the party. I've seen the entire show up to this point and couldn't wait for its return since it's supposed to be the final season. The movie was horrible.
  4. Hunter x Hunter, Death Note, and Attack on Titan, if you can!
  5. I'm not really sure if I'd like to join the Scout Regiment. But I'm sure I'll be drinking lotsa booze since any day I could be a Titan's meal anyway.
  6. I've watched a lot, but Hunter x Hunter (both versions), Death Note, and Attack on Titan remain unmoved at the top.
  7. Digging topics on Hunter x Hunter as I was about to start a new one. Hunter x Hunter remains among my golden favorites, alongside Death Note and Attack on Titan. I only read the manga when the anime was too good and it was the case for this list.
  8. The manga is now known as Hiatus x Hiatus. We deserve to see the Dark Continent!
  9. So far I finally caught up to One Piece and finished the second season Nisekoi, Id:Invaded, final season of Fairy Tail, and Handa-kun. Currently thinking of rewatching School Rumble and Azumanga Daioh.
  10. School Days was definitely disturbing for me.
  11. Hello, fellow programmer. PHP and MySQL as starters, I suppose?
  12. Happens all the time. Bienvenido!
  13. Damn typo. Yes, that one. Ended up watching Handa-kun as well, which surprisingly was humorous.
  14. Damn, among these titles I've only heard about Demon Slayer. M'definitely getting rusty at keeping up with things. Should probably check all of them out. I also tend to watch those that have already been completed so thanks for that. Just a few minutes ago I finished Id: Identity. Dunno if some of you have heard of it. P.S. Hola, everyone!
  15. Back in the day avatars were only 100x100, and I've been keeping them that way ever since. This will probably get cut by an administrator but just in case this is the right place, I also got a collection of avatars for everyone's use located at http://akiba.flirt-wind.net/.
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