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  1. Started being an editor on Wikia. Kinda happy I put myself into some commitment from start of the year.

    1. drill


      Oh, that's cool to hear Dragon! :)

  2. Dragon

    New Years 2016

    Happy New Year I celebrated it by finding out my uncle cheated on my auntie who were together since I was a kid so I am not too happy.
  3. At your age I could watch Madoka Magica. But I could watch 18 movies at your age so maybe my advice sounds bad. It's very dark and it also depends on how much you understand mature life and teenage friendships and relationships between people. It won't be too scary but depending if you went or are going through the phase the girls are going through it might be difficult or easy to understand.
  4. The fact that you said base titles are on mobile devices and those little shitty things for what is it now ? £400? No 2 years old isn't so new anymore not in this day and age welcome to the world of gaming enjoy your stay. Spend £120 per 2 weeks if you want to keep up with all realeases, gta v = commonly played sure New? No. Also lol using GTA V isnt a terrible example because you were the one who used it as a example in the first place saying you can play it on a iPad.
  5. Welcome to the gaming cycle of 21st century no GTA V isn't so new anymore. Mortal Kombat is newer and has a android mini version. You're talking about a game made in 2013...
  6. My first video game was when I was two and it was Tarzan. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disney's_Tarzan_(video_game) I lived in a country were gaming consoles werent a common thing and were only for the rich people so gaming was never a big thing.
  7. Picture because you wouldn't believe us? I find my consoles valuable I guess and my Razer headphones since they are shit ton good and expensive. I can only think in money. I mean I own the rarest new 3DS in the world edition so I guess that's valuable.
  8. Uncharted <3<3 Final Fantasy The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD Horizon Zero Dawn The last guardian On a sidenote hoping for more anime games on PS4 and for Miku to get to west on PS4
  9. Not the base game. The mini game. A iPad has no power to load the amount of models a ps4 can into (best example) GTA V. Mortal Kombat can't play the same on mobile version there is a difference when one takes up 1GB and the other over 40GB they wouldn't let you play a full game they created over a year on a iPad... Really its just little demos to make you want a gaming console. It will either be Great graphics lacking model numbers. Awful graphics not lacking model numbers IPad won't handle good graphics and 100 models on one screen.
  10. That aren't fully like on a PS4 through. GTA 5 won't work like it was supposed to on a IPad the PS4 or XBOX ONE or PC does make the game what it was supposed to be on a ipad its just a mini version of it.
  11. I can pass computers due to the fact that they are commonly used for gaming but not iPads. Gaming consoles are machines that are produced for the purposes of gaming an iPad was never made to be a gaming device it has the option of "apps" which are more of games with less ability to be full games. Apps were never made to be games either more like maps, gmail etc. but some people create what we call things like candy crush saga with microtransactions. Unless you get to play Uncharted or Hyrule Warriors on a ipad... It isn't a gaming console.
  12. Eh sorry I kinda can't agree with the no remake rule... I mean something like Zelda Windwaker in 2014 omg that brought so much new stuff to the game and became one of the best Zelda games for people. What about upcoming final fantasy remake that is gonna be made to look amazing Remakes deserve being on top of the year if they are well made. With that this year was a dissapoitment to gaming and only life is Strange and monster hunter 4U can go on my list which was made in this year. If for the rule of no remakes I'd say Majora's Mask because omg that was such a amazing remake with so much work put into it.
  13. But.... Ipad isn't a gaming console
  14. The issue with XBOX ONE is the sales the sales wouldn't be so low for no reason. The PS4 outsaled Xbox by by far. I considered getting a ps3 or Xbox and I was neutral on both. But the amount of good games on ps4 go ahead with whatever xbox is trying to do... I mean Ps4 lineup: The last of us Final fantasy remake Uncharted Ps2 games with trophy support (ey that's something.) Xbox: Tomb raider I guess... Backwards compatibility... You could have just... gotten a Xbox 360 -Microsoft There was also this kid who chose a Xbox 360 over One when his dad told him to choose one lol! and say which one has more and better games so yeah... Not a fangirl just stating normal discussion facts Ps3 and Xbox 360 - both good Then I stated my opinion on both the others.
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