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  1. I picked up Darling in the Franxx again and finished it off, the ending kind of hurt. But I guess I need a new anime now.

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    2. ecstasy


      I'm really up for anything!

    3. Ohayotaku


      Similarities to Darling in the Franxx: Neon Genesis Evangelion; Aquarion; Guren Lagann

      Similarities to Kakegurui: Danganronpa; Prison School; Armed Girls Machivelism  

      For more general recommendations see the Favorites section of my Profile page.

      Hope you find something you like.

    4. ecstasy


      Thank you so much for these recommendations, this helped a lot! I'll add these to my list and plan to watch them.

  2. My English teachers write emails to us talking about how we should stay strong, have hope and take care of our mental health. I don't understand how setting work that's worth 2 lessons which needs to be handed in the next day helps-

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    2. ecstasy


      I can't wait till online classes are finally over. My head hurts. They know that they would never set this much work if we were actually in class!

    3. Anime loveer

      Anime loveer

      actually i rather do lots of work rather than seeing them , seeing my reading teacher makes me sick 

    4. ecstasy


      I guess online classes have their pros and cons, but a lot of my teachers are getting brave and handing out a lot of assignments. I just can't wait till college is actually over for the year!

  3. I really need to catch up with my online classes and the work they've set. After that, I really want to pick up Castle of Otranto again! I feel like this lockdown provided some opportunities to read books and watch anime/series/movies I've always wanted to but hardly had the time for!

  4. I watch TikToks almost everyday! The appeal of it? I think it's the fact that new trends emerge all the time and new content is always created. Some people like art series, there's dance videos, pov series and funny memes that have vine energy. But it's starting to go downhill in my opinion, the trends aren't as enjoyable anymore/aren't enjoyable at all. There was a recent trend where people got their mums to rate famous TikTokers out of ten. Yeah... There was a lot of skinny shaming, saying that one girl looked like a man, and some mums really attacked kids' appearances. I feel like now the wrong kind of content is going viral and the wholesome and unproblematic creators aren't getting the kind of attention they deserve. The app's a bit of a mixed bag.
  5. Character name: Miles Sullivan Age: 25 Appearance: Personality: Miles is a placid, analytical young man who prioritises his education and future above everything and feels most content when he is alone. Although he is willing to be a 'team-player' in certain situations, Miles always seeks whatever benefits him the most. Chapter One Setting down his groceries before his front door Miles searched his blazer pocket, letting out a long, weary sigh before his fingertips came into contact with his apartment key. It had been a tiring week at the firm, the announcement about a national quarantine had made everybody behave frantically and made every case trusted to Edgar and Ellis more complex. The quarantine, however, did not discourage the managing partner from assigning every available associate with a task. Although Miles and his colleagues were not ecstatic with working on files during the next few weeks, or even months of isolation, he did not completely mind if it allowed him to be one step closer towards that promotion. Opening his door, Miles picked up the shopping he set down and entered his front room. He had moved in a few years ago after he had graduated from college, it wasn't anything remotely fancy and nowhere near what other lawyers owned, but it had to do. It was just him for now, no pets, no significant other and no family. Miles parents and younger sister were situated in Massachusetts which was not a huge distance away, however, after what began as weekly phone calls with his mother soon became monthly FaceTimes until it turned into the occasional text messages. He had a job and a busy schedule which only made room for sending the yearly birthday cards, Mother's Day bouquets and only attending Christmas- apart from the last year, he was swamped with work at the time. Strangely enough, Miles didn't mind being alone. Although he didn't have a big family and was not close with his other relatives, his parents and sister were sometimes too much to handle, the thought of them and their outgoing personalities tired him out. All of his friends, the few he had had settled down and had children or moved to a post abroad and there was not much hope in the dating scene for him, he was not very sociable but also not very awkward, he just could not find anybody who matched his energy. or somebody who he could keep up with. Or maybe the problem was that he did not try, he just came to the conclusion that he liked being alone. After loosening his tie and turning on the smart tv, Miles awaited for the latest update on the situation. The details regarding the quarantine had yet to be released, all that was instructed by the government was that everybody should refrain from going outside. Miles had constructed a simple plan, he had bought fresh food which he would depend on before it expired, then he would switch to the tinned and canned food and rice he had bought a few days ago. His eyes were fixed on the headlines which addressed the latest viral video of a gruesome brawl between a pair of men, Miles did not think much of it, he believed it had to be the common type that surfaced whenever there was a national emergency: the panic buyers, those who claimed the end of the world was near and people whose morals disappeared because they switched on their survival mode. He cut out social media after he had left college, it was a distraction to his work and he made sure to give his number to those who needed him but due to this quarantine, he downloaded Twitter onto his IPhone so he could keep an eye out for important updates. Suddenly, Miles' phone vibrated on top of the coffee table, the screen lit up and displayed a text from his sister, Vera. Hope you're ok. Call mom, she's worried. The following days were very productive, after assuring his family that he was safe and instructing Vera to not go outside and meet friends, Miles managed to read a few books that were collecting dust on his bookshelf, go through a couple of files, manage his emails and eat limited but healthy and balanced meals. He may have missed his usual coffee order which he enjoyed getting every morning, but he was content with being isolated in the comfort of his home, surrounded by his favourite books, his work and having decent food. One night, however, hindered Miles' routine. He had just about managed to fall asleep after two hours of listening to thuds and loud noises from the apartment above, however, the arguing which followed from his neighbours had also made it difficult and so he slept three hours later than usual. It irritated him that he was never completely alone in a huge apartment complex. OOC: Ok, so I thought my character could be from the same complex as yours, but they've never really crossed paths. I hope you're ok with this post, it's been a while since I've rped so I might be slow with the character development and individual plot!
  6. I have joined forums before but never received this kind of welcome so I'm already liking it here! I also enjoy roleplaying so I'll make sure to check it out!
  7. Ok before my answer, I just want to say that I see EXO and my face lit up. ^ Psychology.
  8. Thank you to everyone for the welcome! Yes, this could provide a distraction from quarantine but I really hope to stay on here longer too! Thanks for the advice on the username change, part of me didn't think this username would be free which is why I don't know if I want to stick to it, I had the expectation of being able to make a username including this word! Maybe I'm kind of feeling it now. AND YES. Salsa dip and tortilla chips are the way to go, but I'm loving nacho cheese a lot these days. As for my favourite anime, I really can't choose! I look forward to being here and joining in the discussions!
  9. Hey, my name's Tahera. I REALLY WANT TO CHANGE MY USERNAME but I don't know how to! Stumbling upon this forum and making an account was just one of those 2am decisions we sometimes make. I've been watching anime for 6 years now, I haven't always been able to watch things I've planned to because I was focused on school and college. Well because of the virus my exams are cancelled and I can finally start! Ok, I hate introducing myself because I never know what to say, everything I've ever known about myself just dips, but I'm looking forward to interacting with people who have similar interests as me!
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