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    Okay time to redo this list.

    Does it have ecchi?

    Does it have brutal deaths?

    Does it have romance?

    Does it contain brutal deaths and romance?
    Pls senpai its too much!

    Does it involve cute characters whilst containing death and romance?


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  1. Metro

    When you see that Bard had been active this year after vanishing 4 years ago >.>

  2. Thanks everyone! It's been a blast. I hope you all do great things! But for me, its only dreams now.

    1. Evil Bunny of Doom

      Evil Bunny of Doom

      you talk as if you're gonna die or something ;-; I certainly hope that it's not the case... but I wish you the best anyway

    2. RyePotatoes


      *barge my way in* I hope it's not about dying tho. Are ya leaving?

  3. This will be Bard's final post Today, i make this post to announce that i will no longer be an active member of this community. Something serious in my personal life has come up and it has caused me to make this post. I was saving this post for November 10th but due to an unforeseen event i am going to have to say my farewell early. At the beginning of my journey here i was indifferent and tried to treat everyone indifferently, but i soon came to love this community with all of my heart. It pains me to say goodbye but there is nothing else i can do. I never hated
  4. Candy Boy, Maria Holic(kinda kinda not really but kinda, you know?), Aoi Hana, Kampfer(kinda again, in a way yes but also no? but yes and no)
  5. Trust me, i feel for you. You know, ill be honest, ive never really confessed to anyone or expressed my feelings to anyone, idk what its like for normal people but all of my relationships just kinda happened. Maybe its because of sexual disconnect or i just havent found someone that i feel that close with. by normal i mean straight people, and dont tell me that normal is a offensive word to use in that place because i could care less if i offend you tbh.
  6. Blanc has the best outfit, as always. i might get it. febuary, ill see.
  7. Are you aware as to how the CIA operates? its american based but operates all over the world. they will find you.
  8. The cia and fbi have been notified and will be taking action against you two @MaskedMalevolent and @Ryuji
  9. Im summoning the loligod to eliminate you. ive already set up the ritual Yes the first one is the wall paper i use in public
  10. Ill list some ones that havent been listed yet Myself;Yourself (Favorite anime of all time) Mashiroiro Symphony; The Color of Lovers Kimi ni Todoke Itazura na Kiss Ore Monogatari (not monogatari series) Unlimited Fafnir Kotoura-san (innocent romance-esque) Chu2koi (love, chuunibyo and other delusions) Bokura ga Ita Amagami SS Ao Haru Ride Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou Mayo Chiki! Oreshura (harem where he picks a girl at the end) Sakura Trick (yuri) Sukitte Ii na yo The Garden of Words/The Garden of Kotonoha(movie)
  11. Im sure alot of us play games of some sort, What do you have on your desktop? i personally have all of my games on my desktop. I dont like unused space. lol I also sort my games into categories so i can easily find them. let me know how you organize your desktop!
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