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    My Hero Acedemia, Vinland Saga, Future Diary, Attack On Titan, The Rising Of Shield Hero, Haikyuu.
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    Deku, Raphtalia


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    Anime, Game, Cake, Bread
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    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Strom, Persona, Black desert, Just Cause, Dauntless, Alchemia Story.
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    Tifa Lockhart
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    Playstation, PC, Mobile Phone.

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  1. WTF??! , I just watched vinland saga and this anime was so amazing, this is masterpiece :v

    1. Ohayotaku


      And the first season is just the prologue apparently 😂 They’ve GOTTA make a 2nd season.

    2. giolaxone


      Hahahaha yesss!!!! , I'am waiting for next season, i want to see gudrid quickly.


      Btw are you know for similar anime like this ? , I'am looking for it.

    3. Ohayotaku


      As far as sheer epicness, Fate Zero is the only thing I can think of that comes close.


  2. I like it too. That's a great event. It would be good if there were many events like this. Hahaha eren wearing maid clothes in cover video :v . I can't imagine if Armin wearing that clothes.
  3. Just finished anime gamers. love slice of life genre. Any more suggest with same genre? 

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    2. Ohayotaku


      @L Lawliet The american name is Laidback Camp


      In addition to the first season there are some shorts called Heya Camp (Room Camp in English). Season 2 is supposed to be next year.

    3. giolaxone


      love nadeshiko :v

    4. L Lawliet
  4. Future diary, My hero acedemia, Attack on titan, Haikyuu. (only anime) I really like this anime cause the story is very interesting. Can't move on from this anime.
  5. Lovely compelx, sakamichi no apollon, Tonari no kaibutsu. the story is good for me, you should try one of them.
  6. Heyy mikasa it's my favorite too :v .If I live in this world, I will take mikasa from eren haha agreed, but maybe I would stress if I knew the truth that the titans were actually eldians.
  7. What are you do if you live on anime "Attack on titan"?
  8. giolaxone


    Still iphone 5s haha, i really love this phone
  9. School rumble was so funny anime, i really like it!!. Thankss. Hinamatsuri is one of my favorite anime, this anime always make me laugh every eps. For similiar to hinamatsuri, you have to try back street girl. Cautious hero is the best hero in the world :v haha lol, whyy this hero is always careful everytime!!? haha, its make me laugh cause of it. And the others i haven't watched before, i will try it after i finished school rumble. i can’t wait for the nextt :v
  10. Yes! Mmorpg is a best for me like black desert, toram or something like that.
  11. Thanks but i've watched at all expecting school rumble. Okey let me try this. Btw, konosuba and asobi asobase are the best for me, haha.
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