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  1. It's quite intense. And the anime, it's gonna get really gruesome. I've also noticed that they make episodes out of parts of a chapter. Anyone else reading? And what are your though?
  2. I love the sailor moon theme!
  3. Leader is dead......Thank you, really....Calamity Mary is rude AF, at least the bully is gone. Liking the "death" factor in this anime.
  4. Episode 4 aired yesterday! Snow white didn't die...someone else did! I'll tell in the ep 4 thread!
  5. Yeah nemu was so cute! I'm hoping snow white doesn't die, she's my favourite so far.
  6. I'm a lesbian, So I'm going to have to pick Shizuma from strawberry panic. She like flirts with all the girls and she is super hot, seriously. I couldn't find any good images of her, though.
  7. Currently reading pretty soilder sailor moon! It's amazing!:-D

  8. Optic

    Your article has been approved, apologies for the delay!

  9. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
  10. Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of my all time favourite manga, Sailor Moon.
  11. Na11

    Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

    A twist on maho shojo Madoka Magica is a magical girl anime, but with a large twist. It starts out beautifully, and then ends tragically with a sacrifice. Everything in this anime starts with hope, a dream, and then a price must be paid. Madoka Magica can, and will, make you lost for words.
  12. Hey guys, and I was thinking about adding something, reviews! It was an ok episode, but has the same beginning, a dorky, clumsy girl trying to go to school, how about something new? The art and quality were fine, and the sound (especially the opening). The opening is beautiful, it’ll make you say: EVERYBODY JUMP, or something similar. You can also tell that the villain in this episode is pretty badass. And wait, cure happy, holy light?? She doesn’t look holy to me.. Seriously tho, she doesn’t look holy. Miyuki personally isn’t my type of protagonist, but hey? She a cute,
  13. Slow anime watcher. Its been three months and I'm only on ep 5 on smile precure..

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