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  1. You should definitely give it a watch! It's a little tropey in the first 4 episodes but REALLY solidifies after that!! The pacing afterwards is phenomenal!
  2. OMG INORITE did you finish it yet?
  3. Steins;Gate i've rewatched it like seven times, and any time someone wants to see anime that isn't unbearably tropey and has a SICK PLOT, i always show them this then i get rewatch it with the added benefit of enjoying the twists with someone who has never seen it before!
  4. Hi Tahera! What a cool name! I'm also here because of quarantine lol! if you get REALLY bored you can check out my zombie quarantine rpg in the roleplaying forum LOL i just joined not too long ago, but i've found this place to be super welcoming and haven't run across a SINGLE TROLL ;D it's freakin amazing! welcome!
  5. So i just found this show on netflix (it's a netflix original) and at first i was gonna give it my benefit of the doubt for 5 episodes. Around episode 4 i started to think it was going to be pointless and another unfortunate wash, but BOY DID IT PROVE ME WRONG! I binged this show in TWO days! Season 1 on day one and Season 2 on day two! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this anime - it's fucking PHENOMENAL! it is taking me so much restraint not to write everything in caps! have you seen it? what did you think? i don't want to talk too much about it until i know i have people to talk about it with because i don't want to spoil A THING!!!!!!! OMG SOMEONE PLEASE DISCUSS!
  6. Three days had passed since the scream... Roselyn peered through the peephole in her apartment door out to the hallway. All was quiet. She gingerly released the lock, being as silent as possible. The door let out a quiet creak as she slowly cracked it open. A little squelch sounded. She looked down. Just below her door and continuing down the hallway to the right, just out of eyeshot through the peephole, was a trail of blood. Roselyn quickly shut the door. It closed audibly and she imagined it echoing down the hall. Oh god. It was definitely real. That's ok. She had enough rice to last a month. At least. She could ration it out to two, she thought. She swiped the screen of her cell and dialed...
  7. Gravitation was my first exposure to homosexuality and it rocked my world XD i was such a baby then! and Ergo Proxy. You want an anime that will put you in a meditative and mildly unsettled state...that one just gives me VIBES, i never remember the story and i've seen it through 3 times in my life. To be fair, at least 5 years are in between each watch lol. it's actually been about 5 years. lol bout that time to give it a rewatch :3
  8. OH MY GOODNESS IT IS SO SAD *cry* but like super cute and definitely worth the watch and rewatch! My personal favorites: (I mean, all of Miyazaki is that but there are other classy anime movies out there so i'm not counting him rn) Origin: Spirits of the Past Inverted Cowboy Bebob: The Movie Full Metal Alchemist: Conquerer of Shambala Walk on Girl the Night is Young Weathering With You
  9. i browsed google for a while for anime girl pink hair headphones and unfortunately didn't find a match good luck!
  10. reincarnation, always! creepy pasta or fairytales?
  11. Definitely going to work on this during quarantine! And wow that Harley Quinn makeup is totally on point! Your hair is perfect for her too have you ever tried that temporary colored powder for hair before? Washes out super easy but it looks great for the day you put it in (and it's like dry shampoo so it makes your hair all fluffy!). I Would have LOVED to see your Suzu cosplay! I too have an undocumented cosplay... really put a lot of work into Asuna from SAO and wore it to a halloween party where i got really drunk and killed it. So sad, and the only picture i got was one closeup and a blurry full body pic. Such is life.
  12. Yeah, i still cry every SINGLE time i watch it. i can listen to it and be fine but every time i watch, it like short-circuits my brain and i just bawl. hah, glad you liked it though your video was very silly
  13. I'll be honest, I don't know what that means but i realized my youtube video wouldn't upload because i needed to be verified! LOL, learning new things. Next step is learning how to edit videos! You sound technologically savvy - any tips or suggestions for programs?
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