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  1. Greetings, Rem, welcome to AF~ I can always appreciate an appreciator of catgirls. Though personally I am a bigger fan of foxgirls, but that's neither here nor there~ Anyways, hope you enjoy your time here~
  2. Annoyed. Paid a few hundred dollar medical bill from 2 years ago that they never sent into my insurance at the time, and only sent to me this week. Not that it would matter because my old insurance weasled out of paying for everything it could. They tried to say things that quite literally keep me alive were "not medically necessary." Hence why I am not with them now~ Regardless, a surprise 2 year old bill for a few hundred is not the most fun thing ever when you just finally paid off all your medical bills. Maybe NOW I can celebrate being out of medical debt~
  3. Side supremacists rise up~ The side door is closer to both of the garages as well as where the guest parking is, so it is always the go to~ The front door exists mostly for the purpose of going onto the porch to enjoy coffee on nice mornings~
  4. This is so very vexing... such an archaic and unnecessary policy that pretty much accomplishes nothing.
  5. Christmas kinda loses its luster over time. Nowadays, if I want things I usually just buy them, or at least budget to buy them later. However I do like getting whiskey, particularly Fireball, for Christmas. I love the stuff, but not to the point I will go out of my way to get it~
  6. Greetings, and welcome to the forum~! I used to play paintball too, had to quit for various reasons though. Never played airsoft but it seems like it would be a blast from some videos I have watched~
  7. Can't wait to make the bike or the tea? Kidding~ Last thing I bought was GTA5 for a friend's birthday present. It was our favorite game to play together back on PS3 and since he upgraded his PC recently I figured it would be good times. Turns out I figured correctly, we had an absolute blast~
  8. Hello and welcome~ My personal favorites are Madoka Magica, Code Geass, Rising of the Shield Hero, Spice and Wolf, and probably a couple others I can't remember~
  9. Heh, fair enough~ I AM BALANCE
  10. Oh my word, that's just horrid. Sorry you had to deal with such a mess. I frankly am a bit disturbed when people laugh at such a thing, it kinda raises a red flag to me.
  11. Hi there, welcome to AF! I'd say this place is a great one to join as your first forum~ I actually have a great friend into anime who is also into sports, though he moreso prefers watching than playing~
  12. Greetings, and welcome to Anime Forums. I hope you enjoy your time here~
  13. Tired, but positively elated~ Got scoped today and it turns out although I will need a major surgery within a few years most likely, I will not need to have my stomach removed which is just an enormous relief. I don't mind losing bits and pieces here and there, but I kinda like having my stomach~
  14. Salutions, and welcome to Anime Forums, I hope you enjoy your time here~
  15. I am absolutely not going to see it, but that is only because I hate movie theaters and the obnoxious children that always seem to plague them regardless of the movie. I will probably be renting it at some point though, the Joker is one of my favorite villains~
  16. Nothing like a 6 hour drive to further increase your disdain for 9 out of 10 other drivers~

  17. I can relate, friends I know in person... well they tolerate my weebish ways at least~ Anyways, welcome aboard~
  18. Salutations, Rin, and welcome to AF~ I hope you can find what you seek here~
  19. So this was when I was very young, somewhere 10 or below, and my mom took me with her to work for reason. She didn't work in like a regular office, but a small hangar where she did the book keeping. Now at this hangar was a hulking beast of a cat named Rotor that weighed over 30 pounds. He wasn't just a fatty though, he was muscular and powerful, and he loved to play. Playing included chasing after people when they run. So brilliant, 10yo me decided to run around and play with the cat. I failed to account for two important details though. 1: If Rotor caught you, he jumped onto your leg and/or mauled the hell out of it. 2: I was wearing shorts. So I run around for a bit and then he catches me... and my legs were absolutely shredded. Probably over 100 rather deep scratches. They drew blood here and there but nothing quite stitch worthy. Fricking painful though. Short bonus story: when I was around 5 I sat on a fire ant mound while wearing shorts. Oh dear lord the pain was something I will never forget. I learned that day why they are called fire ants.
  20. Never thought I would get to see a red-tailed hawk so close~





      Oh man, that is so cool; I'd be lying if I didn't say I was jealous! :D 

  21. I am more or less okay, I hope you are doing well too~ Oh yeah, that's right!
  22. Not gonna lie, I only remember what we called you for short, Maley I think. I am pretty sure the word Malice was in it.... hard to say, it was like 3 years ago~ ...dear lord, it has been so long.
  23. Greetings and welcome to the forum~! I can confirm what @Seshi says; I have been around for years and AF has always been friendly whenever I poke around~
  24. Welcome to AF, I hope you enjoy your time here~!
  25. I mean if you married your childhood crush and had at least a couple children with them; one of your kids would have a crush on a sibling.

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